Wressle, Appleby, North Lincolnshire

Wressle drilling 2014 Egdon

Updated 15/10/2022

Key facts

Address: Lodge Farm, Clapp Gate, Appleby DN15 0DB

2017 planning application for production PA/2017/696

2016 planning application for production: MIN/2016/810 and North Lincolnshire Council decision notice

Planning application for variation of condition to retain well site for further 12 months PA/2017/268

Planning application for exploration: MIN/2013/0281

2019 planning appeal on production APP/Y2003/W/19/3221694

PEDL180 and PEDL181


13 September 2022

Union Jack shares fall on estimates that Wressle could produce an extra 2.4m barrels of potentially recoverable resources. Details

30 May 2022

Wressle oil production gets formal approval. Details

17 May 2022

Wressle oil helps lift Union Jack revenues by 1000%+ in 2021. Details

13 April 2022

Wressle oil boosts Europa’s half-year accounts. Details

April 2022

Field development plan for production submitted to NSTA. Details

19 January 2022

Wressle well production could top 1,500 barrels per day – new estimate. Details

17 December 2021

Egdon gives details of Wressle plans for 2022. Details

21 September 2021

Initial oil production at Wressle well tops 884 bopd, says Egdon. Details

13 September 2021

Wressle well test nets Union Jack $300,000 – company report. Details

24 August 2021

Wressle flow test tops 500 barrels of oil per day. Details

29 July 2021

Wressle small-scale frack successful, says Egdon. Details

29 June 2021

Wressle proppant squeeze delayed. Details

26 May 2021

Consent granted for storage of crude oil. Details

18 May 2021

Proppant squeeze approved for Wressle. Details

19 March 2021

Images reveal new equipment. Details

1 February 2021

Egdon announces start of oil flow at Wressle. Details

12 January 2021

Wressle frack plan still in draft. Details

6 January 2021

Egdon confirms work underway to prepare Wressle for production. Details

4 January 2021

Investors report the arrival of workover rig.

26 November 2020

Union Jack lends £1m for Wressle oil site – workover rig expected in New Year. Details

13 October 2020

Europa Oil & Gas counts on Wressle production as losses widen – company accounts. Details

28 September 2020

Egdon Resources confirms it is planning the Environment Agency describes as “small-scale fracking” instead of acidisation at Wressle. Details

3 August 2020

Egdon Resources confirms that site work begins at Wressle. Details

8 June 2020

Union Jack Oil acquires a further 12.5% interest in Wressle for £500,000 to become biggest player in the oil field. Details

13 May 2020

North Lincolnshire Council pays £403,000 costs over Wressle planning dispute. Details

31 March 2020

Europa cuts costs to fund Wressle oil production. Details

18 March 2020

Wressle production will “break even at $17.62/barrel – operator. Details

17 January 2020

Egdon wins appeal on Wressle oil production and costs against North Lincolnshire Council. Details

4 January 2020

Egdon Resources says in its annual accounts that cash flows have been hit by delays in a decision on oil production at Wressle. The company says it hopes to see oil flowing in six months if the application is approved. Details

1 January 2020

Europa Oil & Gas says in its accounts that its future depends on production in 2020 from the Wressle well in North Lincolnshire. Details

13 December 2019

First possible date for decision on second Wressle public inquiry

7 November 2019

Egdon Resources and campaigners clash over fracture plan for Wressle as inquiry closes. Details

6 November 2019

Day 2 – news updates from public inquiry. Details

5 November 2019

Opening day of Wressle inquiry. Details

29 July 2019

North Lincolnshire Council withdraws its case from second public inquiry to the disappointment of campaigners. Details

25 April 2019

Start for second public inquiry set for 5 November 2019. Details

13 February 2019

Egdon second appeal over refusal of 15-years oil production published on Planning Inspectorate website. APP/Y2003/W/19/3221694

24 January 2019

Egdon Resources wins appeal over refusal of extension of planning permission. Details

28 November 2018

Egdon’s application for 15-years of oil production at Wressle rejected for third time. Details

Egdon says it will appeal against refusal again. Details

22 November 2018

Planners recommend approval of third application for long-term oil production at Wressle. Details

181024 Wressle UWOC
Wressle wellsite, 24 October 2018. Used with the owner’s consent

1 August 2018

North Lincolnshire Council unanimously refuses more time at Wressle oil site. Details and reaction

28 July 2018

Restoration of Wressle oil site not “commercially viable” while new production plans are pending, Egdon tells North Lincolnshire Council. Details

5 July 2018

Egdon Resources says it has submitted new application for oil production. Details Application includes wrong location plan Details

18 April 2018

Egdon accounts reveal £0.85m half-year loss. Details

13 April 2018

Egdon Resources submits new application to extend permission for a year. Details

18 January 2018

Upland terminates farm-in agreement with Europa at Wressle. Details

4 January 2018

Planning inspector dismisses Egdon appeals on Wressle oil production. DrillOrDrop report

15 November 2017

Live updates on Day 6 – DrillOrDrop report

14 November 2017

Live updates on Day 5 – DrillOrDrop report

13 November 2017

Egdon seeks to reassure residents after challenges to Wressle oil production plans. Details

10 November 2017

Live updates on Day 4 – DrillOrDrop report

9 November 2017

Live updates on Day 3 – DrillorDrop report

8 November 2017

Live updates on Day 2 – DrillOrDrop report

7 November 2017

Live updates from Day 1 of public inquiry into appeals by Egdon Resources against the refusal of planning permission for production at the Wressle site near Scunthorpe. The inquiry will be held in offices at North Lincolnshire Council in Scunthorpe and is scheduled to last four days.#

171107 Wressle PI DoD 9
The inspector, Keri Williams, 7 November 2017. Photo: DrillOrDrop

13 July 2017

Egdon says it will appeal against latest refusal of planning permission for Wressle. Details

3 July 2017

Breaking: N Lincolnshire Councillors refuse Wressle oil production for 2nd time. DrillOrDrop report and live updates of the meeting

23 June 2017

Planners at N Lincolnshire Council recommend approval of Egdon’s oil production plans. Details 

19 May 2017

Egdon Resources announces the Environment Agency has issued a variation to the mining waste permit for the Wressle site. Details

15 May 2017

Broughton Town Council agrees to object to planning application and Egdon’s appeal against refusal. Details

3 May 2017

Egdon Resources announces it has submitted a new planning application for oil production at Wressle. Details

11 April 2017

Egdon announces it has begun an appeal against refusal of permission for oil production at Wressle site. Details

21 February 2017

Upland UK and Europa Oil & Gas agree an extension to the deadline for Upland’s 10% farm-in to the Wressle PEDLs 180 and 182. The deadline has been extended from 31 March 2017 to 30 September 2017. Details

22 February 2017

Egdon makes an application PA/2017/268 for variation of condition 24 of MIN/2013/0281 to allow the retention of the well site for a further twelve months. Details

8 February 2017

Egdon to appeal against refusal of planning permission and make a new application for oil production. Details

11 January 2017

North Lincolnshire Council’s planning committee refuses permission by 7 to 3 with one abstention for 15 years of oil production at the site. The committee approves an application for groundwater monitoring boreholes. Live updates from the meeting, breaking news and reaction

3 January 2017

Planners recommend approval of the application on 3 January Details.

25 November 2016

Egdon announces it has raised £2,06m through an open offer of shares – Managing Director, Mark Abbott, says the company is now “well capitalised” and is focussing on consent for the development of the Wressle oil field

24 November 2016

Europa Oil & Gas sells a 10% interest in PEDL180 and 182 which include the Wressle oil field for £1.85m to Upland Resources (UK Onshore) Ltd

1 November 2016

Egdon announces in its accounts for the year ended 31 July 2016 that

“Wressle is expected to impact positively on production and revenues”.

Revenues for the year were down 23.3% to £1.59m but losses were also down, at 40% to £2.60m Details

26 September 2016

Egdon announces estimates by ERC Equipoise Ltd that the Wressle well has a gross mean discovered stock tank oil initially in place of  14.18m across the Ashover Grit, Wingfield Flags and Penistone Flags, of which 2.15m stock tank barrels is classified as discovered Details

31 August 2016

Public consultation on application for oil and gas production closes

28 July 2016

Consultation closes on variation of environmental permit

5 July 2016

North Lincolnshire Council validates Egdon Resources’ application (PA/2016/808) to install four groundwater monitoring boreholes at the existing Wressle 1 well site

30 June 2016

Environment Agency opens consultation on variation of environmental permit (EPR/AB3609XX/V003)

20 June 2016

North Lincolnshire Council validates Egdon Resources’ application (MIN/2016/810) for site retention and oil and gas production for 15 years at the Wressle well

3 June 2016

Application for variation of environmental permit at Wressle-1 well site Details

22 October 2015

Egdon announces it is working towards a field development plan for the Wressle oil and gas discovery Details

4 September 2015

Egdon announces it is suspended operations on the Penistone Flags oil zone. A planned oil injection test to determine reservoir permeability was not carried out because of delays from the Environment Agency in clarifying whether the permit covered the operation. Both oil and gas flowed with no evidence of water, the company says. Details

21 July 2015

Egdon announces its extended well test on the Penistone Flags achieved average rates of 131 barrels of oil per day over three days and gas flows of 182 barrels of oil equivalent per day. Problems with downhole testing equipment meant the Ashover Grit test could not be carried out. Details

18 June 2015

Egdon announces the start of the extended well test at Wressle-1 Details

27 March 2015

Egdon announces it recovered 98.5 barrels of oil from the Penistone Flags zone of the Wressle-1 well Details

3 March 2015

Tests carried out on first set of perforations in the Penistone Flags reservoir, Egdon reports. The test resulted in gas flow rates of 1.7m cubic feet of gas per day, with associated oil of up to 12 barrels of oil per day and no free water. Details

19 February 2015

Test operations completed on Wingfield Flags reservoir, Egdon announces Details

9 February 2015

Egdon announces completion of tests on the Ashover Grit reservoir, resulting in oil production rates equivalent to 80 barrels of oil per day along with 47,000 cubic feet of gas per day Details

4 December 2014

Egdon announces it expects to begin mobilisation for testing at Wressle in the week beginning 5 January 2015 Details

1 December 2014

Environment Agency issues permit variation of waste permit for testing at Wressle-1 well Details and here

6 October 2014

Environment Agency issues radioactive waste permit (HB3295DH) for Wressle-1 wellsite

2 September 2014

Egdon announces the depth of three intervals in the Wressle-1 well: Penistone Flags (19.8m), Wingfield Flags (5.64m) and Ashover Grit (6.1m) Details

23 August 2014

Wressle-1 well reaches depth of 2,240m Details

19 July 2014

Wressle-1 well spudded Details

9 July 2014

Application (EPR/HB3295DH/A001) to Environment Agency for a radioactive substances activity permit for Wressle-1 well site

17 March 2014

Environment Agency issues mining waste permit (AB3609XX/V002) for Wressle-1 well

18 June 2013

North Lincolnshire council grants planning permission for an exploratory borehole to a depth of about 2,300m Decision notice

8 May 2013

Egdon announces a farm-out of an interest in PEDL180 to Union Jack Oil, under which Union Jack will pay 16.66% of the cost of the Wressle-1 exploration well to earn an 8.33% interest in the PEDL and the part of the field which extends into PEDL182 Details

19 March 2013

Egdon submits planning application for temporary wellsite and exploratory borehole (MIN/2013/0281)

10 February 2012

Egdon announces completion of 3d seismic surveys across the Broughton and Wressle prospects to the east and south east of Scunthorpe in north Lincolnshire Details.

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