Climate protests at Ineos sites

Activists from Extinction Rebellion Scotland have blocked entrances to the Ineos petrochemical plant at Grangemouth in Falkirk.

A two-hour demonstration was also planned outside Ineos headquarters in central London this morning.

Protest outside the Ineos petrochemical site at Grangemouth. Photo: Extinction Rebellion Scotland

In the action in Scotland, groups of protesters have locked themselves together. They have parked a boat at the Bo’ness Road gate. Another boat is parked at the Ineos office on Inchyra Road.

Data released by the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency last week and reported by The Ferret website showed that Ineos was the largest climate polluter in Scotland. The company’s plants at Grangemouth released 3.2 million tonnes of CO2 in 2019.

Extinction Rebellion Scotland said it aimed to “actively cut emissions with our actions today by shutting down the Ineos plant”.

The group said that Ineos continued to import fracked gas from the US to Grangemouth, despite an indefinite moratorium on hydraulic fracturing in Scotland.

Campaigner Annie Lane, 26, from Glasgow said:

“Ineos Grangemouth is Scotland’s largest climate polluter. It is Scotland’s only crude oil refinery. It also stores fracked gas from the States.

“Given the widely assumed ‘ban’ on fracking in Scotland, for fracked gas which harms communities worldwide to still be processed here is outrageously hypocritical.

“We are here to expose the climate destruction that Ineos is causing. We are running out of time, with the climate crisis affecting so many in the global south already. If Scotland really wants to be the “Climate Leaders” they claim to be, we need to see a just transition to a greener and fairer society, led by ordinary people and not corrupt billionaires like Jim Ratcliffe.”

A statement from Ineos said:

“We note that early in the morning (around 7:30 AM), Extinction Rebellion blocked the entrances to INEOS office on Inchyra Road in Grangemouth. The group demands a transition away from fossil fuels.

“INEOS respects the right to peacefully protest in a responsible and safe manner, but notes that over the 10 years between 2009 and 2019, CO2 emissions from the INEOS Grangemouth site have reduced by 37% and from the Chemicals business by 43%.

“The site is operating normally.

“INEOS products are used in a wide range of every day and essential items, currently protecting front line healthcare professionals and their patients, whether through the use of PPE or the application of medicines to treat the effects of the pandemic and the development of antiviral drugs. The use of plastics has been invaluable during these unprecedented times.

“Our sites continue to explore ways to reduce our emissions. At the end of September INEOS announced the largest ever purchase contract of wind energy for heavy industry in Belgium. The deal will reduce annual emissions by 115,000 tonnes of CO2 each year starting from next year – the equivalent of taking 100,000 cars off the road each year.

“As more and more energy intensive manufacturing industries in Scotland close down then it is inevitable that those which the Scottish economy so heavily rely on will stand out above the rest in terms of their emissions. Observers should be left in no doubt: manufacturing products in the UK we rely on every day, every week, every year:

• Reduces carbon footprint from importing such items

• Ensures compliance with the strictest environmental and safety standards

• Delivers carbon savings through their applications, ‘light-weighting’ vehicles, components for wind turbines and so on.

“We do our utmost to do this as efficiently (and environmentally responsibly) as possible – because this is how we will remain in business. If our products (polymers, ethanol and ethylene) are no longer made in Scotland, then they will be manufactured elsewhere and transported to the country, adding significantly to the global emissions per tonne of product.”

A Police Scotland spokesman said:

“Officers are currently in attendance at a peaceful protest in Bo’ness Road and Inchyra Road, Grangemouth.

“The roads are blocked and drivers are asked to avoid the area. We are liaising with the protest organisers, Extinction Rebellion.”

Earlier this month, campaigners from across Europe occupied a site earmarked by Ineos for a major chemical complex in Belgium.

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  1. How did Annie Lane from GLASGOW get to GRANGEMOUTH?

    (Are there not travel restrictions within this part of Scotland, ref. Covid? That same virus that the “corrupt” Sir Jim is helping to control with free donations of sanitizers?)

    Recall another lady from Glasgow decided to travel down to PNR a while ago and recorded some similar nonsense, pre Covid.

    A pattern-of hypocrisy.

  2. By the way, Scotland imports food products from the EU which are produced through systems that are unauthorised in UK, including Scotland. If you follow down that route fully, rather than selectively, there would be quite a number of premises in “need” of blockading-probably enough to keep all of those in need of such occupied to enrich their lives. And, they could all claim it was their responsibility to be irresponsible.

    Meanwhile, I note the Covid daily death levels for Scotland just released.

    • Oh Mr Collyer, surely you aren’t suggesting that people cannot object to Ineos importing shale gas unless they object to every other ‘unauthorised’ commodity or route? How silly.

      Three campaigns won recently:-
      – UK shale gas,
      – the Sheffield Trees
      – South Yorkshire Pensions Authority declaring divestment from fossil fuels

      All won by single issue groups.

      Better to win 3 than none at all.

      • No, wrong again David.

        I was suggesting that the reasons given for this objection were selective. Any group can select their own reason for objecting to anything, but when they are selective from a multiple choice of similar grievances, they are not showing they are different-just part of a crowd. When they do it at a time of a serious pandemic, putting others in harms way, they are not a responsible part of that crowd.

    • Martin, are the Scottish mortality numbers released similarly calculated to the English numbers?

      Ie. Number of people who died after a previous positive COVID19 test?

      Or are they the number of people KILLED by COVID 19 alone?

      There has always been a massive difference. The former number used to disastrously Control our Freedoms and the latter never released!

      Think on that.

      [Comment edited at poster’s request]

      • Why think on that, Peter??

        People are dying in Scotland due to Covid-19, yet some think they can prance around the countryside risking further spread of the infection. INEOS are going nowhere. Could the some not wait until after Covid-19 has waned, or are they just that desperate to keep their publicity going that they can ignore others around them? Not a good look when they claim to be acting on behalf of the wider community.

        Never mind, science may also produce a common sense vaccine.

        Statistics for deaths are indeed a questionable area. But, always have been. I can not think of one close relative who passed away where the death certificate has been accurate in “normal” times. I would also anticipate the vast majority of elderly people are NOT killed by Covid alone, equally they would probably have survived without Covid. So, best to keep Covid away from them. Always been the case with pneumonia, so there should be no surprise.

        Essential travel does not include a publicity stunt, IMO.

        You talk about control our freedoms, yet I note record sales of condoms since lockdown was eased, so it would appear a lot of people know when to exert control and when to express their freedom. Always a few who find it difficult to recognise where and when the priority should be.

  3. Sir James, the one who lives in Monaco, is not our saviour Martin. There are other solutions to p!astic in the health service, new and old resources. Without climate change activists we will not survive, the human race will be wiped out, why can’t you understand that, it worries me sometimes.

    • What worries me Paula C is how you comment without the knowledge to do so. Or maybe you are referring to a different Sir Jim who might live in Monaco?

      Your comments would be taken more seriously if you actually knew something about the issue, rather than followed the nonsense pedaled
      and repeat it, simply to excite but not inform.

      There David-I read the “information” provided, found it to be nonsense, so was able to comment upon that.

      (For those who want to check the reality, remember what/who Corbyn was suggesting would fund everybody in the UK and the steps most of those who would be robbed did very quickly to prevent that from being possible. It certainly fooled a few who then became upset that people could insure against being robbed. The Guardian, and Paula C amongst them.)

      Sorry, but keep producing the fake news and it will keep being fact checked. And, I will try to keep my fact check relevant compared to the BBC type where they ridiculed Donald’s claim last night about birds being killed by wind turbines, then the fact check had to admit that was correct, then tried to justify their original ignorance by stating that cats killed more! Deflection/irrelevance-quite common, isn’t it?

      By the way- the human race WILL be extinct eventually, maybe due to climate change from increased solar activity rather than fossil fuel? Or, probably sooner, from something like a pandemic whilst selfish people do little to mitigate it’s spread. Either way, there will be a few of the final survivors saying “I told you so” but what they told and what actually happened will probably be a long way apart-but they will end believing they were correct, of greater intellect and will be excited about that.

    • Paula C, if I’m unfortunate enough to require medical attention I would much prefer to rely on the use of plastic rather than going back to glass or metal products and risky in house sterilisation.

      The changes required for the benefit of the environment and future generations will come from the likes of Sir Jim etc.

      Because it is science and industry that will produce the innovative technologies which will solve the problems, not the actions of a tribe of cosmopolitan zealots.

      • Well, John, it took plastic to enable Paula C to communicate she doesn’t like plastic!

        Now there’s irony.

        • Indeed Martin, the antis appear to be a very confused tribe if not a hypocritical one.

          Here at West Newton we even have one driving around the area in a vehicle that has an oil leak.

  4. Paula C “Without climate change activists we will not survive, the human race will be wiped out” – please enlighten us on this BB how climate change activists are going to prevent our extinction? And why we will not survive without them? Are we going to eat them and starve if they are not available? Are we going to generate heat and electricity from them and freeze if they are not available?

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