Comment deadline approaches on Angus Energy plan for 24-hour oil production at Lidsey wellsite

Lidsey site plan

Angus Energy’s Lidsey site near Bognor Regis. Plan: Angus Energy planning application

People who want to comment on plans by Angus Energy to produce oil round-the-clock at its Lidsey site in West Sussex have just over a week until a deadline set by planners.

The company has applied to West Sussex County Council to vary a condition of an existing planning consent granted in April 2018. If approved, the change would allow production 24-hours a day, seven days a week.

Currently, the company can operate at the site near Bognor Regis from 7.30am-6pm on weekdays and Saturdays, with no work on Sundays or public holidays.

Angus is seeking to make the change for the next 10 years.

The company said the variation (reference number WSCC/047/18/BN) would not involve increased lorry movements because oil storage tanks at the site had sufficient capacity to store oil until collections during normal working hours. The existing permission allows for eight return journeys per week to collect crude oil and two return journeys to deliver diesel and chemicals.

The company said:

“It is considered that the noise levels approved under the previous consent can be met.

“The proposals involve the use of virtually silent equipment, which will not give rise to excess noise or ground vibration and as such, no environmental impacts will arise from the operations proposed.”

Angus added that there would be no adverse impacts resulting from proposals on highways, ecology, air emissions, hydrology and flood risk, historic buildings or archaeology, landscape and visual impact, public rights of way and agriculture.

West Sussex County Council has indicated that the decision was currently expected to be decided by a planning officer under delegated powers, rather than by councillors. Representations about the application should be made to the council by Monday 14 January 2019.

The site is 1.6ha and is about 600m east of Lidsey and 1km from Shripney and Woodgate. The nearest homes are 500m away.

Link to planning application


25 April 2018
Planning consent to retain the site and production boreholes for 10 years. Details

13 September 2017
Drilling begins on new production well (LX2). Details

Permission granted for three wellhead and beam pump oil production facility.

11 March 1987
Drilling begins on first borehole, L1

First planning permission granted

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  1. So Angus has plans to produce more water at Lidsey then ? Is there any news on Tidswell’s share dealings yet ?

  2. Seems pretty simple. Many on shore wells producing 24/7, as long as no traffic increase during unsociable hours(storage on site will deal with that) then all straight forward. Or maybe, some would only think their water should be extracted in daylight hours?

  3. Great the country need to produce it’s own energy instead of shipping it across the world which is not ecological

  4. 24 hr production is normal; this allows optimal petroleum engineering and reservoir management and will minimise emissions. Stop / start every day will create productivity issues and increase emissions. None of us want that do we?…….

  5. Sounds all good to me. No additional traffic requirements or noise. If there are noise issues then they can be done for breach of planning. If this causes less emissions to get the oil that as a country we still need then go for it.

  6. Ahh, but Jono seems to believe the proposed expansion of Gatwick, Heathrow and Southampton is a fantasy and would only be fuelled by hot air, and the proposed expansion in production of diesel at Fawley Refinery would tap into that alternative resource too.

    Just, perhaps, Angus have decided their New Year resolution is to become a bit more efficient!

  7. Let’s face it, they couldn’t be less efficient, Vonk said on numerous occasions that Lidsey would be producing 400bopd making Angus self funding, if you check current production it’s luck if it produces 40bopd, there are not enough hours in the day to make Lidsey profitable. Don’t know why anyone listens to Angus, I can’t find one instance of anything they have promised happening. BRx4z they said would be producing by March 2017. Still more oil on a chip than either Lidsey or Brockham

  8. Makes you wonder R8 why Jono is so anxious about Angus if they are not going to produce anything!

    Perhaps, the oil has migrated to the HH “puddle”, or perhaps the companies may just be starting to concentrate upon the data they have been producing? Time will tell, not anxiety.

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