Councillors hailed as heroes as they refuse another bid by Egdon for Wressle oil site

180801 NLC Wressle 1

North Lincolnshire Council’s planning committee meeting, 1 August 2018. Photo: DrillOrDrop

Opponents of plans by Egdon Resources for long-term oil production near Scunthorpe congratulated councillors for opposing a fourth application by the company.

North Lincolnshire’s planning committee voted unanimously against Egdon’s request for another year of consent for the Wressle site. DrillOrDrop live updates

The vote was against the advice of planning officers and looks likely to lead to another appeal by Egdon.

Last year, the council turned down two bids by the company to produce oil for 15 years. The schemes included an option to use hydrofluoric acid to improve the flow of oil in sandstone rocks. They also refused an extension of planning permission.

Campaigner Elizabeth Williams, who spoke against the application this afternoon, said:

“North Lincolnshire Councillors are local and national heroes yet again.

“Approving this application would have opened the door to certain acid fracking.

“We know this because it is in the substantial variation to the company’s environmental permit. The Environment Agency said the permit allows hydraulic fracturing for conventional oil using acid squeeze. Acid squeeze is synonymous with acid fracking.”

A planning inspector dismissed appeals by Egdon against the refusal of permission for oil production. But he allowed an appeal on more time to restore the site. The company was ordered to finish the work by the end of April 2018. About a fortnight before the deadline, the Egdon applied for another year.

The company said today it always intended to submit a new production application. Restoring the site while that application was pending would not be commercially viable, it said.

Its representative told councillors that an extra year of planning consent would allow the production application, now submitted, to be decided and avoid the company doing unnecessary work.

But councillors accused Egdon of breaching local and national planning policy and failing to comply with the inspector’s ruling on site restoration.

The company’s managing director, Mark Abbott, and David Bramhill, of the leading shareholder Union Jack Oil, watched as councillor after councillor criticised Egdon’s operations. No councillors spoke in the company’s favour.

DrillOrDrop asked Mr Abbott to comment on the outcome but he declined. He later said in a statement:

“The decision of the Committee is clearly disappointing given that the application had been recommended for approval by North Lincolnshire Council’s own professional planning officers, that an appeal for a previous refusal of such an application had been successful and that we have recently submitted a new application for the development of the Wressle oil field which we strongly believe comprehensively addresses the reasons for the refusal of the original planning applications and the subsequent appeals.

“We intend to appeal this decision without delay and will begin preparing documentation on receipt of the Committee’s decision notice.”

“Fight goes on”

Melanie Dale, a speaker against the scheme who was brought up around Wressle, said:

“We will stand against the next application. The local community does not want this in the region. We will campaign against it any way we can.

“I have spoken to many, many people and not one person wanted this development. We are really pleased that North Lincolnshire Council has listened to them. How many more times are Egdon going to come back?

“We do not want acid fracking here or anywhere else in the country. It is time to leave fossil fuels in the ground.”

Another speaker, Andrew McLeod, argued against the application on climate change grounds. After the meeting, he said:

“I am surprised. I thought that this application would be approved.

“I am pleased that the councillors listened to what the community has said. I think we are making progress with this planning committee.”

Reporting at this planning meeting was made possible by individual donations from DrillOrDrop readers

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  1. Well……well, done ladies and gentlemen of North Lincolnshire’s planning committee!

    “North Lincolnshire Councillors are local and national heroes yet again.

    “Approving this application would have opened the door to certain acid fracking.

    “We know this because it is in the substantial variation to the company’s environmental permit. The Environment Agency said the permit allows hydraulic fracturing for conventional oil using acid squeeze. Acid squeeze is synonymous with acid fracking.”

    Now its not fracking or indeed any other avoidance of the word.

    [Typo corrected at poster’s request]

  2. Ha! Ha! Laughing too much! Ladies and gentlemen of course!

    Could that be changed please? [Typo in previous comment corrected]

    Ha! Ha! Thanks!

    • [Edited by moderator] Do you drive a car? Heat your home? Use oil based product? Happy for others to have it on their doorstep?

      • Oh, dear me? That old cry from the depths?

        Do you breath clean air?

        Drink clean water?

        Eat clean food?

        Live on unpolluted land?

        Live in a democracy? Do you have rights of protest and demonstration?

        Have you inherited all that from older generations who fought and died to protect your freedoms, your rights, and your clean environment that you benefit from?

        Do you resent other people and future people having access to those things? Do you want them to barely survive if they can, in a burnt out polluted resource stripped shell of a planet?

        Do you want it for yourself?

        Do you want the entire planet to become increasingly damaged and polluted so that the flora and fauna cannot survive any more? You are Fauna by the way.

        I say anyone who drives a fossil fuel powered car only does that because the fossil fuel industry has made damn sure that they have sole the monopoly and that all other sources of energy, up to now have been suppressed and excluded and buried.

        Anyone who uses such fossil fuel power and opposes this strangulating fossil fuel monopoly does so with my blessing, and it is their right to do so and people have died to preserve that, and has been and always will be their right to do so, and that goes for everyone else.

        If you attempt to sit there and pontificate hypocritically, it just goes to show how beautifully ironic it is that those same energies are used to demonstrate and protest against this suicidal rush to ransack the entire planet.

        Soon we will not need this death grip stranglehold monopoly of fossil fuel exploitation, and this is part of that process, if not protest to reach that goal.

        Such fun! Have a nice day!

        • You totally miss the point. And you do have a choice in what car etc you drive. Its just lazy to blame someone else. Yes we all want a cleaner world. You think importing oil is greener? Fact, UK plc needs oil until a better way prevails. If YOU use it, they will supply it. Importing has massive environmentally consequences. Its supply and demand, you sir ARE the demand! And let’s look at green technology. Research some of the green energy open pit lithium battery mines. You wouldn’t go to the Middle East to fetch your groceries, but your arguement means we continue to import our oil needs from there! Much easier for somebody else to have it in their back yard. Come back and continue the debate, when your actions match your words. I salute anyone who’s action match their beliefs [edited by moderator]

          • PJ

            The key issue is the views of the Councillors

            There are few, if any votes in agreeing to small oil developments as there are few jobs from them ( directly ), and no downside as all the benefits from imported oil continue to flow, unchecked, into the county, Wressle or no

            But you could see a different approach from them should the Scunthorpe Steel industry be threatened, or indeed, any of the chemical / oil industry works on the South Bank of the Humber.

            Meanwhile good to see that Grimsby is doing well as a centre for the offshore wind industry, well supported by Siemens, who have a large presence in Lincolnshire.

          • On the contrary PJ, i think you rather miss the point, we see so much of this at the moment, claiming that “we need” oil and gas and that “home grown” (500 miilion years ago?) oil and gas is somehow “greener” than importing it?

            But its not “greener” is it? Two browns/black oils do not make a “green”? All that will do is pollute and devastate here as well as there and then neither will be “green”?

            Yes, we all do want a cleaner world, and we will do that with the renewable energy sources that don’t pollute the very people they are meant to benefit? We cannot maintain the use of fossil fuels any more, we have this year seen what concentrating on fossil fuels does to the planets climate, it is as plain as day and cannot be ignored any more. The sooner this country drops more onshore fossil fuel last ditch panic extraction by whatever means, the better, and put all that wasted time energy and money into future renewable resources.

            Exxon scientists predicted this time would happen back in 1976 and that was quickly squashed and Exxon and others have been trying to stop that being released in court ever since, because proves culpability and will lay the entire industry in for claims for damage and failure to act.

            Yes, lets look at technology shall we? We dont need exotic elements for batteries, we never did, that is just another exploitation/slavery exercise by unscrupulous agents and how that is done is nothing to do with anyone but those agencies who seem to think in the same way that big oil and gas operate. We can use standard lead acid batteries and do away with the acid and using distilled water and alum and that works just as well, we can do away with the heavy casing and make them lightweight, there are dozens of innovations being developed now that will make them even more efficient, that is where our energies and time and money should go.

            i will answer your last little debacle in the next post

            • Right, lets put this one to bed too shall we?

              First we will look at the origin of that particular smear, and we need look no further than our dear friend Paul Tresto, because he tried that a couple of days ago and it didn’t wash there either.

              So, i am afraid PJ you are the sacrificial Wiley Coyote here, expendable and wound up to jump off the cliff.

              There are two Wiley Coyotes, one full of light and love and hope, the other is full of hatred and fear and despair. They are always fighting, which one wins?

              The one you feed of course.

              Now this little debacle originated when the so called Guardian smear was posted here by those who sought to profit from the entrapment and exploitation of the child, that has now been proved to be a fake and will i hope be officially withdrawn and apologised for.

              So, we might ask ourselves where this came from and why anti fracking was targeted? Perhaps we need look no further than those who jumped on it so quickly? And like the previous attempts before it, the “poisoning the dog” and the “vandalising the rig” episodes, we can see the pattern emerging.

              now this little attempt to make a similar smear we know the origin of dont we? But rather than make this attempt himself, he gets one of his blue minions to “trott” it out?

              The content of this particular smear is irrelevant and not even remotely true anyway, but that is not the point is it? Because smears do no need to be true do they? Just the words are enough to propagate the smear and that is what is being done here, and if you look at past outpourings from others of the same ilk, that has been the sole purpose for some time now, for certain posters, its been the only purpose and still is.

              So, i will say to anyone reading this, that the PR department modus operandi is now nothing more than smear fear porn and has for some been that way all along. If you think they have sunk too low, then you ain’t seen nothing yet?

              There is no point in trying to speak reason, or logic, or science or physics or common sense, to these multiple ID anonymous “people” because that is not their remit, and probably never has been.

              All you will see now is that lowest of the low, smear fear porn and that is their sole objective.

              So, no go Paul, rubber stamp “Reject” on the forehead, “Return to Sender” “Not Fit For Purpose”

            • Lead batteries ffs! You are so far up your own backside you cannot see daylight! So you want to use heavy, poisonous metal, that is usually open mined and scars our landscape? I live near Wytch farm Oil project. Right on my doorstep, a place of outstanding natural interest, of high environmental importance. Over the past 30 years, environmental projects have been enhanced by funds directly from these Oilers! Without these monies, some extremely rare wildlife species would not exist here. You need to look at the big picture. Take your head out of your backside, I promise you the view is better! Come to Wytch, I will give you an educated tour on the positive environmental project that is Wytch. Or we could just go look at an open pit lead mine. Great for our kids future. We will need oil until we can phase in viable alternatives. We are making progress, but are 30 years or so away. Sadly, it does usually come down to costs. Most will stand up and protest green, but won’t back it up with their hard earned cash. So lets at least use the least carbon polluting options? No?

    • Great link Jono, The ecological ponzi scheme, yes, definitely, overshoot day today 1.7 planets worth of depletion of the earths ability to replace the losses will be our future generations unwanted and resented liability.

      Time to stop this overdrawn depletion of natures credit card isnt it? I wonder what the interest rate will be for our children to pay off?

      Disaster Card Sir? That will not do nicely at all Sir?

      • If you cant pay your mortgage they take your house , if you cant pay your credit card they take that , if you cant replenish the planet you live on …

  3. Hailed as heroes? Hahahaha what a bunch of id**ts. I’m having to deal with councilors at the moment whereby we’re trying to create a new business in the area that will employ local people and bring high paid jobs to what is a relatively poor area. I’ve literally no words to describe how bad these people are, avg age is 60+ and not got a scoobie about wealth creation.
    At least we know the new planning application will be rejected and the reasons won’t be valid this time around when goes to appeal. Prepare for hefty costs being awarded against the council this time around. Gloves are definitely off now.

    • Whoops! Mittens out of the pram again! Never mind, they are sown onto the onesie aren’t they?

      Nana say “temper temper”?

    • I think your Council knows a great deal about wealth creation, GBK. But I think they’ve spotted that the wealth created is illusory in that while purporting to advance the well-being of the planet, this kind of wealth creation advances the fortunes of only the few.Would that more of our Councils were equally wise.

  4. Council consistently over rules their own professionals and national agencies? Their heart felt beliefs are good to hear, but there is a bigger picture. Small, unobtrusive developments like this provide energy while we make the correct transition to non fossil alternatives.

  5. Egdon say ( on their web site, and as reported on Lincs FM et al ) they will appeal this refusal. So no action until that grinds its way through the system.

    Let’s see how the July 4th Submitted ‘updated development plan’ gets on.

  6. Anyone else see the Irony of Scunthorpe steel works One of the most polluting industry you could possibly have Objecting to an Oil well. talk about the kettle calling the Pan black .

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