Egdon appeals again over Wressle refusal


Wressle wellsite, site visit during inquiry, November 2017. Used with the owner’s consent

Egdon Resources has confirmed that it has lodged another appeal against refusal of planning permission for long-term oil production at the Wressle site near Scunthorpe.

In a statement to shareholders this morning, the company said the appeal was submitted on 1 February 2019.

The company had been expected to appeal over the refusal by North Lincolnshire Council in November 2018. Planning permission will now be decided by a government-appointed inspector following a public inquiry.

This is Egdon’s fifth appeal over refusals of planning permission for the Wressle site and it will be the second public inquiry.

The first inquiry, in November 2017, upheld two refusals of planning permission for long-term oil production but allowed an appeal over the duration of permission at the site.

Egdon submitted a new application for long-term production, which it said had addressed the planning inspector’s concerns. But a majority of councillors still voted against it, despite a recommendation by planning officers to approve.

The latest appeal has yet to be validated and, at the time of writing, it was not listed on the Planning Inspectorate’s website.

181024 Wressle UWOC

Wressle wellsite, 24 October 2018. Used with the owner’s consent

Mark Abbott, Managing Director of Egdon Resources plc, said:

“We strongly believe that the new proposals for the development of the Wressle oil field comprehensively addressed the reasons highlighted by the Planning Inspector in his dismissal of our original appeals in January 2018.

“This position was supported by the recommendation for approval given by the Council’s Planning Officer as reinforced by an expert third party review undertaken on behalf of the Council.”

Decisions timeline

11 January 2017

North Lincolnshire councillors refuse permission for 15 years of oil production at Wressle. Live updates from the meeting, breaking news and reaction

3 July 2017

North Lincolnshire Councillors refuse application for Wressle oil production for second time. They also refuse to extend the duration of permission at the site. Report and live updates

7 November 2017

First day of public inquiry on appeals over long-term oil production and extended permission at Wressle site. The inquiry runs until 15 November 2017. Inquiry details and reports

4 January 2018

Inspector dismisses appeals against two refusals of permission long-term oil production but allows appeal against variation of condition on duration of planning permission. Details

28 April 2018

Deadline set by inspector for restoration of the Wressle site.

1 August 2018

North Lincolnshire councillors again refuse an extension of planning permission. Details and reaction

28 November 2018

North Lincolnshire councillors refuse permission for 15 years of oil production for third time  Details

24 January 2019

Egdon Resources wins appeal over refusal of extension of planning permission. Details

1 February 2019

Egdon Resources lodges third appeal over refusal of permission for long-term oil production.

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  1. Been a long process drawn out by incompetent councilors that are only interested in looking after themselves. The planning inspectorate did raise a few tedious objections which in my view would have been better addressed via a ‘precondition’ to approval. Anyway this will now go through as its back in the professionals hands.

  2. Perhaps this time the credibility of some of the “expert” witnesses might be challenged.

    BBC report tonight on Horse Hill. It looks as if the nonsense previously spouted regarding that has been trashed, and even the BBC now seems to accept the reality.

  3. Meanwhile-“US pumps surplus shale oil into Britain”-The Times:7/2/19.

    “Last month Britain imported 264,000 barrels a day from USA, compared to 181,000 from Norway, 131,000 from Algeria and 110,000 from Russia.”

    Oh dear. Looks as if the reality regarding protecting the environment is a little different to what has been suggested/speculated/fabricated.

    All being done at a vast loss to the producers according to a few. Strange that. Didn’t seem to show up that way in BP’s results.

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