Wressle proppant squeeze delayed

The controversial proppant squeeze planned by Egdon Resources at its Wressle oil site in Lincolnshire has been delayed by up to four weeks.

Wressle oil site. Photo: Union Jack Oil

In a statement to investors, the company said the delay was caused by a job in Europe overrunning and stricter import and visa rules.

Egdon said its contractor, Schlumberger Oilfield UK Plc, had pushed back the operation by two-four weeks. It said:

“The contractor has provided assurance to Egdon that its amended timeline will be adhered to.”

Egdon’s managing director, Mark Abbott, said:

“Whilst delays are a function of current business dislocations, we do not regard this as a material event in terms of ongoing progress at Wressle. We are confident that operations will soon be underway, and I look forward to updating the market in due course”.

Opponents of oil production at Wressle have campaigned against the proposed proppant squeeze at the site for at least five years.

The operation, described by regulators as a small-scale form of fracking, injects fluid and proppant into the oil formation. The aim is to fracture rocks and improve the flow of oil into the wellbore.

Partners in the Wressle project announced in May 2021 that the proppant squeeze had been approved.

In March 2021, Egdon told local residents there was no firm timescale for the operation. It was expected to take a fortnight to set up the necessary equipment. The proppant squeeze itself would take place on two days, on 1-2 hours on one day and 2 hours the next.

If the proppant squeeze is unsuccessful, Egdon has said it will drill a sidetrack well.

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