Cambo oil field plans paused

Development of the controversial Cambo oil field off Shetland has been paused.

Friends of the Earth Scotland protest against the Cambo field, 7 November 2021.
Photo: Friends of the Earth Scotland

Siccar Point Energy, the firm behind the scheme, said the project was “on hold in the short-term” after Shell withdrew its 30% stake last week.

In a statement, Jonathan Roger, Siccar’s chief executive, said:

“Following Shell’s announcement last week, we are in a position where the Cambo project cannot progress on the originally planned timescale. We are pausing the development while we evaluate next steps. We continue to believe Cambo is a robust project that can play an important part of the UK’s energy security providing homegrown energy supply and reducing carbon intensive imports, while supporting a just transition.”

Environmental campaigners had argued that the Cambo oilfield should not be allowed because of the UK’s legally-binding target of net zero emissions by 2040.

The Stop Cambo campaign said today:

“This is huge news. Now the UK government needs a real plan for a just transition for industry workers and communities and to rule out new oil and gas projects once and for all.”

The influential International Energy Agency reported in May that development of new oil and gas fields must stop this year for the world to reach its net zero goals.

Last month, Scotland’s first minister, Nicola Sturgeon, said Cambo “should not get the green light”.

This morning, Mary Church, head of campaigns at Friends of the Earth Scotland, said:

“This is another nail in the coffin for the Cambo oil field. Climate science is very clear that fossil fuels are driving the crisis and new projects anywhere in the world are a threat to people everywhere.

“The UK Government must officially reject the Cambo proposal once and for all and end licensing for all new oil and gas projects if it wants to play its part in limiting dangerous climate warming.

“Planning for a rapid and just transition to renewable energy cannot wait any longer or continue to be left to the whims of fossil fuel companies and the market.

“People who work in this industry and live in these communities know best what they need from the transition away from fossil fuels and they must be driving this process. Both the UK and Scottish Governments must urgently sit down with impacted workers and communities and ensure that they are at the heart of planning the transition away from fossil fuels to decent green jobs.

“We know that up to three decent green jobs can be created for every oil and gas job, but this won’t happen without government intervention and redirecting fossil fuel subsidies to support the transition.”

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  1. Mozambique project could lift millions out of poverty we are told, sounds just like the greenwash we heard about Nigeria where infact millions now have greater poverty and land deprivation than before. If renewables create three jobs where there is only one in the oil&gas industry this sounds like a better deal.

  2. So activists and protesters, come on solutions? All I hear are protests from young and old entitled individual who would be head if it wasn’t for the progress of hydrocarbons!

    Whether it be from a financial independent energy security, Medical, and everyday element! Switch it off and you might as well turn off UK PLC!

    Energy transition, is just that A TRANSITION! It is not an overnight thing and the sooner the woke society understands this process takes time! Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for transition but imagine going to the grocers for food, and it’s not available!! Not great eh!
    Well that’s what is going to happen if we don’t properly transition, in all good time!!!

  3. It’s already happening, E-G.

    Wheat prices rocketing as it is wasted to water down petrol, and therefore big rises in food prices. And, what does the motorist get? Less miles to the liter, and dearer sandwiches!

    Meanwhile, those in the north have found that electricity has certain limitations when the weather turns, and the diesel generators are needed.


    Back in the real world life goes on…..perhaps Shell are looking at the GOM instead? FOE / aka EOI you need to move to the US.

    “Last month, the US government held the largest-ever auction of oil and gas drilling leases in the Gulf of Mexico’s history, offering up more than 80m acres of the gulf’s seabed for fossil fuel extraction.”

    “The enormous sale, which took place just four days after crucial UN climate talks in Scotland, represented a spectacular about-turn from Joe Biden’s previous promise to halt offshore drilling and was denounced by outraged environmental groups as a “huge carbon bomb”.”

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