Fossil fuels protest at Surrey County Council

191210 SCC XR2

Police remove a lighthouse structure at a climate protest outside Surrey County Council, 10 December 2019. Photo: Extinction Rebellion

Campaigners from Extinction Rebellion took part in a demonstration in Kingston this morning before a meeting of Surrey County Council.

The protest was part of a day of action designed to draw attention to the links between climate change and fossil fuels. (See also DrillOrDrop report from Horse Hill

The protesters were angry that Surrey County Council had granted planning permission for oil production at Horse Hill after voting to declare a climate emergency.

During the protest, police removed a model lighthouse structure called Little Greta which had been used at other protests in Surrey. Photos by Extinction Rebellion

James Knapp, of Extinction Rebellion, said:

“Science says we need to urgently bring greenhouse gas emissions down to net zero to prevent climate catastrophe.

“But the Surrey councillors instead supported plans to increase supplies of oil. They had an opportunity to vote to leave this oil in the ground – and they didn’t take it. We are here to remind them that they need to turn away from business as usual and take the bold decisions necessary to avert disaster.”

Another member of Extinction Rebellion, Carol Foussat, said:

“We can all see the writing on the wall with the climate emergency, yet the politicians are not moving quickly enough to save us from the worst possible future.

“As citizens of the UK, it is our duty to stand up for people who suffer now and will suffer in the future as the world gets warmer, food and water run short, and the oceans rise and swallow many cities. We have to do whatever we can to stop this.

“We need politicians who are willing to think long term and act quickly.”

The public was not allowed into the council meeting. It had been due to be livestreamed but the webcast was not working for at least part of the meeting.

Councillors discussed a report from the greener task force which has been looking at how the authority will tackle climate change. Councillor John O Reilly says the council had to be “very ambitious” with action on the climate emergency but needed funding to make the journey a reality.

Surrey County Council is expected to make a statement about the protest. This post will be updated when we receive it.


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    • scare propaganda… Fossil Fuels are not the only reason for extinction, Over population is!! Common Sense people the more population, the more resources we use the most damage to the environment.
      Remember its a small world after all! , and yet over 100 billion people have used the resources on offer since time began!!

    • Free health care or free psychedelic drugs?

      The truth about Extinction Rebellion:

      “However, the reality is precisely the opposite. If all of the “solutions” to the climate change problem that are proposed by Extinction Rebellion are implemented, the chances of us going extinct will increase, not decrease. And there are certainly problems that are way more urgent than climate change.”

      The climate has always changed, is changing now and will continue to change. Human caused climate change is understandable:

      Global population 1750 = 629,000,000
      Global population 2019 = 7,700,000,000

    • What are you going to do? Extinct the young? Turn us into fossils for your generation to poison the world even more with?
      Fossil fuels are the last vestige of a far too old stupid poisonous polluting world destroying greedy ignorant way of life that is stealing the future from us. The children. You say save the childrens futures. But your actions are destroying that future.
      Make your actions live up to your words.
      If you dont. There is only one word for that EG.

      Its not about money MC angry old man. Its about giving us the right to vote for our own future. Maybe you dont want to give us the vote because we know what your generation has done to the planet and to our futures?

      Its about denying me and many others our future on a clean liveable planet that sustains itself and us. And then you say you want to make us pay for the mistakes your generation has all ready made.

      I am all ready saddled with a very large bill thank you very much. I have your generation to thank for that.
      But that’s just one burden your generation have saddled onto the young.
      Were you saddled with a very large bill of £50,000 or more in University loans when you left University to start work?
      I doubt it very much.
      I bet you had a practically clean slate to start from. And talking of clean slates.

      There are many others burdens your generation has saddled us with.
      Like stealing our future from us without so much as a buy your leave.
      You grew up no doubt on a planet that was not yet fully sacrificed for profit.
      Not yet trashed and poisoned and had the heart ripped out of it for a few miserable shekels.
      You grew up in a worldwide ecological system that sustained you with ease.

      And what did you do with it?
      Your generation trashed it for profit and personal greed.
      Thats what you did.
      And still all you can talk about is money and taxes and profit and preserving the poisonous polluting fossil fuel industry because it pays too well to risk changing it for the better. What a joke.

      Give us back our future and work hard to return the planet to way you found it.
      But no. You expect us. The young to pick up your trash and try to clean the filth you have left us with.
      Maybe we will send your generation the bill for all that.
      Maybe better worry about that before you start blaming the young.

      • You will get the vote when you are mature enough to exercise the privilege. Maybe, by then, you will have outgrown your sexist, ageist problem, and stopped being such a misery.

        Then you will find good health care IS about money. Or, perhaps you can persuade those students studying medicine not to expect a high salary?

        No one forced you to University. Neither of my sons attended University and have no desire to fund others excessively to enjoy that, who then moan about having to fork out some of the cost themselves from the higher salaries they expect to earn from going to University. Both of them fund others childcare as well, although they don’t utilise it themselves, but again, have concerns as to how much that should grow.
        When you enjoy privilege that others don’t then why should you not help to pay for that?

        If you were that keen on saving the planet you would be doing VSO, not whinging about how badly off you are. Go and help some of those truly suffering, as some of us have, and you may return a less self centred individual, with demands that you believe are your right.

        Still happy to offer my advice, but not expecting it will be grasped.

        • You are very bitter about University MC. That is not a good state of mind to learn anything at any university. Had a bad day maybe? We have councillors here for stress and problems at home and such like.

          I dont have the vote yet. But when i do it wont be for angry old men who support a poisonous polluting industry.
          And for your information, any ageist and sexist remarks didnt originate from me MC. Any anger ddnt originate from me.
          I think you just want an argument. Something not happy with your day perhaps? My day was fine, a bit blustery but fine anyway. There seem to be more gales right here.

          The rest of your posts are quite angry and a very worryingly unhappy attempt at provocation. It wont work i’m afraid. Part of my training is not to get provoked by silly people.
          So sorry old man. Not a chance. The angrier your posts get, unfortunately the more childish and pitiable they look. I live and study with many people. Mostly my own age. But any with those hang ups you show there, they would not progress very far. Fortunately they are more mature than most comments i see here on DrillorDrop.
          Your advice, if that is what it really is, i’m afraid, is neither appropriate nor asked for nor wanted. And you can keep it with my kindest and best regards for a quick recovery.
          if you want my advice, and i am not expecting it will be received in good grace, is that producing these angry posts is a sign of internal unrest, so have a good restful night and wake up refreshed and eager to enjoy the day.
          That is how we should treat each other to get a better world. There is too much division and conflict in the world. Try to make an effort to reduce the division and conflict and we will all get along just fine.

  1. Yes, you will-if you pay your taxes to help make it “free”.

    Of course, those personal taxes will be extremely high as some wish to remove tax being contributed by many businesses, many of the wealthy and many of the less well off who will be out of work. I should have a word with the some, young lady, as they appear to be hell bent on saddling you with a very large bill.

    • Such a storm? I do seem to be very good at touching their raw nerves dont i? They dont like a little stimulating debate do they? All anger and frustration. The election must not be going very well for the old guard of the fossil fuel patrol.
      I am sharing all this to my friends. They will have a good laugh. I dont think they will be voting for the old guard on the 22nd. Not that there was any danger of that before.

      • What is happening on the 22nd? In the UK we have an election on the 12th Dec. Don’t leave it too late to vote.

        You seem to be missing the population growth issue:

        Global population 1750 = 629,000,000
        Global population 2019 = 7,700,000,000

        Soon to be 9,000,000,000……

        You could have saved the £50k and done something useful with your life? I have stated on this BB several times that the fees system for English Universities is wrong and that it should be free, with means tested grants AND at least a 50% cut in places. Why go to University to get a degree in which there is no job at the end of it in that field and end up flipping burgers? The % of Graduates these days not working in their degree fields is very high but I assume you know this already? We need less Graduates not more.

        Cliamte change is happening, learn to live with it, spend your time and education figuring out how to help the world adapt to it.

        • Duuh! Yes PT thats a typo. Ya got me! Arrrgghhh! I meant 12th. Glad that you read it though. What is Cliamte change BTW? Another typo? Gotcha! Now you gotta go Arrrggghhhh!

          Found the reply on psychedelics yet? It’ll blow your mind. Needs it.
          I’ll copy it here if you want. But i’m not sure i’m allowed to.
          Your opinion of uni is not even close. Ancient stuff. For the buzzards. Things have moved on. Had to really. None of the old fuddy duddy ancient stuff of expecting to fall into a good job works any more. Hasnt done for ages. Gotta get with the vibe dude! Groove with the dudes. Quote from a relative would you believe. Hippie i think?

          Flipping burgers is something i will never do. I’m a vegetarian you see. And a teetotaller. Its a heritage and a religious thing. Part of my culture.
          No you are wrong. The world needs more uni grads. Not less. We wont put up with just any old jobs. We need to change everything from the ground up and the top down and meet somewhere in the middle.
          We’ll make or own Steve Jobs if necessary.
          Its all about entrepreneurship these days. Contacts and social bonding. All that sort of stuff. Looks like you guys need some of that yourselves. You lot all seem so grumpy and unhappy. Thats what i call my Grandpa back home, Grumpy, and he is.

          I’ve noticed before you guys are stuck on the population statistics. But not in a good way. As usual you all see it as a problem. Just as you lot seem to see everything as a problem. But all problems contain their own solutions. Someone your of generation must know that. Or if you didnt know that. You should have known that.
          You see the main problem with the world is division. countries are encouraged to hate and fight other countries because it keeps politicians and governments in power and peace doesnt pay the big bucks. But war and conflict does. So, the solution is to do away with party politics. Kick out the dead dross. Make the system work for the people and the planet. And make allies. Not enemies of all the other counties doing the same thing. Simple really. I’m surprised your generation did realise that.

          The population statistics also ignores the fact that western populations are falling. And all the disease and wars and starvation and the destruction of populations will experience when the food runs out and the food and water wars begin.

          Thats why we need the vote for younger people. The future will be ours. So we had better damn sure we make it a better way than it is at the moment.

          Simple really. But getting there will be a long haul. We need a decent planet and an ecological system to do that well.
          So better get moving and work for all of us for a better planet. otherwise we will be dragging you lot up the mountain with us. And some of us think thats too much trouble to bother trying.
          Thankfully i am not so harsh. Its going to be tough make no mistake. But we’ll get there. With help from each other.

          Yes or no?

          • Interesting!

            Might be a bit surprised when such nonsense is on the other side of the desk during the job interview. I know a number of young people who were surprised that employers go a bit further than CVs. Some, rather quaintly, suggested it was an infringement of their rights!

            Good luck.

            I’ll place my order early. Can I have fries with it, please? (Veggie burger, or course.)

            • Well, it looks like the fossil fuel patrol has run out of anything intelligent to say. And not much before that either. They seem to be just acting out their angry old man script. And not a very good one either. I wonder if it has something to do with the election? Must be a bad poll or something.

              Have a good rest tonight old man and do try to be happier tomorrow. The world is such a better place without all that nonsense.

              PS, you really dont want to know what students will do on your fries, so better not to ask unless it is very very polite and a good tip. Judging from your attitude, you have all ready experienced that without knowing.

              • “We’ll let you know”- a useful phrase for you to get used to. Suggest you don’t bother to apply for any jobs within the Social Care sector.

                Demanding things may make you a candidate for the criminal sector, but if JC gets his way, there will be no-one with anything worth pinching.

                Steve Jobs??

                No jobs, more like it.

                Interesting, that the high numbers at University now are a direct result of a previous Government deciding there were too many young unemployed that looked bad on the employment statistics, and rather than help create good jobs for them, it was easier to place them into University, for them to be “educated” to be Labour voters. Then the costs of that started to unravel, so charges were levied. Now, the students moan about those charges! Such is progress, except the other 40+% who decided to not go to University are out there working, paying tax, to fund their “demanding” education.

                I think I prefer the attitude of a neighbours daughter. Extremely gifted academically, pressured at sixth form College to go to University but said no, as she was not sure which career she wanted to follow. Spent a year working on animal rescue and re-introduction to the wild in South America (ocelots, particularly) and then did something similar in Australia. No demanding, just giving. Then, having done that, had the experience to decide on her career path and returned to UK and obtained a place at University. I hope, with some life experience under her belt, she will still emerge from University as a giver rather than a demander. Quite happy to contribute to that.

                But, then, I’m always a happy buck bunny, with the wisdom of my experience!

                • “Granny orcas help infants to succeed”!! The Times, 11/12/19.

                  Interesting that some who claim to support the environment know so little about what goes on to make the environment tick.

                • Strange. My family-who do know me-accuse me of being too relaxed. Seems to have worked though. My children outgrew demanding and tantrums by around 7 years of age.

                  Just goes to prove how those who know little about a subject come to incorrect views.

                  Thanks for re-enforcing it.

      • Cant write it in English TP? Have to hide it in Russian? How strange.
        you say
        Нет, моя дорогая……
        No my dear….
        Was that so hard to say in English? Quite sweet really.

        • Russian is quite appropriate for what you aspire to. If East Germany had had there own language this would have been better; another option is Spanish aka Venezuela.

          Not to worry, election tomorrow, interesting times. It won’t make a lot of difference to me if Corbyn and co get in. But it will to your generation – and won’t be good.

          As someone who has hired and fired a lot of people over the past 40 years I would be careful what I write on these BBs and social media. I have been told my many employers that they all check backgrounds via the internet, looking at TwitFace etc and anything else that comes up. Perhaps I am in the same boat although I don’t use TwitFace. But the big difference is I don’t need a job anymore…

          Please pass this on to your friends…..

          • You seemed determined to drag the conversation down a dark Russian alleyway. I am told to avoid dark alleyways and angry old men. And there you are. Whatever boundaries you think you should abide by. You’ve far overstepped them. [Edited by moderator]
            On the eve of an election too.
            You can keep your dark alleyway and your Stasi style Russian threats.

            • Day after the election – all is well thank goodness. We can get back to normality. Brexit will be completed in an orderley manner and the UK can be governed again. No Venezuela or East Germany or Russia, Momentum and the hard left are clearly not wanted by the British Public and they are finished. Two left shoes from two different pairs (obviously)? Was that some kind of left wing lucky charm?

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