West Newton-B, East Yorkshire

Residents outside the West Newton B site, 27 May 2021. Photo: Used with the owner’s consent

Last updated 4/4/22

Key facts

Address: West Newton B, Crook Lane Burton Constable East Riding Of Yorkshire

Planning applications: 14/04107/STPLF for construction of a well site, erection of a drilling rig to a maximum of 50m with associated plant, equipment and access track followed by well site restoration. 

Operator: Rathlin Energy

Licence: PEDL183

Status: Drilling underway on West Newton-B1

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West Newton B location Rathlin Energy


17 March 2022

Three more years at West Newton-B. Details

9 March 2022

Planners back another three years. Details

26 January 2022

Comments deadline approaches on three more years at West Newton-B. Details

31 August 2021

Formation damage reported by investors in West Newton B. Details

27 May 2021

Villagers protest against plans at West Newton-B.

24 May 2021

Equipment mobilised for well test. Details

12 May 2021

Rathlin seeks second 18-month road closure around West Newton-B well site. Details

9 April 2021

Evaluation of West Newton-B underway. Details

30 March 2021

West Newton-B evaluation due next month – statement. Details

28 January 2021

New well at West Newton B due to be drilled in second half of 2021. Testing on WNB-1z due in first quarter of 2021. Details

14 December 2020

Rig removed – pictures. Details

10 December 2020

Sidetrack drilling “exceeds expectations with substantial hydrocarbon accumulation” says investor. Details

3 December 2020

Officials give Rathlin Energy extra time for drilling at West Newton. Details

23 November 2020

West Newton secondary target – the Cadeby formation – shows “insufficient reservoir development” – sidetrack drilling begins. Details

4 October 2020

Drilling begins on the main borehole. Details

22 September 2020

Drilling rig delivered. Details

18 August 2020

Conductor rig installed.

17 August 2020

Conductor rig arrives at West Newton B. Details

4 August 2020

Drilling due in next few weeks, say investors. Details

14 July 2020

Campaigners commit to 24/7 monitoring of West Newton B exploration site. Details

22 May 2020

Rathlin Energy seeks connection to the power grid for West Newton B. Details

4 May 2020

Access work begins at West Newton B. Details

27 April 2020

Picture post: West Newton B site work. Details

15 April 2020

Drilling companies confirm work has started at West Newton B. Details

8 April 2020

Images indicate that site work appears underway at West Newton B. Details 

17 March 2020

Rathlin Energy announces it has given notice to East Riding of Yorkshire Council that work at West Newton B is due to start. Details

6 January 2020

Traffic order prohibiting traffic along Pasture Lane, Flinton, and Engine Lane and Crook Lane in Burton Constable because of work at West Newton B. Details

27 November 2019

Union Jack Oil plc raises £5m for two new wells at West Newton B. Details

8 November 2019

Study of ‘ancient village’ needed before work starts on Rathlin’s new exploration site at West Newton B. Details

7 October 2019

Reabold outlines drilling plans at West Newton B in early 2020. Details

6 November 2018

Evidence that work at West Newton B site has stalled. Rathlin Energy tells East Riding of Yorkshire Council:

“Whilst Rathlin continues to believe that West Newton B represents a very good and viable site, after further evaluation, it has determined that the merits of drilling the second well from West Newton A are significant and represent the best option to move the project forward. Link to correspondence and DrillOrDrop reort

6 December 2017

Rathlin Energy tells residents work on the access road is due to be completed by the end of March 2018. CLG minutes, DrillOrDrop report

2 August 2016

Environment Agency issues environmental permit for two exploratory wells at West Newton B. Details

4 June 2015

East Riding of Yorkshire Council grants planning permission for West Newton B. Details Work is limited to 24 months, must not include fracking and must begin within five years from the date of the permission.

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