Wressle oil production gets formal approval

The industry regulator has given the go-ahead for formal production at the Wressle oil site in North Lincolnshire.

Wressle oil site, 2021. Photo: Union Jack Oil

The site, near Scunthorpe, has been under an extended well test phase since 2021.

The operator, Egdon Resources, announced this morning that the North Sea Transition Authority had approved the Wressle field development plan.

This will allow the site to enter its production phase, which will continue until 2039.

Mark Abbott, Egdon’s managing director, said:

“This is a key milestone for the Wressle project as it transitions from an extended well test to production under an approved field development plan.

“Wressle continues to generate high levels of production and revenues. The Wressle-1 well is currently amongst the most productive in the onshore UK and to date has produced over 170,000 barrels of oil.”

Mr Abbott said the company now planned to complete installation of remaining permanent production facilities.

He said Egdon would also seek permissions for a gas monetisation plan at Wressle.

If approved, this would pipe gas, produced alongside oil, about 600m to the local distribution network, rather than burning it in a flare.

The reduction in gas incineration would lift restrictions on the volume of oil production, Egdon has said. The scheme would need planning permission and environmental permit consents.

The Wressle site is currently producing oil from the Ashover Grit formation. But Egdon also plans to seek consent to produce from the Penistone Flags reservoir.

Egdon reported oil began flowing at Wressle on 1 February 2021. In July 2021, the company said a proppant squeeze – a mini-frack operation – had been successful.

Partner companies in the Wressle site had recently reported increases in their revenues from oil extracted during the extended well test.

Earlier this month, Union Jack, which has 40% of the stake in Wressle, said the site’s oil had lifted revenues by more than 1000%. Last month, Europa Oil & Gas, which holds 30%, had the strongest half-year profits for seven years.

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