Equipment delivered to IGas Misson Springs shale gas site


Equipment delivery to the IGas site at Springs Road, Misson, Nottinghamshire, 4 January 2018. Photo: Tina English

A crane and other equipment was delivered to IGas’s shale gas site at Misson in north Nottinghamshire early this afternoon.

The delivery, filmed by opponents of the company’s plans, is part of the mobilisation of equipment to the site at Springs Road.


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This is the first activity at Misson for several months after IGas switched attention to Tinker Lane, its other Nottinghamshire shale gas exploration site.

The company confirmed in December 2018 that the vertical exploration well at Tinker Lane had failed to find the target Bowland shale formation. It said it expected to spud (begin drilling) at Misson early in 2019.

IGas said in a statement today:

“We have completed the logging of the [Tinker Lane] well and are now de-mobilising equipment off site.”

It added:

“There will be no additional use of the vibroseis equipment”.

190103 vibroseis tlcouk

Vibroseis truck used at IGas site at Tinker Lane, north Nottinghamshire, 3 January 2019. Photo:

The website reported today:

“We might expect therefore that most, if not all of the equipment installed for the drilling and logging operation will be removed from site soon.”

In a statement to investors on 17 December 2018, IGas said the failure to find the Bowland shale at Tinker Lane did not change its view on the prospectivity of the Springs Road site at Mission. The company said:

“We believe a thick section of shale is present due to its more central location in the basin and which we expect to spud in the first quarter of 2019.”

DrillOrDrop Tinker Lane timeline and photos

DrillOrDrop Misson timeline and photos

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  1. Wow! A well is to be drilled with full planning, OGA, EA, NASA, WHO and everyone else’s permission (excepte Greenpeas and EOI) and they have decided to use a “drilling rig” – and have “delivered it” to the well site. Amazing. Better than missiles?

  2. Or, you could click on the Tesla share price! BUT, of course we all know-apart from John- that prices go up and down depending on many factors in the market eg. oil price, and that is how the majority of “mug punters” make money out of companies where they do not receive a dividend.

    If punters have been unable to make money out of the moves in IGAS share prices, especially over the last couple of years, they really are mugs and certainly should keep away from AIM. Meanwhile, there will be groups of individuals who will be out there deliberately trying to produce the price movement in individual shares-including IGAS-to make money and are not mugs. (Maybe some use this site?) Then others can make their own decision as to whether fundamentals have really changed and decide for themselves whether to stick or twist.

    Sorry to burst your bubble John, but if they got that correct for IGAS over the last couple of years, they have made a lot of money.

    Queue, record change from mug punters to greedy capitalists, whilst the reality continues as is.

      • Exactly-and it hasn’t!

        The IGAS share price has moved around according to the factors that you would expect to be moving it around. Volatile? Yes. (Good for punters). Some have probably moved on to Egdon now and made another 10%.

        There may be some mugs who have missed the right moves, but certainly minor in comparison to those who post without any understanding that the moves are there! Wallflowers at the dance-watching from the side without knowing what they are watching.

        75p-120p, and all the jiggling around that. Kerching!

  3. JP and fellow antis – why was there a vibroseis truck at Tinker Lane on 3rd Januray? Photo in the article above although the photo details appear to be something to do with Balcombe / Cuadrilla not Tinker Lane Paul / Ruth???? Answers on a post card……

    • No postcards yet?

      I see that all the photos on DOD seem to be “investigating balcombe and cuadrilla” – not DOD?? Perhaps the WordPress website should be changed to reflect the general content rather than some kind of crusade against Cuadrilla in Balcombe? As they are not even Operator there now?

    • Hi Paul.

      In lieu of a postcard…

      The local residents’ website has the following on the vibroseis truck at Tinker Lane:

      In response to questions raised by several of you about the current activities on site at Tinker Lane, IGas have today confirmed the following. “We have completed the logging of the well and are now de-mobilising equipment off site. There will be no additional use of the vibroseis equipment”. IGas 4th January 2019. So the parked up Vibroseis equipment as pictured above (3rd January) should not be taken as evidence that further logging (including vertical seismic profiling with the Vibroseis) is required on the well. We might expect therefore that most, if not all of the equipment installed for the drilling and logging operation will be removed from site soon.

      The “investigatingbalcombeandcuadrilla” was the original name of the blog (in 2013), before it was changed to the catchier, and more general, DrillOrDrop. WordPress allow you to change a blog’s name, but images remain stored in the folder structure using the original blog name. Despite the image address, the vibroseis truck was at Tinker Lane.

      Incidentally, we noticed that the date of the photo was incorrectly stated as 3 January 2018; this has now been corrected to this year.

      regards Paul

      • Thanks Paul. I was hoping that one of your contributors might know what the Vibroseis truck was for (VSP / Check shot to obtain velocities to calibrate the seismic). But it seems the anti’s technical knowledge of oil and gas operations is as usual very low. Still waiting for JP to tell us all about cement bond logging…….

        All the best for 2019 by the way.

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