18-month council road closures for new Rathlin Energy drilling site

200115 WN road closures map

Road closures (marked in red) and diversion (purple) around Rathlin Energy’s new well site at West Newton B near Burton Constable. The other section marked in red is for the company’s other local well site at West Newton A

Three roads in East Yorkshire could be closed for up to 18 months during work at an oil and gas site.

The closures, ordered by East Riding of Yorkshire Council, began on 6 January 2020 and could run until 6 July 2021.

A council spokesperson confirmed the road closures were for work at Rathlin Energy’s West Newton B site, near Burton Constable.

The closures affect all through traffic using Pasture Lane, Flinton, and Engine Lane and Crook Lane. Residents, businesses and the emergency services will be able to use the roads.

This is the second set of roads to be closed by the council for work on a Rathlin oil and gas site.

DrillOrDrop reported in June 2019 that the council had closed two roads to the company’s West Newton A site at High Fosham.

Those closures were originally for three months but was later extended for up to 18 months.

A spokesman for East Riding of Yorkshire Council told DrillOrDrop today:

“On 6 January the council put in place traffic orders temporarily prohibiting through traffic along Pasture Lane, Flinton, and Engine Lane and Crook Lane in Burton Constable.

“The orders cover all vehicles and are in place for a period of 18 months, however access will be maintained for local residents, local businesses and for the emergency services at all times.

“The road closures relate to work being carried out at the West Newton B site by Rathlin Energy (UK) Ltd.

“The orders, which have been supported by Humberside Police, have been put in place for the purpose of public safety while works are being carried out near the roads and because of the likelihood of danger to the public, or serious damage to the roads, not attributable to the work.”

East Riding of Yorkshire Council granted planning permission for two exploration wells at West Newton B on 4 June 2015.

But no work, apart from archaeological trenches, has been carried out at the site.

Under the terms of the planning permission, the development must begin by June 2020.

Union Jack Oil plc, a partner in the site, announced in November 2019 that it had raised £5m for the two West Newton B wells.

Also in November, Rathlin Energy confirmed that it could not begin work at the site until there had been an archaeological survey. A geophysical survey of the site in 2015 revealed potential archaeological features that could represent evidence of a medieval or earlier settlement.

The company said it planned to drill to about 2,100m to target the Kirkham Abbey and Cadeby reservoirs. Site construction was expected to take 12 weeks, it said.

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  1. Phil C, I am just a local resident living near the sites. I do not and never have worked for Rathlin or any of their contractors. I am also not one of those that attend the liaison meetings.

    The information I have posted is freely available to all. Rathlin publish the minutes of the community liaison meetings on their website.

    Each village around the sites have two representatives that attend these meetings, who have the responsibility to pass information both ways. One representative is from the parish council, the other an interested member of the public.

    If you want information from someone who is anti and is a rep at the meetings, then Harry is your man.

    Rathlin also post information leaflets through local residents letterboxes when events are planned or happening on the site.

    ERYCC are also very proactive in answering questions and providing information regarding the site.

    Rathlin’s planning application to drill a second well at West Newton received very little local opposition (121 objections) compared to the application to extend the local onshore wind farm (282 objections) even after a plea for objections went out on various frack free sites.

    The excitement I mentioned is generated by the activists that have descended on the area.

    There are a couple from Hull, two from Beverley/Walkington, another from Nafferton, but others have traveled from Blackpool, Rotherham, Sheffield, Ipswich, Brighton, Middlesbrough and elsewhere.

    Thankfully due to the lack of activity at West Newton, some have now moved on to the HS2 protest.

    Despite it being common knowledge that there is a ‘no fracking’ clause in the planning permission, that Rathlin have publicly stated that they are not interested in fracking, and that there has never been a frack plan submitted to the relevant authorities. There is still much excitement generated about West Newton being a fracking site, an acid fracking site and an extreme energy site.

    There is even such a post above.

  2. Well, I see Wressle Appeal has been granted, and costs against North Lincs Council.

    The disappointed investors reported recently may now be quite pleased.

    So, the Schadenfreude will be changed to Gluckshmertz. It is the same the world over, it seems.

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