Site work appears underway at West Newton-B

Images from Rathlin Energy’s new oil and gas exploration site in East Yorkshire suggest that site work is now underway.

Last month, the company gave notice of the start of activities at the West Newton-B site.

It was required by a condition of its planning permission to notify the council at least 14 days before activities began.

Pictures on Twitter indicate that work has now started. The company declined to respond today to DrillOrDrop’s questions about activity on the site.

But, based on the company’s plans, the first phase of work would be construction of a 1.5km access road and the site compound on what is currently farm land.

West Newton B location Rathlin Energy

Location of site (red triangle) and access track.

Construction of the access was estimated by the company to take four weeks, followed by six weeks of work for the compound. Average daily lorry movements were estimated at 20 for the access and 10 for the compound.

An estimated 31m of hedgerows and young trees would be removed for the development. The company was required to plant a 200m section of hedgerow along the southern boundary of the wellsite and plant two replacements for every tree that was lost.

Rathlin was granted planning permission in June 2015 for up to two appraisal wells at West Newton-B. The first well, to be called West Newton B-1, would be drilled to about 2,100m, the application said.

Under a condition of the permission, work must begin within five years. Until now, the only activity has been some archaeological survey trenches.

East Riding of Yorkshire Council issued closure orders earlier this year for three roads around the site until July 2021.

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  1. All Those Redundant Windmill we Have Doing Nothing But Cost us money keeping them off line Should Be producing Hydrogen

  2. This has been known since Monday. Investors have been talking about it for days Ruth.

    Get up to speed

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