Updated: Protest at Horse Hill oil site

200601 Horse Hill lock on UTOC3

Extinction Rebellion campaigners protesting at Horse Hill oil site in Surrey, 1 June 2020. Photo: Used with the owner’s consent

Reports from the Horse Hill oil site in Surrey this morning say protesters breached security and got into the compound at dawn, preventing the start of work.

The campaign group, Extinction Rebellion, said two environmental campaigners have locked-on to the entrance and blocked access to the site.

200601 Horse Hill lock on Extinction Rebellion

Lock-on protest at Horse Hill oil site in Surrey, 1 June 2020. Photo: Extinction Rebellion

Extinction Rebellion said campaigners had also climbed on top of cabins and dropped a climate emergency banner.

A High Court injunction is in force at Horse Hill prohibiting trespass on the site.

200601 Horse Hill lock on UTOC2

Extinction Rebellion campaigners protesting at Horse Hill oil site in Surrey, 1 June 2020. Photo: Used with the owner’s consent

Surrey Police said four people had been arrested.

A spokesperson for the force said:

“Officers attended following reports that protesters were preventing a number of vehicles from making deliveries to the site.

“The arrests were made for offences contrary to Section 241 of the Trade Union and Labour Relations Act whereby the protesters have potentially prevented people from going about their lawful business and aggravated trespass under Section 68 Criminal Justice Act and Public Order Act 1994.

“The protesters arrived at the site around 4am this morning and officers attended to engage, explain and encourage the group to adhere to social distancing guidelines.

“The rights to protest are well established in this country; however, personal responsibility is now key and we are reminding people who are able to leave their homes as a result of the changes, to think carefully about where they are going and how they will be able to keep their distance from others.  We would also ask that people keep in mind the purpose of the regulations and the national effort to protect the NHS and save lives.

“Officers will continue to monitor the Horse Hill site and work with the local community, the company running the site and anyone expressing a wish to protest to balance the rights, needs and wishes of all parties involved.”

Surrey Police later confirmed that Venetia Carter, 56, of Brighton, and Margaret Mulowska, 32, of Shepperton, had been charged with intimidation or annoyance by violence to preveent lawful activity. Christopher Smith, 43, of New Malden, and Simon Sinclair, 30 of Brighton, were charged with aggravated trespass. All four were due to appear Guildford Magistrates Court on 7 July.

Extinction Rebellion said the campaigners were calling on the UK government to stop supporting oil and gas extraction in the UK and to invest in a green recovery from the Covid-19 crisis. During the crisis, Extinction Rebellion said pollution and greenhouse gas emissions had fallen.

Chris, one of the activists inside the site, said:

“We are now at a crossroads in the human story.

“We can either return to the same path and ‘business as usual’, knowingly condemning humanity and the entire planet to suffering and ultimately extinction. Or we can take a new path and have a chance of heading off the worst.

“I am here on behalf of my nieces and nephews and all future generations to say it has to be worth trying. Let’s change our paths together – this is the last chance we have.”

The site operator, Horse Hill Developments Limited (HHDL), received planning permission in September 2019 to produce oil for 20 years.

Extinction Rebellion said this level of oil production could add an estimated 10 million tonnes of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. The group said:

“This is totally incompatible with ensuring a safe future for generations to come and is not the only negative effect of the site.”

The group said the planet had been “given breathing space” during the Covid-19 crisis, with falls in journeys by car and planes:

“This could be a golden opportunity for the Government to stop funnelling money into environmentally destructive industries and to channel funds into renewable sources of energy and a green economy, benefiting both people and the planet. Oil is over – we need to build back better.”

DrillOrDrop has asked HHDL’s owners, UK Oil & Gas plc, to comment. The company released the following statement:

“The unlawful actions by this small group of protesters is doubly abhorrent at this time of national crisis. Firstly, they have shown total disregard for the safety and health of others by violating current Covid-19 regulations about social distancing, even urinating on our staff [a point disputed by the protesters].

“Their behaviour has been appalling. The police must now risk their own safety in order to remove them. Secondly, they have thumbed their noses at the High Court by violating our injunction order via their aggravated trespass onto our site and from preventing us from conducting our lawful business.

“And did they ever stop to think that the medical equipment and PPE the country sorely needs at present is derived from oil and gas? Face masks and visors, gloves, protective aprons, syringes, sterile tubes and pipes in intubators and ventilators, catheters, sample bottles, tablet dispensers, vital function computers and screens, the list is endless. Even patient notes are kept in a plastic file and ID wristbands are made from plastic. All are made from petroleum products. You cannot get away from it.

“Petroleum derived products come in all shapes and sizes but any medical facility, from your local GP surgery to the inside of an ambulance to intensive care units in hospitals, depend on plastics, because they are sterile, easily manufactured and durable. Would you want to live in a world without these basic but essential items?”

In response to the UKOG statement, Extinction Rebellion told DrillOrDrop:

“It is laughable that UKOG are claiming their staff were urinated on today at Horse Hill.

“Extinction Rebellion activists follow the principle of non-violence, which obviously excludes the behaviour UKOG is alleging.

“The activists on the containers inside the Horse Hill site have confirmed UKOG’s staff have remained at some distance from them throughout the action.

“Our activists have spoken to police, now inside the compound, who have confirmed they have received no complaints about UKOG staff being urinated on.

“This ridiculous claim smacks of a desperate attempt to discredit the activists to divert attention away from the fact that their security has been so easily breached.”

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  1. Did they cycle to the site from there homes? No, thougt not. Complete hypocrites who use and benefit from the provision of oil. Let’s see these people actually live an oil free life-style to prove oil is not needed. It is impossible to do so. Meanwhile when will these environmentalists start paying windfall taxes on the vast sums of money they have obtained through various channels, in the trilions and many times the entire revenue of oil industries.

    • Fossil fuel expansion supporters trying to justify their cause by suggesting ‘ Let’s see these people actually live an oil free life-style to prove
      oil is not needed’

      Let’s see fossil fuel expansion people try to stay alive in a world which relied totally on burning ever increasing amounts of fossil fuels.

      The reality is there is no need to increase production of fossil fuels in the UK.

      The UK is ideally suited for electric generation from wind, solar, and wave power. We have not maximised that potential. Far from it.

      A rapid expansion of renewable technologies would see a decrease in the need for fossil fuels.

      Wise up fossil fuel expansion supporters.

      • Wouldn’t want to Jono!

        Those who think it is okay to risk spreading Covid-19, displaying that their rights to life are more important than others rights to life are better not known.

      • John Powney, Let me see you type your next reply on a device not made from plastic! Wind, solar or wind power does not make plastic. Without plastic we would all be back in the stone age. Just take a moment to actually look around you and notice how many everyday items are made from plastic. Now imagine they are not there. (Pens, frames for glasses, mobiles, speakers, computer monitors, printers, carpets, etc) the list is endless. As for fossil fuel expansion support; It’s a far greener option sourcing the oil from UK sites than it is importing it from the likes of the Middle East.

    • Maybe their instinct told them it was OK to drive, assuming they did, and maybe they didn’t! But it was under 260 miles, I’ll bet. And as of today can we not meet up with 6 people not members of our household? Or maybe The Johnson needs to clarify that, eh? So, no harm done except to your ostrich-like indignation, Columb. Not related to the great detective, I sincerely hope lol

  2. The irony of the situation is that UKOG funds the work it is doing not the government & the UK taxpayer & the British people will benefit for many years to come from the tax revenues provided.

    The oil produced at Horse hill will only reduce the amount of imported oil transported into this country by ships which will only reduce pollution further with home grown oil.

    These protestors have no idea of the benefits for the UK & it’s people that a company like UKOG provide with never any comment on the changes that have taken place with even car emissions & engines which have far lower carbon emissions than in previous years.
    The world is changing & there is a plan in place to make that happen it does not need vigilantly terrorists who may not carry a gun to make it happen.

    Beware they do your country a great disservice this countries economy is already in a distressed state with the Coronavirus pandemic & will need every penny it can make in tax & as many jobs created as possible for it’s people.

    • Please don’t take people for fools with disingenuous talk of reduced pollution with home grown oil. That could be argued if the UK kept the oil it produced and only imported the deficit, but even as a net importer of oil, we still export oil around the globe. In 2016 for example, the United Kingdom produced approximately 44 million metric tons of crude oil, imported approximately 39 million metric tons, and exported approximately 31 million metric tons of crude oil. Producing more would just mean more would be exported, and there would be no attempt to use existing supplies wisely, just as there isn’t now.

      • Sorry, Lisa C, but it is you taking people for fools. 2016? Well, okay if that fits your purpose. But even then we can do the maths!

        And even then, your last sentence is pure personal speculation.

        Think you will find oil usage varies through the year, so of course some importing and exporting will take place. Equally, different types of oil are required for different uses.

        Tell me. Courgettes farmed in Spain and transported by truck to UK, or courgettes produced in UK and consumed in UK. French Beans flown in from Kenya, or French Beans grown locally in UK. Which would be best for the environment? Should UK stop growing courgettes and French beans because Lisa reckons more would be exported and there would be no attempt to use existing supplies wisely?

      • Lisa C, we export some of the Brent Crude we produce because we cannot manufacture all the different petroleum products we need from it.

        Using UK onshore oil, along with importing different Crude Oils from around the World, enables us to manufacture some of the products that cannot be obtained from Brent.

        Hence why it was established at the Wressle enquiry that home produced onshore oil would reduce UK imports.

    • The irony is that UKOG is incapable of funding the work it is doing. It has issued millions of shares to pay off loans as a result has an operating loss so no tax payable as well as bankrupting British investors. The time has come to stop.

      • Well, Peter, how do you think exploration companies develop to being production companies? How do start ups, start up?

        (Take a look at Tesla! Not £millions borrowed, but $billions. Should they stop?)

        You may be unaware of that, but investors are not-British or otherwise.

        (I did invest in UKOG some while ago. I am not bankrupt. I made a decent return and then invested that in a hybrid car that I have since got rid of as it failed to meet my requirements. My current petrol car meets my requirements. I would be quite happy if it was fueled with UKOG derived petrol rather than from wells half way round the world.)

  3. ADD 10 million tonnes of CO2!!!???

    These extremists are simply peddling untruths. There is absolutely no evidence (yet) of the volume of oil output HH will produce, and there is no chance it will do anything other than replace some imported oil. So, it will add absolutely nothing to CO2 production. Already debunked during the Wressle enquiry.

    There is a clear picture of deceit that these extremists paint to try and excite others. Frack Free IOW?! There are obviously the gullible out there to be fooled. [Edited by moderator]

    Meanwhile, forget the injunction being removed.

    • ‘never any comment on the changes that have taken place with even car emissions & engines which have far lower carbon emissions than in previous years’

      Why would be. You are years behind with your understanding of the future of transport. If you had been keeping up you would have noticed that the current, intermediate, and long term transport technologies are all electric. Electric that could be produced from cheap clean wind power which would be utilised to it’s maximum by charging up vehicles when there is a surplus during the night.

      Never any comment on how much benefit the country would make from the revenue from renewable energy companies. Billions if we maximised our renewable potential.

      Wise up fossil fuel expansion supporters.

      • Hmm. Another one who wants to add some more unreliable nonsense.

        So, SUVs are NOT the best selling vehicles in UK, and electric are selling like hot cakes!??

        No-one talking about fossil fuel expansion, jP. Just maximising local supply whilst fossil fuels continue to be used. Ever supported your local farm shop? Or are you like those invested in the Supermarkets who want to deny the farm shop with false claims about their safety and competitiveness?

        • Hi Martin and MH. Frack Free IOW here. Not extremists by the way or gullible either. [Edited by moderator]
          Interesting to see you mention exports and imports and carbon footprint reduction.Since in 2018 almost as much quality Brent Oil from existing UK onshore and offshore sites was exported from the UK to Europe and China ( with all the accompanying CO2 implications)

          So we could just keep those 44,615,000 tonnes of our own oil from existing operating wells so that we have to import almost 80% less in the coming years, thus reducing our CO2 impact and continuing to support the Government’s plan to use less and less oil in the future. Also avoiding having to rape the UK countryside with new oil fields.

          The 3.7 million barrels of oil predicted to be lifted from the Portland in Arreton here would produce around two and a half day’s UK supply, in our estimation, and take possibly 5 to 10 years if UKOG really can sort themselves out and do as they predicted for HH and get a regular 1,000 barrels a day from maybe 7 wells here (with 60% to 70% annual reduction of flow per year).

          Although admittedly the maintained continual flow rate performance from Horse Hill has been pitifully low – but we are giving UKOG the benfit of the doubt. So drilling more new wells to only produce a possible quarter to half a day’s indigenous supply each year cannot be good for the economy, the environment and poor old UKOG either.

          Have a nice day!

          • Well, hello, Sylvia! A one woman organisation!

            As your organisation can not pick a name that represents any IOW reality, good of you to attempt to identify reality! Building on sand.

            However, feel free to go along to the Needles and watch all those tankers arriving at Fawley Refinery-taxation already taken ELSEWHERE. Those further away can look at shipping movements and recall the Torrey Canyon.

            But as it will not be fracking, and will only be a little puddle, I suppose that means you have absolutely nothing to object to on the IOW? In terms of raping the countryside you can nip around to Europe’s largest on shore oil field at Wytch Farm that has done nothing of the sort and neither has it done anything to depress property values or cause any issues to wild life.

            Interesting how you note oil fields decline within your text, but your opening remarks ignore that reality altogether. Just to help you out:

            Wytch Farm used to produce over 100k barrels per day, now between 10-15k barrels. You can find the same in the N.Sea. Maybe that is why rig workers were retraining as men’s hairdressers in Aberdeen?

            If you are not gullible, why think that anyone would believe your text? Maybe you are not gullible but feel some are. Feel free, however those I know on IOW are no mugs.

            • No public (persons) know the flow rates possible or probable at this moment at horse hill.The company will know or have an idea but have not divulged this information as yet. I read every day dissenters putting out misinformation and sometimes out and out lies of the potential of the site.The company adheres strictly to the conditions set before them by the enviromental bodies. Listen to the videos from the protester at the site today…..Listen to the huge estimated weekly amounts given, he later says it’s never going to be commercially viable completely contradicting his earlier comments. Let’s have honesty, then people can make up their minds in a fair minded way. Steve Horsman

              • Steve, it would seem that Extinction Rebellion is keen on the demand of others to “tell the truth”, but not of applying it to themselves.

                If the oil is not needed or the site will not be commercially viable, why are the activists wasting time there?

      • We have over 22GW of installed wind generating capacity. Night time demand over the past week has averaged around 18GW, yet electricity generated by wind averaged 3GW during that period. There seems to be a high pressure problem with your ideals JP.

        • At 1800hrs this evening wind is <3GW. Solar/PV is <4GW. Gas is 12GW…..

          Perhaps John Powney can enlighten us on how to replace the gas? At 3GW wind is running at an average load factor of <14%.

          We could increase the number of wind turbines by an additional 400% so that we get the 15GW needed to make gas zero. Plus another 100% to replace solar/Pv tonight when it gets dark? 500% increase?

          Of course wind turbines have improved with time, bigger, better, etc.

          10MW turbines are apparently available with a rotor diameter of 164m. If these were used to replace our CCGT gas and SOLAR PV tonight we will need to install just short of 9,000 of them running at a load factor of 14% to add to those currently installed……

          • Very soon there will be many battery storage installations in the UK which will store surplus electricity in low usage periods ( overnight) this will then be fed into the grid the next day when demand is high. This will allow power stations to be used to a lesser extent this decreasing pollution.also making wind farms more profitable as they won’t have to be turned off at night..eventually making extinction rebellion extinct

    • Wind,solar and battery storage farms are being constructed now and in the future in this country, there will be no extinction, just like we didn’t run out of toilet rolls…..young people have been brainwashed and are now putting pressure on gullible adults…..there is absolutely no chance of climate extinction……how much money has greata and her cronies made from this,has anyone researched that. Steve horsman

  4. Well done people. The lack of flights and air pollution during lockdown has given us a glimpse of what a cleaner less consuming, more sustainable world looks like. We don’t need this stuff, I have weaned my self off oil a few years ago and I was a total petrol head. Now the alternatives are so good you would have to be nuts for buying a new combustion vehicle. Motoring for essentially free, silent and running on renewables has become just normal for many of us forward-thinkers. I don’t fly and I don’t have fossil heating either. We can all make a difference.

    • Ah, a forward thinker. Someone who weaned himself off oil but uses plastic to let us know! Weaning can be so difficult.

      Not a very complete forward thinker, yet can refer to others as nuts.

      • MARTIN ,

        There’s enough available plastic on our planet , onshore and floating around in our oceans that’s ready and waiting to be recycled .

        Let’s start recycling a lot more of this, instead of transporting it half way around the world and dumping it on third world countries to bury, burn or leave rotting in huge open tips.

        • Quite right Jack!

          (There is also too much sewage thrown in our oceans. Seems some antis like to keep that going!)

          Some of us do what you suggest already. Not difficult. However, there are some who find the most straight forward things difficult to grasp, or don’t want to do so.

          (Seen the current price of Brent Crude? (Tickling the $40/barrel level now.) Chinese demand for oil near pre Covid-19 levels. )

          However, as usual, you miss much of the issue. Recycled plastic is NOT suitable for many very beneficial uses. You also ignore that ocean mining is now underway to extend the antis damage to the planet, (Blue Planet to turn muddy brown Planet?), not being satisfied with their destruction and “raping” of the DRC, and German forests! Oh, not to worry, collateral damage is missing within the anti’s handbook, so it can’t be happening!

          • P.S.Jack

            You seem to have forgotten very quickly about Casper Regional Landfill.

            Remind yourself, and enjoy!

          • MARTIN ,

            Thanks for the memories…… Trying to point out something that is being dumped in to the ocean, that may be worse, ” sewage ” reminds me of a great childhood game I use to play with my mother when I was trying to lesson the blow of something naughty that I’d done ….. I see that childhood tradition is still going good and strong with you MARTIN…..

            Trying to justify something on the grounds that somewhere else in the world, something far worse is being done, is NOT the solution for forward thinking , educated adults .

            Now the difference between plastic waste and sewage, which for the vast majority, we in the UK safely treat in harmless wastewater before releasing in to the ocean is………….. It dosen’t, unlike plastic, take up to 400 YEARS to break down .


            YES MARTIN , most of us do put our plastic in to recycling bin s, BUT most of it then ends up being transported half way around the world and then dumped on to third world countries with ZERO environmental regulations .

            AS far as your generalised coment stating that most recycled plastic is not suitable for, quote , ” many very beneficial uses ” ….. I hope your going to back that up with some concrete evidence .

            • Most UK councils are switching to a system where the plastic that is recyclable, is recycled and that which isn’t recyclable is burnt to generate energy.

              There is investment and development currently ongoing in advanced recycling, to make it possible to produce recycled plastics with an identical specification to virgin material.

              A process has been developed that removes all contamination, so that the resulting polymers can be used in food and medical packaging, where safety standards require the highest level of product purity.

              The target is for a recycling and production facility with this capability to come on stream by the end of 2023.

              The most difficult part of the task is in educating humans to dispose the plastic in a responsible manner in the first place, so that it can be recycled.

              • Exactly John.

                The other most difficult part is that there are those (as always) who want to distort the reality to PREVENT the incinerators being built. However, once they are built, many in an area are totally unaware they are there and if they do not read the local authorities publications, have no idea that is what happens.

                When we see clean motorway embankments, then some responsibility will be evident.

            • Waffle, jack!

              You need a lesson how to lessen that. Perhaps better not to speculate about my childhood (angelic, not naughty) until you sort that out. Especially when you quote educated adults. Oops.

              My plastic waste (single use) does NOT go into recycling bins, neither does it get transported half way round the world. What I refer to as “hard” plastic is separated and that does not go half way round the world either.

              Once again, be careful showing that you are not that aware regarding what is common practice in parts of the UK. Not all, but certainly some parts. It is also pretty common practice in UK to protect the community against Covid-19. Some, however, like XR, have decided that their own agenda is more important than that.

              You really need to address your comments regarding sewage to Greta. She seems to be the Dominic Cummings of the antis in that respect!

              • MARTIN,

                There are a number of punctuation errors in your above monologue.

                Let JACK help you out with one.

                Should read , ” until you sort that out, especially when you quote educated adults.”

            • Thanks for nothing MARTIN ,

              As per usual you say nothing , add nothing and back up nothing .

              Looks like it’s still business as usual.

              If the best you can do is pick up on a letter that should of been an “e” instead of an “o” then I will continue to be fully satisfied, safe in the knowledge that I still have you well and truly on the ropes.

              I will now appoint you my official spell checker. Please read the paragraph below. There are several spelling errors . Can you spot them ????

              HAHA, so you know where ALL your plastic goes ????? Do you have a “track and trace” system on eech iten of plastic waste ?????

              • Sorry Jack, I am fully employed correcting your inaccurate posts. Spelling is a bridge too far.

                Now, do stop being a naughty boy, little green jack, and take your rest in your back seat. We will let you know when we are nearly there.

                (You can read John’s post to become further educated regarding plastic waste disposal and what is actually available to some in UK. I use what is available, some do not. Or you can ignore and try and produce a smokescreen around the subject. Oops.)

                The simple answer to your last piece of nonsense is-yes, I do. Hope that is a something you required, adds something and backs up something. (“Hard” plastic could be an issue but my lovely recycling ladies tell me when the recycling of hard plastic is an issue and then we use plan B. Simple. Just a different bin.) Lucky that many do the same, with the landfill stuffed with turbine blades!

                Oh, NT opening some sites today. Remember them? They were that unique organisation that has it’s members agreeing with all it’s management policies rather than members because they obtain a cost discount!

                • HAHA MARTIN ,

                  SO after all of the above waffle , you really haven’t go a clue as to where all your plastic ends up .

                  I see your hatred towards the National Trust still simmers within those aging bones . Still looking for any petty thing to have a swipe at them about.

                  Can’t get over the fact that they are firmly against all things Fracking , even seismic surveys get the thumbs down .

                  Please get the message , nobody wants UK Fracking , except you and a handful of your outdated chums .

                  Please feel free to contact JACK anytime . I will be delighted to help you with any future punctuation problems .

                • Ahh, playing the ageist card as well! Never a good look. What you really mean, is that I have a great deal of experience. Seems to be a worry to you Jack. One day, we might actually see some experience within your posts. Remember, (for example) you were asked about your own experience of hybrid and/or electric vehicles and guess what? That seems to have been lost within a diversion as well.

                  So, whilst you continue to make nonsense statements such as I do not know where my plastic waste ends up, when I have just explained that I do, you may feel that is a good one to divert with as well. But, it will not prevent the fact that John has explained what is possible in UK now, and some of us who can access that, do so. It would be rude no to-but not all do. Makes your original post on the subject very selective-but, it was you who posted it!

                  And now I hate the NT! Really? They do a lot of good work but I also recognise they fall short in many management areas-just like the RSPCA. I even provided you with the references to see that for yourself. Maybe you want simplicity, where there is good v bad, love v hatred etc., but life is a not that simple. It would be boring if it was. (I don’t do hate, Jack, not even Marmite. Not Tesla either-a company that part of my pension is invested in via my IFA, but I would like income from that not just capital gain.)

                  But, feel free to attempt to paint me as a liar, and a geriatric who hates organisations if that is what you need from the Internet. Or, you could just try and post something that does not need a character assassination to support it.

                  I am sorry your rubbish post was exposed, Jack, but if you post rubbish posts, they will be.

                • MARTIN ,

                  I can part agree with your above post, quote ,” I have a great deal of experience ” but maybe not in the context of what you were meaning . What I refer to is fantasy. Have you ever thought of writing childrens books ?

                  You classically illustrate the niavity, or in your case the deliberate waffle spinning that a small handful of Pro Oil fanatics are trying to spin . When you discard your waste plastic in to a coloured bin, or at a refuse site, you haven’t got a clue where it then ends up.. Now MARTIN, do you need evidence ?

                  History shows you’ve never had a good word to say about TESLA, in fact you seen to be very fanatical against it . Why is that MARTIN ? Shall we now talk about all the other BIG car manufacturers that are turning 100% green ? You seem to always go very quiet when I ask that .

                  History it’s all there MARTIN, in your own words . History shows your negativity towards the National Trust ( NT ) started the day they stood firm against the Fracking industry. For the people that have been members of this forum since that date. This line of questioning that I’ve continually brought up every time you’ve tried to knock the NT, will only serve as a great source of amusement and laughter as they read your wriggling responses back.

                  Now there are a number of punctuation errors in your above post , would you like JACK to show you where you’ve made a mistake ?

                • And there are punctuation errors in your latest waffle, little green jack! So, what else have you left?

                  Tesla? I am an investor in Tesla, so why would I hate them? But, I see their problems.

                  All the other BIG car manufacturers are turning 100% green?? What a load of tosh. Factually incorrect, and a desperate attempt to fabricate to manufacture a story. FAKE NEWS.

                  I used to be a member of the NT-to acquire a discount. They have NOT stood firm against fracking. They made an error, and then backed down.

                  And, yes, I know exactly where my plastic goes. So, you can try and suggest I do not but you are moving from speculation to fabrication (again) to try and make that work.

                  So, thanks for showing how you wish to utilise the opportunity to comment on DoD. Speculation, fabrication and fake news. The only surprise is how willing you are to demonstrate that. Maybe the reward is just as good if compared to posting reality?

                  Never mind, Jack. Marigolds are available on Amazon for a small fee-if you can access Amazon. Get your hand in (LOL), those $60k/year jobs for dish washers in the Permian will be back before you can produce more fake news, with Brent Crude now above $40/barrel, and US unemployment easing. Surprise, surprise. The “hockey stick” prediction seems to be pretty accurate.

                  (Remember the Permian? Where you AGAIN denied the reality? Let me remind you:

                  James Dean: The Times: Tuesday August 27th, 2019.

                  ” In the Permian Basin, a high school dropout can earn $60,000 a year washing dishes in an oil worker camp.”

                  Didn’t fit your story and you could not access the article, so it could not be reality. But it was.)

                • MARTIN ,

                  Thanks for the laughter.. Your ability to make things up to suit your keyboard warrior agenda, is worthy of an oscar.

                  HAHA, of course your an investor in Tesla and it really shows. Your relentless, obsessive, talking down of this company is not the actions of an investor. You must think were all BRAND NEW on here .

                  I’d rather put my money on you being a an investor in the highly toxic , climate changing, dangerous to human and animal health, debt ridden, ponzi Fracking scheme . Lets face it MARTIN, you’ve spent more time than anyone else on here trying to spin fantasy positives on how fracking would benefit the UK.

                  Now MARTIN , I spot one punctuation error in my above post , but yours is riddled with errors. This also is the same in your other posts . The point I make old chap , is you shouldn’t try and take the moral high ground on English Grammer with other forum members when you clearly have a problem with yours .

                  YES MARTIN , electric cars are the future .Do you want JACK to give you a list of the BIG car manufacturers that are producing electric vehicles ? I can provide ” links ” and you can read in their own words how these companies now see the future through green eyes .

                  PLEASE STOP making me LAUGH, my sides are splitting.. You say, quote, ” I used to be a member of the NT-to acquire a discount. They have NOT stood firm against fracking. They made an error, and then backed down.”

                  MARTIN the the National Trust said NO to seismic testing on their land by Ineos . Ineos then threatened legal action and they were FORCED to back down . This was not an ” error as you say, this was bullying. Now though , with this recent ruling, land owners can stick a firm two fingers in the face of these companies . For the record, the National Trust is strongly AGAINST FRACKING.


                  Once again MARTIN, your wrong and I’m right.

                • MARTIN supplies more fantasy and laughter for all.

                  You say, quote, ” In the Permian Basin, a high school dropout can earn $60,000 a year washing dishes in an oil worker camp.”

                  MARTIN, I CAN’T see there being many $60,000 pot washing jobs there. .Taken from the link below , quote, ” In the Permian basin, North America’s largest shale region, the number of rigs fell from 405 in March to 175 in early May. ”


                • Oh dear!

                  Jack-the King of punctuation- slips up on you are (you’re) and your. Again and again. This English language is a real challenge for those who are trying it as a second language. Even with misplaced comments removed, we still have fake news, waffle, nonsense and more clear signals (if we needed them) as to the real motivation here. Remember your past (not you’re) comments about the fee you receive for conversions? Suggest you ask your employers for an improved set of apps to allow you to be more convincing. Or, if they are too mean, there is always that dish washing.

                  So, I am not an investor in Tesla? FAKE NEWS.

                  Jack, my friend, in the Western free world investors can invest in a whole mixture of things, and usually do. Oh, by the way I also invest in lithium stocks. I know it makes the tag of mug punter a little silly, but who ever said life was simple.

                  Let’s (short for let us) continue with reality. Oil now at $40/barrel for Brent Crude. (Much to the annoyance and surprise of little green jack.) Employment figures in USA starting to improve. Demand for oil in China already back to pre Covid levels. Other countries will follow. Think you will also find a reduction of rigs in the Permian in May, mirrored across the world, will simply work towards a further increase in price. Giggle supply/demand/price.

                  Order those Marigolds now, Jack, before the rush. I really can’t see your income from conversions stands any chance of competing.


                • MARTIN,

                  PLEASE dont be so touchy. The fact that you have difficulty with your punctuation is nothing to be ashamed about .

                  Although a lot of what you say is FAKE , which is why you are NEVER able to back up anything you say with evidence. JACK understands, even with the bad punctuation.

                  MARTIN, if the very best you can do is to pick up on a comment that was not filed in the correct place on a particular Drill Or Drop ( DOD ) page , then you really are struggling, or should I say scraping the bottom of the fossil fuel barrel.

                  Let’s face it MARTIN , you were WRONG about the National Trust.

                  $60,000 pot washing jobs currently on offer at the Permian Basin , EVIDENCE PLEASE , or are you going to back up what you say with the usual ZERO evidence ? Now JACK has presented evidence of a complete collapse at the Permian Basin . At the moment the only thing on offer there will be large amounts of climate changing, dangerous to animal and humans , highly toxic waste . Don’t you agree MARTIN , or are you going to go quiet and pretend I’ve not said that ? Now I’m willing to back up all I’ve said with evidence, are you willing to challenge any of my comments on the dangers of Fracking ?

                  Your bitterness and hatred towards the electric car industry and your overwhelming love for the fossil industry is legendary on the Drill Or Drop history pages . Your endless negativity towards TESLA and all things Lithium are 100% opposite to those who are real investors . PLEASE don’t take the readers of the DOD forum pages as a complete bunch of mugs .

                  I’ve NEVER said I get paid for any of my comments on here , EVER . [Edited by moderator] I’m just an ordinary resident who resides in a zone under the threat of Fracking.

                • Oh dear, Jack.

                  So, your memory has gone as well. Mine has not.

                  Also, I have provided you with the dish washing evidence, and the evidence regarding that the NT were required to accept they were in the wrong was supplied by DoD.

                  Your only stance to support your fantasy is to call others liars without ANY evidence at all. Paul seems to allow that, so you continue.

                  So, I will simply accept that you just intend to continue to post drivel and deny anything else exists.

                  Once again, to show the readers how you operate: EVIDENCE SUPPLIED SEVERAL TIMES.

                  “Huge rewards lure oil workers to the desert “war zone”.

                  In the Permian Basin, a high school dropout can earn $60,000 a year washing dishes in an oil worker camp”

                  James Dean: The Times August 27th 2019.

                  Note the date. Not stated by me as “currently” but likely to return soon.

                  You were unable at the time to access the Times series by James Dean, and the pay wall kept you out, just as it did regarding some of the media commentary regarding the NT. I helped you out with both but was met with your denial of the reality, as it was inconvenient.

                  If the readers of DoD wish to read your denial of reality, that is their choice. However, I am now simply going to filter your comments as they are just that-a denial of reality to try and create a fantasy. Seeing that the readers of DoD appear to be a fairly fixed group, there may not be that many who want to indulge in a fantasy, but you may find one or two newbies who do.

                • MARTIN,

                  OH YES, I can see them now, a Klondike gold rush style stampede of men , woman and children, marching dish cloths in hand to the Permian Basin . On behalf of the readers, may I thank you for the laughter in these darkened times.

                  MARTIN , you have NEVER supplied one shred of evidence to back up any of your comments, as everybody knows. The fact that you have NEVER provided one LINK to back up any of your comments, speaks volumes on the authenticity and quality of the things you say.

                  In their own words , the National Trust are strongly opposed to seismic testing and Fracking, that’s a FACT .

                  They were threatened and bullied by Ineos in to allowing seismic testing on their land, against their will.

                  Fortunately now, due to recent events in the legal system, landowners can now give a firm two finger salute in the face of such threats .


                  If there’s anything you can’t understand in the above ( LINK ) statement from the National Trust , please ask JACK.

                  [Edited by moderator]

                  I would also now like to get back to what Drill Or Drop is here to discuss, the Oil and Gas industry.

                  I say, Fracking is a highly toxic , dangerous to human and animal health, environmentally damaging, climate changing , debt ridden ponzi scheme . What are your thoughts on the matter and please give your reasons, if you disagree.

                  [Typo corrected at poster’s request]

  5. Meanwhile, in so called nimby Balcombe, Repower Balcombe commissions yet another solar installation on industrial buildings at nearby Pease Pottage. And there are two further installations on local school buildings in the pipeline. And don’t forget the Riding
    Sunbeams project, whereby solar farms will feed electricity directly into the rail network.
    So don’t say that those against further exploitation of onshore fossil fuels, especially of the unconventional variety (as defined by the industry and not the UK government), aren’t practicing what they preach. Energy cooperatives across the UK are making a direct contribution to reducing the UK’s dependence on the use of fossil fuels, whereas all we here form the supporters of this toxic industry is burn baby burn.
    Invest in the future, invest in renewable energy.

    • Except, Malcolm, you like to misrepresent as well!

      So, please explain how a few sun beams and a wisp of wind will provide all those medical products. Have a look at an incubator for babies.

      Nice to see a few trying to promote their own sectors and using DoD as an advertising venue. “Invest”-strange I thought that was an evil word on this site. Invest v exploit. A classic from the anti handbook-but just the same thing. Not? So, those who were paid £150k/year NET PROFIT PER WIND TURBINE whether the electricity was wanted or not by the consumer, who paid the bill via premiums upon their tariff. Investing or exploiting? Not all landowners were really as green as some would have the gullible believe. Some hated them on their land, but loved the guaranteed income into their accounts. Investing or exploiting?

  6. They have chosen a nice day for it. Should get nice and toasty laying on the concrete in their solar reflective kit.

  7. I notice within the statement from UK Oil and Gas the defamatory accusation that the two XR activists had ‘….urinated on our staff’.
    Firstly I must wonder about the veracity of this claim and secondly I must wonder about the feasibility of this claim bearing in mind the 2m social distancing regime we are all under!
    Attempted character assassination of climate activists is standard industry and Establishment tactics as evidenced at PNR over the last few years.

  8. Except, Peter, gravity is still observed in the Weald! (Check the pictures.) A little clue: those Blackpool seagulls above are all observing their 2m social distancing so not a hazard?

    I suspect the veracity will come out at the trial.

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