Consent for importing radioactive waste for disposal at Brockham

Angus Energy has come a step closer to disposing of radioactive liquids at its oil production site at Brockham in Surrey.

Angus Energy’s Brockham oil site near Guildford. Photo: Used with the owner’s consent

The Environment Agency announced last week that it had varied the Brockham permit to allow liquid waste from oil and gas operations to be brought to the site and reinjected in a former well.

The produced or formation water, which sometimes comes to the surface with oil and gas extraction, is expected to contain naturally-occurring radioactive material (NORM).

Angus Energy has said it wanted to bring liquid waste from its oil site at Lidsey in West Sussex and other sites in the Weald Basin.

But the company faces another hurdle before disposal can begin.

Surrey County Council told the EA that the company does not have planning permission to accept produced water for reinjection from other sites.

Companies often seek to inject produced water into old boreholes to avoid expensive water treatment. The process also helps to support the pressure in a hydrocarbon reservoir, improving oil and gas flows.

The EA permit variation said solid and liquid radioactive waste could be stored for up to three months at Brockham.

The liquid must be from oil and gas production, the EA said:

“If the operator receives other liquid radioactive wastes for disposal, they will be committing an offence and we will take enforcement action if this is discovered.”

The maximum activity in the accumulated liquid waste is 30 MBq of Ra-226 and 30 MBq of RA228.

There is no limit to the radioactivity of solid waste.

A public consultation on the permit change received more than 95 responses from groups and members of the public. Seven responses supported the changes. The rest objected or raised concerns.

Many of the objections focused on pollution risks and traffic problems.

In March 2022, the EA allowed Angus Energy to dispose of Brockham’s produced water at the site.

Production resumed at Brockham in June 2022 after a gap of near four years.

The most recent data, for September 2022, showed that Brockham was producing 13 barrels a day (bopd). It ranks 26th in the UK’s onshore oil producers. The leading onshore field, at Wytch Farm, in Dorset, produced more than 11,400bopd.

Link to Environment Agency permit documents

Link to Environment Agency press release

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  1. Waste water is one of the worst consequences of oil and gas extraction. ‘To avoid expensive water treatment!’ Há. I would love to be enlightened about who, where in the UK is prepared and able to treat this kind of waste. Olá Angus, boa noite, what wd your options have been?

  2. Hmm, wonder about all that radioactive waste from new nuclear to cover up for wind when the wind doesn’t blow.

    Need quite a few holes to bury all of that!

    • HI MARTIN ,

      Re- Cuadrillas radioactive wastewater

      You forget to mention the ” 884,000 GALLONS ” of RADIOACTIVE wastewater from. Cuadrillas Fracking site , which was secretly dumbed in to the Manchester Ship Canal after a grubby backroom deal was done between them and United Utilities water company.

      • Ahh, the “secret” that is an open book, Jack!

        Almost as desperate as your agricultural nonsense. Not to worry Jack, there is a nice big hole at PNR available for that radioactive waste from the new nuclear needed to cover up the embarrassment of unreliable renewables. Wonder how much they will be producing over the next few days?

        Meanwhile, taking into account your previous nonsense about USA gas/oil production in “normal” 2020, then here is some up to date news for you, sourced from Refinitiv Eikon:

        “Data showed Britain has imported around 11 bcm of gas from USA in the first 11 months of 2022, up from 4 bcm in 2021.”

        You can also note UK has just done a deal with USA to keep that going, claiming-and here is the funny bit-it will reduce gas prices in UK!! All very strange really, that more UK gas will not reduce prices for UK consumers but more US gas will, especially as most UK energy consumers in the real world are getting £60+ per month at this very moment from UK gas and oil and some have just received £500 on top of that, but nothing from US producers. Back in your fantasy world, Governments cannot do deals with suppliers and there is a single International market!

        Keep warm Jack, and think about the wording for your apology to those who are unable to.

        • MARTIN ,

          WELL my cup is certainly overflowing with that Collywaffle.

          What’s the above ramble about old chap ??

          YOU just keep thinking about that 884,000 GALLONS of Cuadrillas Radioactive Wastewater that was SECRETLY dumbed it to the Manchester Ship Canal after a grubby little backroom deal was done with the water company United Utilities.

          YES , 884,000 GALLONS from one UK Fracking site …. A site for which was only up and running for a blink of an eye …..

          Can you imagine the MILLIONS of GALLONS of toxic waste that would be produced if ever Fracking got underway in the UK

          • Yes, JtheL, and it is too saline and too radioactive to be treated in our industrial waste treatment plants. So, dumping is the solution. Underground, into some estuary or into the sea… It really is astonishing how much gets dumped by offshore oil and gas rigs. Martin, my point was of course that the dinosaurs died out. As you and all of us will tragically die out if we listen to you and your friends.

            • Don’t like to give you the news, Kathryn, but we will all die. I will die no sooner listening to/reading preachers who don’t have a clue what they are on about. I would die sooner if I actually followed their nonsense, and some will this winter. I don’t, so I won’t. My heat pump is working okay but struggling to find as much heat outside to bring inside as I would like, so, my gas boiler is doing a grand job.

              I recall the days before the Internet where there was a saying that “those who can, do, those that can’t teach”, now replaced by the advent of the activists “those that can, do, those that can’t preach”.

              So, here “we” are in UK, with high pressure and people unable to afford to heat their homes. How much is all that money spent on wind turbines and solar doing? Could it be that there are stranded assets all around the UK? Now, I am not a youngster but even pretty young children should know that high pressure and no wind over UK and northern Europe is a feature of many winters. All of a sudden, £200B extra (new nuclear) is required to put some trousers over that little embarrassment. Being added to? Energy bills for the consumer! So, goodbye “cheap” renewables.
              Add some calories to our diets, to keep warm? Nope. Some fool decided to plonk wheat into petrol, so even bread is out of reach. Did that fool not look at world population growth statistics and food requirements? I have, in my previous occupation. It is not a picture where one would logically take agricultural production for such use, not unless one was happy to remove the remaining forests. Maybe just increase yields on existing agricultural land? Ermm, that requires fertilizer, which comes from……..?

              Trouble is on this site, if anyone looks carefully then the preachers are preaching nonsense. You wanted to support Jack. Okay, then look at his nonsense about costly fracking in USA. Ermm, how is it then that their oil and gas prices are so cheap and have been for many years? After all, they are not a charity is the term he/she has used repeatedly, and there is only one world market! How is it that OPEC tried, and spent $billions trying to force the US frackers out of business by discounting, and failed totally? (Whilst they were doing that US fracking developed materially and reduced the world oil and gas price until recently, and now they are helping the world by exporting vast amounts and keeping prices lower than OPEC would like. Jack doesn’t like that, and one would have to ask how many people would need to die to satisfy Jack’s desires.) Meanwhile, JacktheVlad seeks to peddle more of his anti American nonsense that they are doing so well out of arm sales because of Russian invasion of Ukraine! Well, Jack, you may desire they don’t but I prefer that they do as the elimination of the Ukrainian population doesn’t appeal to me.

              Don’t whinge about putting on extra jumpers, Jack. You want the brave new world, you put up/put on what you want. Rather than whinge, how about apologizing to those who have had that thrust upon them?

              • MARTIN ,

                Let JACK help you understand and correct you once again.

                In your above ramble concerning USA fuel prices , you say , quote
                ” Ermm, how is it then that their oil and gas prices are so cheap and have been for many years? ”

                Wrong , WRONG AGAIN old chap.. The USA does NOT enjoy cheap fuel prices because of Fracking.

                It’s totally the OPPOSITE , they are experiencing record HIGH fuel prices.


                I will look forward to receiving your written online appreciation for correcting your mistake .

                • Nonsense again, Jack.

                  Record prices, compared to previous very low prices, but still very low in comparison to elsewhere. Maybe the US prices have risen because they can export so much at much higher prices?

                  You really have no clue what you are on about, do you.

                • MARTIN ,

                  It’s NOT nonsense , I’ve show you the evidence.

                  If you dispute what JACK has shown you , your going to have to come up with more than an ” OPINION ” backed up with sweet nothing.

                  Let’s see your evidence

                  I’m waiting

              • MARTIN ,

                £2.3 BILLION of UK taxpayers money given for military assistance in Ukraine this year .

                £2.3 BILLION committed for next year.

                People DYING in the UK because they can’t get basic medical treatment , because of a cash strapped NHS ..

                Try talking to them MARTIN .

                UK citizens pulling out their own teeth because they can’t find a NHS dentist , what about them ??????

                I know you have shown little regard over the years for UK citizens , by endlessly trying to push a proven TOXIC Fracking industry on them , but MARTIN please , show a little concern .

                As far as the Ukraine people go , wouldn’t the money be better spent FEEDING them , giving them warm clothes actually helping them ??????

                War is financially very good for a few at the top , most of which never have to live or dirty their hands in a war zone . It’s always the ordinary people who suffer .

                Since the start of this war , I’ve heard NOTHING about anyone trying to negotiate a de-escalation of military activities

                What about peace MARTIN ?????? That’s what we should of been talking about from the start .

                Like the saying goes , ” When people stop talking , that’s when wars start ”

                Sadly those who do the talking, are never the ones who do the fighting.

                ONE last thing MARTIN , I’m NOT in any way ANTI AMERICAN, let JACK make that crystal clear..

                I could give YOU a million reasons why I like America , but I’m sure it would just go in one ear and out of the other , like history has shown , so why bother .

                • [Edited by moderator] De-escalation? Russia has been asked from before day 1 to de-escalate, even back to 2014, and given two fingers to the world. Aid for the people of Ukraine? It is happening Jack. But, not from Putin. Guess what UK are supplying amongst other things? Generators, Jack! To keep people alive when the electricity distribution is targeted and smashed.
                  I met a young lady from Ukraine in my GP surgery recently. She was being introduced to the UK NHS service by her host family, as will thousands of others be. Here, in the UK Jack, most will be familiar with such things. You obviously are not. You claim to be a resident of the UK. Are you precluded from contact with UK society? It would appear so, which could be a blessing. Thanks, NHS, for accommodating that extra work.

                  What on earth has UK military aid to Ukraine to do with the NHS? The NHS is receiving record amounts of taxpayer money in the UK. It is not cash strapped. The problem is that there is a huge backlog of delayed treatments caused by the pandemic, an event you seem to ignore yet again. 2020 a “normal” year, to you. With the best will in the world, and huge effort, it takes time to train more doctors and nurses and dentists. That is happening. I would add I have been directed for tests in NHS hospitals recently, and they were conducted almost immediately and no delays whatsoever. I was even offered a choice between two hospitals. I received four letters, all the same, on the same day confirming my appointments, so perhaps there are some efficiencies that could be achieved! My appointments were all on time, or early, and there were no other patients waiting. Two new hospitals being scheduled for my area, once the local consultation has been conducted. Thanks NHS, from my experience you did a grand job for me, but disappointing your efforts will be weaponized by some-but, that is what they do.

                  [Edited by moderator]
                  Yes, Jack, I do allow such nonsense to elude me. You obviously have a need to vent your spleen and attempt to misinform, however you are mistaken if you feel it is taken seriously by myself. As YOU have posted, most others ignore your comments, so just be grateful that someone takes the time to dismantle your nonsense. Information I am interested in, misinformation just needs dismantling, or ignoring. I do feel sorry, though, for antis who do try and make a case based upon some accurate information to have to be associated with such a mass of inaccuracy.

                • MARTIN 🤣

                  [Edited by moderator]
                  Your entitled to your own OPINIONS , but I ” DARE YOU ” to try and explain that view to a family who are desperately waiting for one of their own to get an urgent Cancer Scan , only to find that the waiting list is months long due to underfunding.

                  How much life saving equipment, or CANCER scans could £2.3 BILLION buy ????????

                  Like I’ve said , from day ONE , I’ve not heard ONE person talking about how to de-escalate this conflict , nor have I heard anyone talking about peace .

                  Maybe you as just another ARMCHAIR GENERAL , if you and your children were on the front line of the war , you’d think a little different.

                  What’s the matter with you man , here we are on the cusp of nuclear apocalypse and a climate breakdown and your view is just to continue on , business as usual .


                • MARTIN

                  Your comments regarding 2014 and Ukraine , clearly show you know NOTHING about the roots of this problem…

                  BUT ike the readers are already fully aware of and it’s those who you need to convince . You ONLY ever give an OPINION , you never back up one word you ever say with any evidence.

                  That’s where we differ ,

                • MARTIN

                  Oh yes , of course you met a young lady from Ukraine.

                  EASY TO SAY and something you don’t have to prove , because let’s face you never back up one single thing you say ,

                  If fact , with my recollection , the only people you haven’t said you’ve met is the Pope , Elvis Presley and Neil Armstrong .

                  Now I’m happy to discuss and correct you on Ukraine and Russia all day long old chap , but can we PLEASE get back on to the matter in question , that is the PROVEN dangers of Fracking

                • MARTIN

                  Whilst we are discussing CANCER and the cost of Cancer treatment.

                  Here you are MARTIN , ” PEER REVIEWED ” studies linking Fracking to Cancer


                  Children living near Fracking sites have an increased risk of Leukemia


                  Proximity to fracking sites associated with risk of childhood cancer


                  What are your thoughts ?????

                  The readers are waiting

                • Well, Jack, that was even more of your nonsense.

                  Firstly, since 2014 and very much more since the start of this year, the United Nations, and many more have been trying to get the conflict in Ukraine de-escalated. That is the reality. Are you precluded from being allowed to observe such things, Jack? You haven’t heard anything? Well, that is your issue, Jack. To present it in public, is just silly. You obviously have access to a search engine, so what is your excuse? To continue with such nonsense is your choice, or your instruction. Either way, it is still nonsense.

                  Secondly, there are statistics for the numbers of people from Ukraine being hosted in the UK, and probably the same in other countries. As far as the UK is concerned, many will have direct experience of those people being signed up for the NHS, schools etc., including myself. You obviously find that unusual, but then you appear to be very remote regarding what is reality in the UK, and find many things unusual as a result. Do you really expect our guests will not be integrated into health service, education etc. whilst in the UK? There are millions of people in UK directly involved in the NHS and education, and multiplied many times over by those indirectly involved. You show the normal anti contempt for arithmetic, Jack, but the numbers do not give you any chance in this situation.

                  Thirdly, my visits to the NHS recently were for cancer scans. My appointments followed the fast track system that is in place and working efficiently, in my region. They were all conducted within two weeks of referral. My referral was within one week of first contact and tests with my GP. That was even without the need to use the brand new facilities at the major city hospital where completely new facilities for cancer diagnosis and treatment were built over the last two years, during the pandemic, where my late wife received treatment for oesophageal cancer. The only delay I have experienced is the final report from my tests, but that is the Post Office, not the NHS, who have provided a telephone report pre-empting that issue. The only other slight issue, was the new build of the cancer wing in my local city hospital produced a major parking problem, but that is what happens with expansions at city hospitals.

                  Meanwhile, Jack, you can imply I am not telling the truth-which you have desperately tried and failed with previously-and you can deny what are well known facts to most of the UK population, but that is just more of what you do. Very silly and expecting readers of DoD are not connected to day to day events in UK. Not a huge audience there, Jack. Perhaps if you addressed that issue you would not be whinging about being ignored?

                  Meanwhile, gas at $7 per MMBtu on the Henry Hub compared to $47 per MMBtu on the Dutch TTF are easy facts for people to check. Not opinions, but facts, not lies but facts. Jack, you wish to create a fake narrative. You really need to be more adept at what you attempt otherwise the nonsense is too evident. There is not one single international gas market and there are huge differences between US and European gas prices.

                  You then want to get back to discussing fracking!! Why, Jack? You have just shown your lack of any knowledge on just about anything, and your focus upon distorting reality into fantasy. Why would fracking be any different? It hasn’t been for the years you have been posting, and more recently you have been so keen to show that is your standard approach on every subject you attempt.

                • MARTIN ,

                  ABSOLUTE RUBBISH

                  NOBODY has been trying to de-escalate this conflict , it’s been the total OPPOSITE.

                  Your forgetting , UK citizens have televisions , radios and access to the internet…. They know the truth and you trying to tell them something different is truly laughable 🤣

                  ONLY NOW as EU countries see their economies ground in to the ground and widespread Civil unrest and premature deaths from cold and hunger become a reality , do the leaders now feel they have to act .

                  ONLY NOW are there the whispers of peace.

                  Remember MARTIN , those who are doing the talking are NOT the ones who are suffering ………FAT pay packets and Generous expense accounts , comfortably cover ALL their heating and extra food costs .

                • MARTIN

                  As far as your Cancer Scan goes , in your universe it may work correctly when it comes to urgent FAST TRACK scans , but for everyone else it super slow and hospitals are regular missing targets, due to underfunding.

                  THIS IS THE REALITY MARTIN

                  80 000 patients let down on the FAST TRACK CANCER referral system in ONE MONTH .


                  So don’t you try and say anything different , above is the proof .

                • Still an apologist for Putin then Jack. No de-escalation has been attempted and the UN, EU, church leaders, Turkey and many others have been idle, or perhaps lying! No one in Russia has been calling for de-escalation either, whilst being beaten. Hmm, do you get any “news” that is not manufactured for you, Jack?

                  [Edited by moderator]

                • MARTIN ,

                  Your making all sorts of comments , but when challenged you show ZERO evidence.

                  All you have is an OPINION.

                  Again I say , here in the UK we have televisions, , radios internet and newspapers. People are fully aware as to how the drumbeat for war has endlessly been played.

                  We’ve heard the same drumbeat in Iraq , Libya and Afghanistan all to disastrous human and financial effect.

                  The readers know the truth and it all starts the same way. The carefully manuscripted, drip , drip of one sided views and the careful suppression of alternative information .

                  [Edited by moderator]

                  Like the saying goes ” The first casualty of war is the truth ”

                  War crimes are committed on ” ALL ” sides..

                  De-escalation should of been the number one topic on everyone’s lips right from the start , but it wasn’t .

                  Now MARTIN , back to business , I seem to of missed your response to this .. Will you acknowledge that ONCE AGAIN you are wrong ???????

                  Here is JACKS evidence ,

                  80 000 patients let down on the FAST TRACK CANCER referral system in ONE MONTH .


                  Considering that we have a major problem getting CANCER scans/treatment to patients here in the UK …. Why do you want to expose UK citizens to greater risks of getting it with toxic Fracking ???????

                  Look what Breast Cancer Action have to say about Fracking , don’t you care MARTIN ???????


          • MARTIN ,

            In your above Collywaffle, you made a comment about some , quote ” nonsense ” I had said about the USA Oil/Gas prices………Well MARTIN , you need to be more specific, because JACK and the readers haven’t got a clue what your on about ….. Please don’t forget to provide evidence, a link will do .

            MARTIN , you made reference to the fact we have done deal with the USA to import their COSTLY to produce Fracked Gas .

            When you think that BEFORE the War in Ukraine , the US Fracking industry was nothing more than a huge white elephant , debt ridden , bankrupt industry ……. BUT NOW , since the war started , they’ve started making a few Bucks ……. Of course to make money , they still have to continue with the firm TWO FINGERS approach to environmental, climate, human and animal health concerns..

            The USA , as one of the largest arms manufacturer in the world , this war has also been a boom time for them .

            BUT HEY , whilst those at the top who make the decisions for us all , can put any inflated heating costs on their expenses accounts , the rest of us will just have to put on another jumper .

            It’s a funny old world , but you always have to look at the winners and losers , who is actually going to gain and who is going to have the pain .

            COSTLY UK Fracking will NOT bring down energy costs for UK consumers . Any Gas produced would be sold on the open market to the highest bidder.

            Didn’t you know MARTIN , Fracking companies are NOT charities ???????

            The only thing Fracking would bring to UK citizens is poor health, an increased financial burden on the NHS , rapidly increase global warming , a sharp decrease in the value of homes in Fracking areas and finally it would leave a toxic financial burden for future generations , as they will have to maintain hundreds/ thousands of abandoned wells .

          • AND MARTIN ,

            DO YOU REALLY want JACK , for the 100th time , to ” cut and paste ” my comments on 2020 energy prices ?????

            Please remember , MOST readers on here will know what I said , because you have made JACK copy and paste his comments a 100+ times .

            Are you really wanting to give the readers another laugh at your expense ?????

            AGAIN I ASK , do you really want JACK to ” cut and paste ” his comments once again ??????

            • No need, Jack.

              2020 was “normal”, was your silly position. You can repeat it as many times as you like. It will still be silly, inaccurate, and most readers-in your words-ignore what you post anyway!

              How did you get into such a silly position, Jack? That is the interesting bit. It was because you tried to make out a company who ran into financial difficulties in 2020 was not related to what was specific to 2020, even when in 2022 it was easy to see the same company had recovered, was booming, and was being put forward as one of the prime investment “buys” by the market. Most people around the world will know that many companies had difficulties in 2020 and the reason why. For you Jack, you just appeared to miss the 2020 bit in your “link”, and then afterwards tried to manufacture silly nonsense to cover it up! A trick you have attempted before, so very obvious.

              • MARTIN ,

                Your ” OPINIONS ” as entertaining as they are , sadly are just that, ” OPINIONS ”

                If you are going dispute something I’ve said , your going to need to show some ” evidence ”

                Come on MARTIN, let’s see what you’ve got , a ” LINK ” will do ……… Or are the readers to accept that what your saying is just more of your famous , diversionary collywaffle , backed up withthe usual sweet nothing ???????

  3. Ahh, Kathryn, if those dinosaurs had exploited fossil fuel as a nice reliable, consistent, energy source they would not have died out and become fossils, would they! It was the withdrawal of heat that caused their demise. Hardly a good example to present to the UK just as temperatures are set to plummet. Wonder how many people will die in the UK this winter from the cold, Kathryn? Ready to say “hi” to high pressure?

    Ready for the coming Ice Age, are “we”?

    Even before that, when the ice brings down the power cables this winter what type of fuel will be needed to get to them and put them back up? What type of fuel will feed the generators until that is done? Can but hope there is some available locally to cut down on transport emissions.

      • Which did what, CJR?

        Not surprised that consequences are not within thinking. That is the sort of thing that leads to failure, that you allude to. Nice of you to admit the failure. Now for an apology?

  4. I am happy to have a mini nuclar reactor nr windfrith to replace the now defunct WINFRITH nuclear reactor in dorset . Also i support fracking and conventional gas/oil near me and offshore here in dorset instead of meaningless windfarms where turbines have to be replaced every 15yrs and dont produce wind when too much or too little wind


    • Bruce and Martin, typical Tory views, at least typical views of the right hand rump of the Tories. This whole fracking divide lies mainly either side of that political fault line. Nice, humane middle and left are against, rump right for. Martin underlines this with all his right rump views on all kinds of other off-piste subjects. Waste of human breath to reply further.

      • Katheryn How do you know that Bruce and Martin espouse Tory views? I do not see that there is a fracking divide along party lines. The red wall of pro brexit, pro coal, pro gas, bemused by fracking, worried about immigration and not so happy about a lot of things voted blue in the last election. This red or dead group seemed to have abandoned labour and voted in the tories. Or is there a not nice, not humane and left rump who balance out the right – or maybe hold the same views?

      • Kathryn, you demean yourself by suggesting my views on oil and gas have any connection whatsoever with politics. You are simply wrong, and maybe it would be wise for you not to demonstrate that if you wish to be taken seriously. Labelling others without any knowledge of them is extremely childish, and usually wrong. My views are different to yours. You have every right to hold different views to me, and vice versa.

        I have commented on DoD, and it is my view still, that UK energy policy has been a mess for decades as vested interests have directed decisions by politicians, of all parties. Those vested interests to you would be fossil fuel companies, simply because that fits your agenda, but they are not alone. They lobby, and so do many others-including DoD. That is life. Nothing to do with politics and your whole argument on that is non sensical-the Tories introduced the UK fracking moratorium! Twice!

        I really am a nice sort of guy! So nice, I am not for my fellows to be dying from the cold this winter. So nice, I would prefer that UK can do away with coal fired power stations, and not have to resort to them when the wind doesn’t blow and the sun doesn’t shine-well, until the current trials with CCS for coal fired power stations complete successfully. I am nice enough to help three of my loved ones with their energy bills every month, but I would prefer I did not need to and could offer them help to do something a bit more joyful in their lives.

  5. Tell you what, Paula C, my hole would be a lot smaller than yours to take all that waste from new nuclear, that is required to support unreliable renewables! I have yet to hear about the new clothes the emperor has suddenly acquired that cover up that little problem. Hey ho, what’s new? I have yet to hear of any solution to recovering Fuel Duty once electric is rolled out. Road tolls? What is the cost of that infrastructure? Vehicle charging by miles driven? Try getting that Big Brother attempt past the civil liberties lot.

    Wonder why such information is so lacking, when decisions have already been made? Could it be there are issues around these matters? Could it be thought that Group Think will overcome them? Well, certainly not for all those who bought diesel on Government advice and now find themselves precluded from large chunks of the UK and paying over 25p more for diesel than petrol.

  6. The problem with carbon capture and storage has been that it has taken until disaster has struck (ie now) for such things as Earthshot competition to focus people’s minds. The issue of disposal of radioactivity came up when the Infrastructure Act was brought in which many anti fracking citizens protested again. Radioactive waste would need to be solved in a rational national way such as in Finland; Kathryn is right that the polluter should pay. Strangely we used to import nuclear waste from overseas to Sellafield for processing. We do have knowhow, but we live in a small, very populated country. Our country has a political system that encourages very short term decisions. Hence the failure to work out how to ensure we have got clean and non climate damaging energy and a sufficient supply of it. I dont suppose the people of Brockham can see the above plan for disposal as anything more than undemocratic.

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