Start date fixed for second Wressle inquiry

181024 Wressle UWOC

Wressle wellsite, 24 October 2018. Used with the owner’s consent

The public inquiry into plans for long-term oil production at Egdon Resource’s Wressle site near Scunthorpe is to begin on 5 November 2019.

The inquiry will hear the company’s appeal against a refusal of planning permission by North Lincolnshire Council in November 2018.

The hearing is expected to last six days. The venue has yet to be confirmed. The planning inspector, who will chair the inquiry, is Phillip Ware.

This is the second public inquiry into the Egdon production plans at Wressle.

After the first hearing, in November 2017, the planning inspector refused Egdon’s appeal. He said the company had not shown that unacceptable adverse impacts to groundwater and water courses would not arise from the development.

Submitting the most recent application, Egdon said it had addressed these weaknesses or they could be had been dealt with by conditions. Planning officers had recommended approval but councillors voted unanimously against the application. Some said they had heard nothing that made them change their mind.

The company has sought permission for 15-years of oil production, including the possible use of acidisation or proppant squeeze – described by opponents as a form of acid fracking. Egdon also wants to reconfigure the site and extend the area, adding production facilities and a gas engine to generate electricity.

An inquiry timetable, published today by the Planning Inspectorate, said a statement of common ground between the company and the council must be submitted by 10 September 2019. The names of witnesses must be supplied by both sides by 15 October.

The Wressle site was first granted planning permission in March 2013. The well was spudded in July 2014 and tested in 2015.

Since then, there has been no work at the site. North Lincolnshire councillors have refused a total of three applications for long-term production at Wressle, all supported by planning officers, and two for more time to operate the site.

DrillOrDrop timeline and key facts for the Wressle site

Link to appeal webpage

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  1. Why let them drill in the first place if not to pursue the end result. The government sell the licenses for local councils to get in the way and halt progress!

  2. Climate Destruction or No Climate Destruction?

    Take your pick?

    Environmental Destruction or No Environmental Destruction?

    Take your pick?

    ‘List of the Harmed’ makes it very clear what’s at stake if you choose to investigate!

    • This is Tony Juniper – Restoring the Web of Life on UPFSI talking about the very real effects of climate change happening right now and just how much we need to change now to begin the turnaround to a gradual recovery curve, its going to be tough, yes, but we really have no other choice, its the only intelligent way ahead, evolution not devolution.

    • PKR:
      What planet are you on? You do understand economics! How do you think the economy of the UK survives, i can tell you that it doesn’t survive on fresh air. It takes industry to create employment, to sustain peoples wages, to buy homes, security and so on and so worth! Anti Frackers, Environmentalists, the Extrme Rebellion group, Preaching Conservationists, the greens and the Chris Packham’s of this country are crippling the UK for what reason and what gain, personally i believe the bitter socialist agenda and green eyed monster approach, of they have this and why cannot we is the biggest culprit of all!! Money talks. After all this damage the anti’s are causing, then who in their right minds would want to invest in the UK after Brexit! I assure you NOT me…

    • Peter K
      Have you a handy copy of the ‘list of harmed’ in Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire?

      Gainsborough would be key, as it is on the shadow of Cottam Power Station ( coal and gas ) and has a few oil wells in the town ( one next to a school ).

      Failing that we can continue to overcome climate destruction thinking ( or should solar farms be sited on low grade farmland where all the wildlife lives ).

  3. UK oil refinery announces £800m expansion of diesel output, which will replace some of the current large volume of imported diesel.

    UK oil producing UK diesel, instead of importing diesel for antis to fuel their imported 3 litre BMWs. Goodness, all that extra UK tax revenue should be enough to ease another one or two out of fuel poverty.

    Needs some good old yanks investing their money to help mitigate some of the environmental damage caused by certain individuals, adequately described by Adam Boulton on Sky.

    It will happen.

    Only real question is whether costs will be requested and awarded.

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