West Newton-B well evaluation due next month – statement

Evaluation of a well at Rathlin Energy’s West Newton-B site in East Yorkshire is due to start next month, it was announced today.

West Newton-B site, 6 November 2020. Photo: West Newton and Sproatley Gateway to the Gasfields

A statement from Union Jack Oil, a partner in the licence area, said the first phase of the programme to evaluate the WNB-1z well would begin in April 2021

WNB-1z is a sidetrack, drilled in November 2020 after the main wellbore missed one of the target formations. The sidetrack was said to have “exceeded expectations” with a “substantial hydrocarbon accumulation”.

The evaluation would comprise a cased hole logging programme, including a cement bond log, Union Jack said.

A Weatherford Raptor evaluation tool, a pulsed neutron logging device, would quantify and analyse oil, gas and water saturations in the Kirkham Abbey formation.

This phase would be followed by a vertical seismic profiling survey, which would provide a high-resolution calibration of existing 3D seismic data, the statement said.

There were no details on the duration of the work but the statement said processing and interpretation of data was expected to last about two weeks.

The data would help to inform completion, well clean-up and extended well test operations on the WNB-1z well, Union Jack added.

A new competent person’s report would use existing information and data from completion and the extended well test programme.

Rathlin Energy has applied to vary the environmental permit for West Newton-B. Today’s statement said the Environment Agency had issued a draft of the permit variation, to cover well completion, clean-up and extended testing.

DrillOrDrop’s key facts page on West Newton-B

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  1. For the THIRD time, this “missing” error is repeated.

    As per the report on 23 November, BOTH formations were encountered. One, the Cadeby formation showed insufficient reservoir development, hence the subsequent program where the sidetrack focused upon the formation that showed good prospects.

    Thus, the operator found both formations AS PLANNED initially, one did not look promising so they concentrated upon the one that did, and now about to evaluate results.

    All looks pretty competent, so far.

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