Two years of missed government deadlines for Woodsetts and Ellesmere Port shale gas decisions

The government has now missed its own deadline by two years for decisions on shale gas schemes in south Yorkshire and Cheshire.

Aerial photo of the proposed Ineos shale gas site at Woodsetts (brown field on right of picture). Photo: Woodsetts Against Fracking

Ministers promised a target date of 8 April 2020 for rulings on Ineos plans for exploration at Woodsetts near Rotherham and on IGas testing at a well site in Ellesmere Port. Neither scheme was directly affected by the moratorium on fracking.

On the second anniversary of the deadline, the Department of Levelling Up, Housing and Communities was unable to tell DrillOrDrop when the decisions would be made.

In the past two years, the government has announced decisions on 36 other appeals.

Two years ago, on the target date, the then Ministry of Communities, Housing and Local Government said:

“regrettably, the secretary of state will not be in a position to publish a decision on the application today. I realise this will be disappointing news, and apologise for the delay in issuing a final decision on this application.”

A year ago, a department spokesperson said:

“These complex cases remain under consideration – decisions on both will be issued as soon as is practicable.”

Both schemes had been refused permission by local planning committees in 2018. Ineos and IGas appealed against the refusals and the schemes were considered by public inquiries in 2019.

In June 2019, after the end of the inquiries, the then local government secretary, James Brokenshire, announced he would decide, or recover, both appeals.

Since then, the post of secretary of state has changed twice. The current holder is Michael Gove.

Matthew Wilkinson, a campaigner against the Ineos plans at Woodsetts, told DrillOrDrop today he was not surprised that the government had failed to make a decision in a reasonable time. He said:

“Fracking plans, operations, policies and legal challenges have been a nightmare for the government for some time now. Nothing has worked out. Communities still hate it, as they have done since day one. The industry has looked predatory and untrustworthy. Scientists warn against it. Campaigners just seem to get stronger. Legal injunctions used by the industry have been successfully challenged. The frackers have more than tried, and completely failed, to extract shale gas.

After a series of earth tremors caused by fracking at Preston New Road in Lancashire, he said: “I think most people could see that scaling up such a high-risk operation was never going to work”.

He added: “ultimately the science for putting fracking under moratorium has not changed”.

“The frackers should stop lobbying and doing PR campaigns and read the IPCC [Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change] report from last week.”

A year ago, the MPs for Rother Valley, Alexander Stafford, and Ellesmere Port, Justin Madders, called for an end to the uncertainty over the schemes.

Last month, (March 2022), the Ellesmere Port MP, Justin Madders, asked in a parliamentary debate why it was so hard to decide the IGas appeal, now three years after the public inquiry.

The business minister, Greg Hands, replied:

“It is not possible for me at the Dispatch Box to comment on individual decisions as they may be being assessed by the Department.”

In November 2021, the local government minister, Eddie Hughes, told Mr Madders:

“You will understand the appeal is being decided in a complex policy context relating to shale extraction and in respect of climate change.

“While I am unable to give an indication of the timing, I should assure you that we will write to you with the outcome as soon as we are able to do so.”

The delays appear to breach government policy to make planning decisions on shale gas “faster and fairer” for all affected. A written ministerial statement in May 2018 said: “no one benefits from the uncertainty caused by delay”.

After missing the April 2020 deadline, the then Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government refused freedom of information requests to release the recommendations of the inquiry inspectors. (Details here and here)

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  1. Good morning folks, its Sunday 10th April 2022, and it appears that the government dont know what day it is, at least when it comes to enforcing deadlines when:

    “Ministers promised a target date of 8 April 2020 for rulings on Ineos plans for exploration at Woodsetts near Rotherham and on IGas testing at a well site in Ellesmere Port. Neither scheme was directly affected by the moratorium on fracking.

    On the second anniversary of the deadline, the Department of Levelling Up, Housing and Communities was unable to tell DrillOrDrop when the decisions would be made.”

    Perhaps there is some special unwritten and unannounced dispensation for Ineos in particular in these circumstances? Just like the apparent non dom status of many millionaire and billionaire individuals, perhaps there are similar dispensations for corporations whose influence in government is also undeclared?

    As usual this government appears to be operating by its own rules that are not available to the “great unwashed” as some bright spark put it recently. Which actually puts the frame of mind of these strangely dyspeptic types in their true perspective, doesn’t it.

    Since jokes seem to be the popular trend recently. It reminds me of George Carlin, who said some inconvenient truths on stage in the guise of a comedy sketch. In fact I’ll put a link to it here, but i’ll warn you, for a Sunday, the language, though appropriate to the situation then, and even more so today, is somewhat….direct and expletive! So perhaps you might want to look at it later.

    George Carlin – It’s A BIG Club & You Ain’t In It!

    I must admit, that what George Carlin said there, strikes a chord when you look at the recent Richi Sunak spring budget results and what it has done to millions of people, who arent in that Big Club and who are now in real poverty, not just energy poverty, because its not just energy that has become a Big Stick to beat us with. but many other inflationary increases that will.

    There is no doubt about it, this inflationary move will put people out onto the streets and cause protest and
    uproar. And if you thought any of this was by “accident” or “necessity”? Then what do you think that the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill, and the imminent changes to the Human Rights Act to make a new Bill of Rights are all about? More freedoms and rights for the great unwashed? As soon as a government (do you notice the “Gove” in “government” by the way?) puts down limitations to rights in law, and attempts to “reframe” your God given, inalienable rights that you were born with and are yours forever without any definition necessary. Then watch out, because the law is an instrument for manipulation by the same government and the Big Club of the self-styled elitists, and “You ain’t in that Big Club either”.

    Just at this moment, strangely enough, I’m listening to Gregorio Allegris’s “Miserere” on Classic FM. Gregorio Allegris’s “Miserere” was once banned from being publicly available to the “great unwashed” by the Vatican. It was only allowed to be sung to themselves at private concerts. Since it was considered to be too dangerous to the “great unwashed” to hear, as it was too “divine” for their gross unwashed tastes. It was also seen to be a danger of allowing the lower forms of life to become as spiritual as their betters, if only for a brief moment. The thinking being, that you can’t treat people as lower forms of life, if they become as capable of higher thoughts and emotions as their “self-styled betters”. It never changes, does it? Just look at what the main stream media pumps out ad nauseam these days and tell me you are not being dumbed down and marginalised? And that goes just the same for the fossil fuel industry and how you are all treated as ignorant lower forms of life and called “anti” “the great unwashed” “NIMBY” and “Stone agers” by those who consider themselves to be “higher beings” telling the “lower beings” how ignorant and “idiotic” they are. Look at any of the recent posts by them, and that is what you will see.

    Gregorio Allegri: Miserere

    The original lyrics and the english translation are available on the Classic FM website, if you want to look at that, just look at “What are the origins of Allegri’s Miserere, and what do the lyrics mean”

    Well, folks, that’s my “Sunday Sermon” as “one such self-styled superior being and better than all of you” would put it, for the day. Fredly, I consider that the precise, unambiguous and exact opposite for everyone is true. But maybe that is in part, a result of listening to Gregorio Allegris’s “Miserere”?…. Who knows?

    Continued next post.

    • Continued from post above.

      Well, Well, to excuse the pun, I was thinking of what is being done to everyone with these new “budget”!!?? (who for?) inflationary, poverty ridden attempts to make you pay for their mistakes and the deliberate acts of sabotage to democracy.
      And this song by John Lennon came to the fore, as it often does.

      IMAGINE. (Ultimate Mix, 2020) – John Lennon & The Plastic Ono Band (with the Flux Fiddlers) HD

      John Lennon Lyrics
      (from “Imagine: John Lennon” soundtrack)

      Imagine there’s no heaven
      It’s easy if you try
      No hell below us
      Above us only sky
      Imagine all the people
      Living for today… Aha-ah…

      Imagine there’s no countries
      It isn’t hard to do
      Nothing to kill or die for
      And no religion, too
      Imagine all the people
      Living life in peace… You…

      You may say I’m a dreamer
      But I’m not the only one
      I hope someday you’ll join us
      And the world will be as one

      Imagine no possessions
      I wonder if you can
      No need for greed or hunger
      A brotherhood of man
      Imagine all the people
      Sharing all the world… You…

      You may say I’m a dreamer
      But I’m not the only one
      I hope someday you’ll join us
      And the world will live as one

      Have a good, peaceful and relaxing Sunday with family and friends, folks. There is much going on in the world that is devastating, threatening and insane.

      Perhaps our one saving grace, is that there is an antithesis to that insanity. And that is the truth, and the ability to see through the lies and hatreds. Those whose only purpose is to crush anything good in the world to maintain their self-styled paranoid delusional “superiority” over us all by any or all methods. Cobra cults and all. The dirtier it becomes, the more they betray themselves, and the better they like it, by all accounts.

      When in fact the exact, precise and unambiguous opposite is patently true. And that is what it’s all about.

  2. Strange one!

    I recall a certain poster commenting they were apolitical.

    Interesting, but a need to join in does not define knowledge.

    On the other side of the fence, I have spoken with five people in the last few days who will actually be earning more money (net) as a result of the Spring Statement, and are happy bunnies. One or two of them were happy also that the NIC being taken from the better off would support funding for Social Care, and likely to benefit their finances in the future. Fascinating that it is the better off who will be worse off from NIC increase who are the ones “concerned” about the poor being worse off, although they are better off, but they themselves are having to pay more (media and politicians.)

    Maybe the 5 are so happy they have forgotten to blame those who misled them about the low cost renewables? Perhaps they will remember when they start paying the £150B that has just been announced, for new nuclear, that was not even within the small print of the misleading contract? The ultimate current deflection attempt by the antis-not me guv, it was someone else.

    Price drops when supplies are higher than demand. Restrict supply and price rises. Well done-and some have been well and truly done, whilst those who wanted it done are looking to blame someone else.

    However, at last there is an energy strategy. When the media stop trying to conflate with current cost of energy, then the real progress this represents may be realized. It certainly is a big improvement on what there was, or wasn’t, before. How it will be rolled out is yet to be shown, but having a strategy is a good start. A strategy that others were unable or unwilling to produce, will now be rubbished by those who were unwilling or unable.

    On non doms, what a great media there is now in the UK-not. A woman is suddenly no longer an individual but a chattel. And, profits that are earned in another country should be taken off shore of that country, to placate some nasty politicians and reporters, who are the same ones who moan if it is in the other direction, and the same ones who earn money by arguing a woman is not a chattel but an individual! I heard the unedifying questioning by a female journalist yesterday on this subject who then admitted she employed an accountant. Perhaps the listeners were not supposed to be bright enough to understand irony, although it was a listener who thought to ask her.

    But, the sun is shining, Spring is in the air, and there are plenty of happy bunnies, chocolate and others.

  3. For those interested in the reality, take a look at average UK household savings before and during the pandemic. Average household savings increased quite dramatically during the pandemic, and the reasons should not need explaining. Average household expenditure decreased quite dramatically. That imbalance was always going to require rebalancing.

    So, coming out of the pandemic average households are quite well placed, however some households are not average and are not well placed. Those not average households should be helped, and are, those better off households will be asked to repay some of the money they received to give them an increase in their household savings. Tough really, but that is what Chancellors are supposed to do, not have two years where they act like Santa on steroids. Shocking this reality, so better to target the Chancellor than face reality. Another one would be required to do the same as the cheap borrowing is not cheap anymore and daft ideas of killing off golden geese soon runs out of geese.

    Meanwhile, those I know who are above the lower income levels and will pay extra NIC etc. appear to be quite content they will do so, as they are also sitting with higher household savings. Used to be called a Social Contract, but now forgotten. No, I am not in NIC any longer, but my state pension has had one lock temporarily removed so others can be supported. Absolutely fine with me. It was being reported that two thirds of UK households would hold onto their extra pandemic savings, it will probably be less now unless there is readjustment of discretionary spending. Best really they do not hold onto the savings as expenditure will plonk more cash back into the Treasury to be reallocated.

    Currently, it would look as if many are trying to spend but being restricted by supply chain issues from the pandemic. My reason to be cheerful, would be that is likely to ease during the coming months and I suspect that come the budget in the Autumn there will be more taxation revenue than expected, not least as the Golden Geese with their higher tax rates continue to lay their eggs.

  4. And, as expected, Sir Jim has now offered to operate a demonstration fracking site in UK to show how it could be done!

    Oh, how unexpected that was! LOL

    Queue the devil masks dusted off-that spectacle of “accurate information” sought by some, but not by others. Inspection of tax affairs to follow, by those who pay a fraction of UK taxes of the ones they want inspected? And then there is debt, if all else fails to gain any interest.

    And, continuance of the fake dialogue that such would take money away from renewables, even though INEOS have already announced developments towards green hydrogen, which will, of course, be categorized as green washing in a poor attempt to create an argument even when not supported by the facts, with the company manufacturing a product that will require hydrogen, green or other.

    Presumably, if INEOS were given the green light (oops!), they would have to repay some of the money that was recently payed back to them?! And, if they were successful, then profits in UK would be taxed in UK as their head office is in UK, and large voluntary donations to UK good causes may even become larger. Goodness, on that basis they should get support from Labour as well, as they are so keen on UK taxes to help those currently struggling. Even if it means nicking taxes from other countries! (Trumps legacy?)

    I await with interest to see whether any new angles will be followed, but I suspect it will just be more of the same, tired, and largely fake stuff. I also await with interest as to the outline of the local support package. The “bribery” as already indicated, although already operated by the renewable sector, so an existing model to build upon. A bit of a modification to the old adage, but what is sauce for the gander is sauce for the Golden Geese.

    • MARTIN ,

      WOW , so Jim Ratcliffe of INEOS has kindly offered to operate a demonstration Fracking site in the UK, That’s extremely kind of him .

      Although living in the tax haven of Monaco , he certainly won’t be having it done in his back yard .

      In fact Ladies and Gentlemen , if you are wanting to discuss the issue of Fracking with any of this short list of people named in the article that ELI-GOTH has put forward and your wondering were on earth to start looking for them .

      Let JACK help you , I can BE 100% CERTAIN , you won’t find any of them living within the fall out zone of a Fracking area .

      May I suggest you start looking for them in more affluent areas , far, FAR away from any proposed Fracking site.

      It may be that some of these very short list of Fracking supporters may be nieave as to the environmental and health dangers .

      BUT for the ones that do understand the dangers of Fracking on the environment and to communities and still push for it what they are can not be repeated on this website.

      Let’s get this clear Fracking is a toxic dangerous to human and animal health, environmentally damaging, climate changing energy intensive industry that also leaves a costly , toxic legacy for future generations.

      Living in a Fracking area also devalues your home .

      Costly Fracking , won’t bring down energy bills , because any gas produced , as you know, will be sold on the open market to the highest bidder ,

      MARTIN , If you dispute anything I’ve said , please say , I will be delighted to show you the evidence.

      This list of highly knowledgeable people in the British Medical Journal ( BMJ ) certainly DON’T approve Fracking


  5. Hmmmm the wind farms will require subsidies says John Constable! Paid for but the TAXPAYER, After 25 years we the TAXPAYER will require to Decommission these at great Expense and at great Energy!
    Look our people the Government want your cash when; as Boris puts it “We Will Go all out for Wind” 💨

  6. Oh dear Jack.

    Wrong and nonsense facts again. And not only that, but the same ones repeated. I have already disputed all of them, Jack.

    I knew someone just could not resist. It had to be you, jumping in and showing the nonsense that some will try and misuse. Donald would be proud of his protege.

    The Bloomberg is without the £150B as well Jack. Sorry, that cat is already out of the bag. It is not going back in.

    I wonder how much local support/subsidy of energy prices would be required by frackers, to INCREASE the local house prices? Of course, there may also be some who quite like washing dishes, and end up with a high salary, cheap energy and a more valuable house!


      Thank you for your OPINION.

      You have disputed nothing .

      Which is why I will continue to present LINKS to the facts and you will continue to present your OPINIONS backed up with nothing.

    • MARTIN ,


      Are we talking the sort of dough Caudrilla were offering local residents , 1km-1.5km away from their fracking site ????

      Yes I remember MARTIN , in the Blackpool area around that time , it was reported there was a sudden surge in demand for luxury sports cars , Dom Perion champagne and Caviar , you couldn’t get a Truffle for love nor money . The demand on luxury goods was mind blowing.

      Don’t make me laugh,£150 , nothing more than a meal out for the family.

      Were talking homes in Fracking ares being de-valued in the £10s of thousands .


  7. So, no “we” are not, Jack.

    You are, based upon not even knowing what would be offered to locals. So, what do you do? Plonk in some historic unconnected information and can’t even get that correct. Keep it going, Jack. You are fulfilling exactly the definition Sir Jim has applied and doing his job for him.

    It should reduce his PR budget considerably.

    (Looks as if he is no longer interested in purchasing Chelsea FC. Must have been that expensive fuel at that one fuel station in Chelsea that put him off! Or, perhaps he has a record of not spending silly money but spending smart money?)

    • MARTIN ,

      Well ladies and gentlemen there it is , MARTINS OPINION….. He says that I’m wrong about the figure to local residents at the Cuadrilla Fracking site , even though I present him with the evidence.

      Of course he says I’m wrong , but fails to back up what he says with a single shred of evidence…..

      MARTIN , I’ve been on this planet long enough to know , companies are in in for maximum profit , they ain’t running a charity ……

      QUESTION……… If Fracking companies DON’T care about the environment or health of the residents, why should they care about their pockets ????????

      The science is clear , Fracking is a toxic dangerous to human and animal health, environmentally damaging, climate changing energy intensive industry that also leaves a costly , toxic legacy for future generations.

      MARTIN , If you dispute anything I’ve said , please say , I will be delighted to show you the evidence.

      Referring back to the paltry, laughable Cuadrilla payments…… It accurately gives an insight as to what sort of dough people can expect.

  8. Oh dear, Jack.

    No, your payment that morphed into payments is addition, Jack. Payments that then morphed back to “it”. Very sloppy, very contrived and very obvious-and exactly the same tried several times previously and noted as flawed way back then. If you have been on this planet any length of time you have missed a lot of education. But, then, Jack the Lad is defined by many as having done that.

    No, it “accurately” does nothing of the sort. It was payment to cover local inconvenience, not even an attempt to share any resulting income. That may have come later. I believe the proposal now is to reward locals with energy discounts, just like some renewable companies have been doing. You and I have no idea what they might be, ie. no evidence at all-yet.

    And, you can review charitable payments made by INEOS. So, once again just factually wrong.

    So, as usual, all the stuff you plonk out is not only incorrect, but you seem to have very little idea of what is actually being proposed.

    • Oh dear MARTIN ,

      You really are on the ropes today .

      That eye watering , life changing £150 per household , was per well . Now you may try and twist , turn and employ your legendary diversionary tactics, but those are the facts .

      JOKE MONEY = £150 Caudrilla payment to residents……… FACT

      Now ladies and gentlemen , have you noted that MARTIN has become deadly silent on the environmental and health impacts of Fracking.

      I will ask him again .

      The science is clear , Fracking is a toxic dangerous to human and animal health, environmentally damaging, climate changing energy intensive industry that also leaves a costly , toxic legacy for future generations.

      MARTIN , If you dispute anything I’ve said , please say , I will be delighted to show you the evidence.

      WELL , do you dispute what I say ??????

  9. Yes, you are incorrect, Jack. As always and demonstrated by the nonsense regarding Cuadrilla paymentSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. Stating incorrect, is actually being very polite as the real situation has been explained many times and you deliberate ignore. So, when you know the facts but state something else Jack, what is it called? You can Giggle it.

    That is your choice. I have shown the evidence for that, several times on this matter alone. It is up to the Ladies and Gentlemen to decide who they believe when you demonstrate your choice so regularly. I suspect they are also quite capable of checking one fuel station pricing compared to the national average at the time, as it was detailed in the national press, and noting that the huge difference would be due to the retailer not the supplier, as you presented.

    Try kicking the habit, Jack, and then it may be worth debating with you.

    • Oh dear MARTIN ,

      Jack has presented you with the FACTS … You forget, people can actually click on to the LINK and read it for themselves..

      Here it is again


      MARTIN , please be aware , your refusal to acknowledge the FACTS , will probably cause laughter among the readers.

      MARTIN , Again I say you have NEVER shown any evidence….. I m begging you , please show Jack this so called evidence .

      You were wrong about the £2 a litre fuel as the readers who follow Dril lor Drop will clearly be aware .


      The science is clear , Fracking is a toxic dangerous to human and animal health, environmentally damaging, climate changing energy intensive industry that also leaves a costly , toxic legacy for future generations.

      MARTIN , If you dispute anything I’ve said , please say , I will be delighted to show you the evidence.

      WELL, do you disagree with what I say ?????

        • Yes, Jack, all those diesel cars owned by anti frackers polluting around drill sites are an issue. As are the open fires in the camps of the protestors, as are the increase in pollution measured from the presence of the protesters. Then there are those who like to have their photos taken with a fag in their mouths. All documented previously.

          Keep it going though Jack. You are supplying a service that KatT was concerned about-the provision of information. Unfortunately, yours is aimed to excite rather than to provide accuracy and very obvious in that attempt.

          So, your contributions and that of a few others, are clearly demonstrating that many of the comments from the antis are not wishing to supply accurate information or that the authors have just not bothered to become acquainted with the facts. You are saving those interested in exploration a great deal of money as they can fill the vacuum more easily. They will not shut up. Why should they? They obviously have a void to fill. And, you are helping to create that void from living on a planet (somewhere) long enough that you should know better. Makes a mockery of Ruth’s attempts but that doesn’t seem to bother you.

          I am currently looking out over a green field site that is earmarked for housing, Jack. It will happen because houses are wanted, and communities are being required to have more houses built where all the brownfield sites have already been built upon. I could quote links for all the areas you have and the houses will still be built and those who need the houses will be happy bunnies, others may not-and they will not get any support whilst that happens or afterwards. Goodness, there will even be muddy wheels and muddy roads!

          Maybe the proposal of supporting locals with energy costs will make the local bunnies happy? I suspect it will in certain areas. Preaching in a way to those already converted to be unhappy bunnies may fulfill you, Jack, but I would suggest those who want to be happy bunnies will need accurate information to become unhappy. I can see why KatT is concerned, but as I have stated before it is an issue created by the antis and there is no sign there is any interest in dealing with it, even though reaction would suggest he also has a desire for accuracy, and then quotes Monaco Jim! The temptation just appears too great, the authors are just too lazy or just wanting to appeal to the already converted, forgetting and/or deliberate misinforming that they are already a minority not a majority. So much “accurate” information put out there KatT-not.

          • LADIES and GENTLEMEN,

            Please , PLEASE read MARTINS , above, complete and utter nothingness .

            Has MARTIN answered any of Jack’s questions = NO

            Although requested , has MARTIN supplied any evidence to support ANY of his comments = NO

            Does MARTIN’S above comment represent a classic diversionary tactic = 100% YES

            I ask MARTIN to comment on serious issues like how organizations like BREAST CANCER ACTION warn of the dangers of living in close proximity to a Fracking site and he responds by talking about ” muddy wheels on muddy roads ”

            I’m speechless, it’s clear though where MARTINS priorities are …… MARTIN I think your on the wrong forum page mate , you need to be logging on to your local councils, “street cleaning and refuse collection page ” and voicing your concerns there my friend .

            Please let’s get back to debating Fracking

            • Well well, Jack, having skimmed through that Martin Frederick Collyer unsupported and unsubstantiated and fredly isinformation monologue. Perhaps the most relevant course of presenting the truth about fracking. And why the moratorium must be maintained against those who intend to take it down for mere dogmatic fanaticism, greed and profiteering at the entire world and the UK’s environmental health expense. It is to present the Real World information to those who must already be doubting that tirade of intended abuse of the facts and wanting to see what fracking has perpetrated elsewhere, such as the Permian Basin in USA. Because that will show very clearly what will be done here if this insane ecocide attempt is allowed to proceed.

              Here is a set of six short but very succinct and accurate informative illustrations in a very artistic way in the form of illustration that will appeal to the fossil fuel protagonist environmental state of mind. That method clearly shows what could be expected here in the UK. No cobra cults required.

              The Permian Climate Bomb:

              Chapter 1: Introduction

              Chapter 2: America’s LATEST fracking boom will bust the climate & intensify environmental injustice from New Mexico to the Gulf Coast.
              Permian Climate Bomb

              Chapter 3: Flooding Global Markets
              Exports and Environmental Racism from the Permian to the Gulf

              continued below:

              [Link corrected at poster’s request]

        • MARTIN ,

          PROVE it’s nonsense , or should the readers acknowledge that this is YOUR OPINION only ?????

          Let’s debate Fracking dangers , what do you say ?????

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