“Cuadrilla should not be allowed to frack again after 2.9ML tremor”, say campaigners

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Campaigners outside Cuadrilla’s shale gas site at Preston New Road near Blackpool, 26 August 2019. Photo: Used with the owner’s consent

Opponents of fracking in Lancashire are calling for a permanent ban on fracking following this morning’s 2.9ML earth tremor caused by Cuadrilla’s shale gas site.

The Oil & Gas Authority ordered a suspension of hydraulic fracturing at Preston New Road near Blackpool within hours of the tremor which was felt across the Fylde region. DrillOrDrop report

About 400 campaigners aged between six and 80 gathered outside the site this afternoon. Some were people who had never previously opposed fracking.


Campaigners outside Cuadrilla’s shale gas site at Preston New Road near Blackpool, 26 August 2019. Photo: Used with the owner’s consent

pnr 190826 uwtoc 1

Campaigners outside Cuadrilla’s shale gas site at Preston New Road near Blackpool, 26 August 2019. Photo: Used with the owner’s consent

A spokesperson for Frack Free Lancashire told DrillOrDrop:

“We are now calling for a fracking ban to be passed by the UK government.

“Following this morning’s 2.9ML earthquake that was fracking-induced, dozens of reports of structural damage have been received from residents across Blackpool and the Fylde.

“Considering this is almost a deja vu of the 2011 earthquakes, it is most worrying. Lessons have not been learnt by either the government or industry. Our geology is wholly unsuitable for fracking.

“With the Oil and Gas Authority suspending fracking at Preston New Road, they now need to go further and implement a ban.

“It is intolerable to think that Cuadrilla will be able to start fracking again in the future and we are currently considering all legal options.”

A spokesperson for the Preston New Road Action Group said:

“It is good news that the OGA have decided to suspend fracking. We trust that a full and proper investigation of what has gone on here will take place.

“We find it hard to imagine that some damage to the well has not been caused after this morning’s quake.

“Fracking should not be allowed to resume again if there is further risk of damage to our environment and property.”

Earlier today, Cuadrilla’s chief executive, Francis Egan said he “sincerely hoped” fracking would not be halted by the 2.9ML tremor. He said the 2.9ML tremor was within the limits of seismic activity that could be induced by fracking at Preston New Road.

He also said the company now measured surface ground motion vibration which allowed it to put any seismic activity into context.

But a resident living close to the site told DrillOrDrop:

“It is easy for Francis Egan to be so dismissive of what is going on here when he lives a distance away. Our daily lives are being impacted by what takes place at Cuadrilla’s site.

“There is now a constant worry of when the next quake will happen, we have no warning, just an unexpected loud bang and vibration.

“We know that local residents have experienced damage to their property but we are also concerned about what damage is being caused below the ground. It is just not acceptable to force this industry on a community.

“A tremor of 2.9 ml is very close to the maximum limit of 3.1 ml that Cuadrilla have previously said would be very unlikely.”

The region’s Green Party MEP, Gina Dowding, also urged ministers to reject fracking:

“How long before government listens to scientists on the climate emergency, takes heed of tremors, shows some respect to the concerns of the local community & bans fracking completely?”

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  1. The latest tremmer is too high. If it is causing damage to property. The damage should be showen to the press.
    I donot think people want to see If there is a bigger tremmer If fraking is allowed to carry on. Comment from north wales.

  2. Why are we fracking and not spending the money on newer energy as it is not just a dirty way of getting gas to sell. To the public but to give billions to be shareholders as a gift from the planet and don’t forget we need water more than gas and fracking polutes water and that can’t be repaired 😡

    • Niall, we are spending lots on newer forms of energy but there is a long way to go before we get to 100% renewables and there is the major problem of energy storage that hasn’t yet been solved. Until that is sorted it would be silly to put all eggs into one basket. Even the CCC report suggests we will still be reliable on some gas in 2050. In terms of your remark about fracking polluting water – that simply isn’t true

    • NAILL,

      In the USA , the land of Mickey Mouse
      environmental regulations, where a strict policy of See No Evil, Speak No Evil, Hear No Evil exists against the Oil and Gas industry,…….. Organisations like the Environmental Protection Agency ( EPA ) that have, to keep them quiet, been financially Kneecapped, were still able to link FRACKING as a major threat to US Water Supplies…….. AT EVERY STAGE of the Fracking process.


      • NIALL , sorry for the wrong spelling of your name in my above post .

        I hope I’ve been quick enough to highlight this minor error, before our resident, Pro-Fracking spell checker is put to undue time and effort on his keyboard .

        No names mentioned , but you know who you are M _ _ T _ N.

  3. Hope you are managing to access the Times series on fracking in the USA, Big Green Jack. I am sure someone can send it to you as you seem to have problems accessing UK items other than from the Internet. You, Big Blue Jack and baby blue jack could all set up your own competition to Pody’s BBQ!

    You might find a few “surprises”!! Like 2 million jobs, trade deficit reduced by $250 billion via exports and over 50% of the total US business investment since 2008.

    But do feel free to continue with your fantasy posts about US fracking. I’m sure those who have been reading the series will be quite interested in the comparison.

  4. Or, Big Green Jack (interesting Time Zone you inhabit), no need to worry about spelling:

    “In the Permian Basin, a high school drop out can earn $60,000 a year washing dishes in an oil worker camp.”!!!

    But, I can also let you have a bit of reality regarding water.

    “The availability of water for fracking remains a concern as does the disposal of toxic wastewater.” So, aquifers are being invested in and Blackstone, the New York private equity giant, invested $500 million this year in Waterfield Midstream, which gathers, treats, recycles and disposes of water”. So much water available, that the drill workers can be provided with swimming pools!

    Oh, and $100 million to the Permian Strategic Partnership community infrastructure projects.

    Businesses going bust? Oh yes: “Local entrepreneurs soon got round to fixing the problem (shortage of fracking sand) by setting up local sand mines, but they were so successful that prices collapsed and destroyed many of their businesses”!! The old supply/demand/price curve. Ignore it at your peril. Don’t think there is a multi billion $ market for Daisy Chains-even if you add in XR.

    Must go, Jack. Off to purchase Part 3. Like the NT, I will be pleased to share the real picture with you Jack. Others, who can access UK media that operate pay walls, can read it for themselves. You may find your audience suddenly becomes a little more educated Jack. Good luck with that.

    • MARTIN,

      $60,000 jobs washing pots and pans , $100 million to community infustructure projects…….. I tell you what MARTIN , if you can show me where I can get a $60,000 a year job washing pots and show me clear evidence as to where $100 million of Oil and Gas money has been spent on community projects in this area …… I will show you how an Elephant can hang of a cliff edge with only its tail tied to a Daisy.

      What I can show you MARTIN, is HUGE SLUMPS in Fracking jobs in the Permian Basin .


      AND what about this, taken from the LINK BELOW , quote, ” analysts expect the top 50 U.S. independent oil producers will cut spending by 20% this year, with some by as much as 60%, according to review by researcher DrillingInfo. ”


      With up to 60% cuts by the top 50 American Oil producers , I can’t see many $60,000 a year Pot and Pan washers being required in this industry , can you MARTIN ????????

  5. I have shown you where you can access it, Big Green Jack. Most on DoD can do so, you obviously have a problem doing so, hence your total (excuse the pun) reliance upon (parts) of the Internet.

    Part 3 was pretty informative as well. Gives somewhat different, and more complete picture than you have just posted, so keep it up. You are doing a grand job at demonstrating something, but not what you would expect. Oh, by the way Occidental, which outbid Chevron to buy Anadarko, another independent, for $38 BILLION, deal closed this month. Three other independents expected to be mopped up in $20 BILLION plus deals. So, perhaps some explanation there regarding “job cuts”?

    Exxon and Chevron expanded their options a few years ago, Shell now seeking to do the same with BP evaluating its options.

    But, nice guy that I am, this is a taster of what others are able to read, Big Green Jack:

    “The need for big injections of cash, people and other resources is tipping the playing field towards the majors and away from the independent producers that effectively reopened the Permian for business”.

    There is much more, but I will let you catch up with that, as you seem to be caught in an historic black hole.

    Oh, just to add another snippet that might make your maths a bit easier:

    “Breakeven prices are in the low $30, making it one of the cheapest places in the world to produce oil.”

    No wonder they can afford to pay $60,000 for a dishwasher, with no frills motel rooms at $500/night, and truck drivers on six figure salaries.

    But, of course it is really a Ponzi scheme, with everyone losing money! LOL. Or, in true anti mode, if you have not seen something it just is not reality. Take your pick. (Careful with the last one-others will have.)

  6. MARTIN ,

    I’m afraid old chap, you’ve shown me SWEET NOTHING …..As all the readers can confirm .

    PLEASE for the benefit of Jack and ALL the readers , let’s start seeing your evidence ( LINKS PLEASE ) , or are we to take note that what your saying is just a mixture of wild guesswork, with a little sprinkling of J K Rowling fantasy thrown in for good measure.

    $60,000 for washing pots, what next shoe shine boys on $150,000 at US Fracking sites.

    WHEN , I have seen your supporting evidence ( LINKS PLEASE ) and can verify that they are FACT BASED, I can then accurately, correctly respond to all that you ask / put forward.

    The Permian Basin will have some nice little Sweet Spots that could be exploited by the big Oil and Gas players , but there’s no disputing the facts , the top 50 American Oil and Gas companies are making SAVAGE CUTS of between 20% – 60% this year , that FACT comes from reliable sources .

    SAVAGE CUTS , MEANS JOB CUTS , that’s a fact

    Here is my LINK


    As far as profitability of Fracking in the USA goes . First ladies and gentleman, you must first acknowledge that America has almost ZERO , health , safety and environmental regulations within this industry….. Profit comes first , everything else is second .

    Even when taking this on to account the major players in the US Fracking industry are NOT interested in starting ANY new Fracking wells with Oil prices below $50 a barrel , they might be willing to limp along with an existing wells at just below that price ……. BUT one thing we can be sure about, is there won’t be any $60,000 a year pot washers at these Oil prices.

    Lets just clarify this for the readers……. In the Permian Basin sweet spot area , it’s true some wells can have a break even of $32 – $37 a barrel , but for MOST in the USA its around $50 – $65 a barrel ……Rememenber this figure is in the USA, where there is almost ZERO regulations….

    NOW MARTIN, would you like to hazard a guess as to what the break even price would be in the UK, with its more stronger , health , safety and enviournmental regulations ??????

    AND the above doesn’t take on to account the strong public opposition to UK Fracking .

    Come on MARTIN, you have to agree, UK Fracking ain’t got a cat in hells chance of profitability.

  7. We were not discussing UK fracking Big Green Jack. We were discussing US fracking that you have continued to claim knowledge of, via selected and dubious links. You continue to be unable to access what others in the UK can easily access, and then claim it is unavailable. Obviously to yourself, but that is not my problem. I have suggested in the past your script is historic and inaccurate.

    Of course job loss can happen when takeovers happen. Rarely are takeovers about acquiring the workforce. DOH.

    Your economics are nonsense. Let me help you:

    “Independents make nearly all their money from selling oil they extract, whereas the majors have the infrastructure to refine it, turn it into plastics and other petrochemicals and transport it across the world”.

    There is a letter from Nice Sir Jim to Junker of the EU where he outlines the extent this is happening in the USA with regard to the chemicals industry. It used to be on the INEOS website, but may have gone by now.

    Thousands of wells already drilled in the Permian that await fracking, 430 drilling rigs operating currently. Looks like a real slump. LOL

    Cube development and well interference. Very interesting areas, Big Green Jack. Looks like the dish washers will have jobs for a little while yet. Fork out on some Marigolds and join in.

    Cat in hells chance of profitability? Don’t know the answer to that one-but neither did OPEC in respect of US fracking-so, little old me will not speculate against that history. Others will, Jack, but only one way to find out.


    Nice of you to take such an interest, Big Green Jack.

    • MARTIN ,

      Move over J K Rowling, there’s a new player in town.

      Your twisting , turning and imagination is now reaching epic proportions.

      It’s a good job Jacks here to help you understand what’s really going on in the world.

      In response to your above post , I will, to help you understand try and keep this as simple as possible .

      ( 1 ) Are we not here , on this website, ultimately to discuss the UK Shale industry ???????? YES of course we are.

      Jack is bringing to the attention of UK citizens when highlighting the USA , a place where this great plump , enviourmental disaster of a ponzi scheme is in full swing ….. The future horrors of what this industry could bring to the UK, if it was allowed to take firm hold.

      ( 2 ) SHOW Jack and ALL the other readers exactly what information is ” easy to access ” ……. COME ON MARTIN , let’s see exactly what you are talking about …… LINKS PLEASE , or will the readers have to accept when you supply ZERO supporting evidence , this is just another J K Rowling fantasy moment ??????

      ( 3 ) JOB LOSSES, MARTIN , you need to read the data coming from professional organisations . The 20% – 60% cuts in the US shale industry , is across the whole of the shale industry … This will inevitably result in HUGE job losses right across the board …..

      These huge number of job losses, will NOT as you amusingly try and put it down to, be because as you say, quote, ” Of course job loss can happen when takeovers happen. Rarely are takeovers about acquiring the workforce. DOH. ”

      MARTIN , this industry even with its almost ZERO accountability or regulations is failing….. This plump fracking ponzi is now finding it difficult to borrow more money , investors have been well and truly stung and their not going to fall for it again …. The industry is falling apart .



      ( 4 ) You say, quote, ” Thousand of wells drilled in the Permian Basin now await fracking ” let’s see your evidence please.

      That being said , I do accept that the Permian Basin is a super sweet spot , but even there , they Fracking companies are only just keeping their head above the water .

      LIKE I SAID BEFORE …….. The TOP 50 American Oil and Gas companies are ALL making cuts of between 20% – 60% to stay afloat , that’s a FACT.


      MANY MORE LINKS to support my above post available upon request , all of which come from professional organisations,

      My advice to you MARTIN , is cut your losses and get out of shale whilst you still have a chance of retaining a little of your cash …. It will be a very sad day if Jack has to start a crowd funding webpage to cover your basic living costs , all because of your stubbornness to accept the UK Fracking dream is over.

      ( 5 ) 3:14am , nice of you to show concern , but please be assured, I did get a restful nights sleep .

  8. Yes, I expect you did, Big Green Jack. Time zones allow for that.

    Sorry, you still have no ability to access what has just been published in the UK, and will have been read by many who frequent DoD. Keep on demonstrating that, but I think we have sussed the situation now. Others can access other sources available in the UK Jack, as long as the reference is provided, even if you can not.

    But, a little more help:

    “The smaller companies realise it takes a lot to develop this resource in the right way. It is not for everyone. Even from the unconventional point of view, it’s very unique”

    Staale Gjervik, the executive in charge of Exxon Mobil’s operation in the Permian. (He would say that, wouldn’t he, but some connection there with recent ownership trends.) They expect to raise production from about 175k boe to 1 million boe/d by 2024. Perhaps several dishwashers needed there.

    So, what you are really saying Jack, is that you take an interest in the UK, although you only have a partial awareness of what is happening in the UK, quote US “experience” as a lesson but only have a partial awareness of that! Not a problem Jack, we have worked that one out now. The chat about the NT gave the clue, and now we have confirmation.

    Have to go now. This has been fun.

    • MARTIN ,

      YES , I can access ALL media from around the world……. PLEASE supply LINKS to the information that you would like Jack to read .

      Referring to your above post ……. To PRETEND that you’ve already supplied/directed Jack to evidence that supports your comments is futile , as it will fool no one . The readers of this forum will also be aware of this .

      You need to start supplying PROOF and from reliable sources to back up what you say , or readers can only accept your comments to be your opinions only , with a possible twist of J K Rowling fantasy thrown in for good measure .

      Once again I ask, please supply LINKS to the information that you would like Jack to read.

      One last thing ……PLEASE , fully explain what you are referring to regarding the National Trust ( NT ) .

      Enjoy your weekend ….

  9. Oh no you can not, Jack. You can not obtain a three part detailed assessment of US fracking in the Times, as it has a pay wall, just like the same problem you had with their reporting regarding the NT. Maybe someone will send you copies, but no need really as I am pleased to quote you some of the best bits.

    And then you post at 2.10am!!!

    The readers of this forum may have their different agendas, Jack, but they can see what I can see (and, I don’t just mean the Times!)

    • MARTIN ,

      WRONG MARTIN , as the regular readers of this forum will already know..

      BUT for the benefit of new members, I will bring them up to spec as to what you have missed out.

      When jackthelad makes a statement, he always backs it up with REAL , CREDIBLE evidence in the form of EASILY accessible LINKS..


      Breast Cancer Action , warn the public against Fracking.


      AND how about this ? ……….When mothers live near fracking sites, babies are more likely to be born underweight


      The above is what I consider to be presenting evidence..

      NOW lets look at the MARTIN way of presenting evidence, by first understanding his above post ..

      MARTIN, for some unknown reason is frightened to cut and paste LINKS to back up anything he says. He either does not provide any evidence at all, OR

      As his above post shows, he has once again directed us to look at a copy of the Times Newspaper.. As you will no doubt be aware , to view the Times Newspaper you can ONLY do so by either paying online, or purchasing a copy of it from a newspaper shop.

      He also doesn’t tell you what day, or what page the article he refers to is on .

      Why should any forum reader have to go out and buy a newspaper, then search though the pages, just to try and find something that you have referred to ??????? MARTIN , is this some sort of a joke, are you trying to have a laugh at the forum readers expense ?????

      Responding to your next point , please be aware readers, MARTIN has a deep seated bitterness towards the National Trust ( NT ) because of their strong ANTI Fracking stance and their vow to fight against any Fracking activities on their land .

      MARTIN , if you have anything to say to jackthelad about the NT, then let’s hear it and don’t forget to provide Jack and the forum members with LINKS to support your comments.

      Finally, you seem to be very concerned about the time of my posting ( 2:10 am ) WHY ??????
      IF it’s out of concern, don’t worry , Jack is getting adequate sleep.


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