Common Road, Harthill, Rotherham

INEOS Harthill location

Source: INEOS screening request

Key facts

Address: Land next to Common Road, near Harthill, Rotherham

Planning applicationRB2017/0805 and DrillOrDrop review of the proposals

Screening request submitted to Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council. INEOS screening report on Harthill, Rotherham

Operator: INEOS Shale



21 July 2017

Deadline for comments

13 June 2017

Public consultation begins. Key details on the application

30 May 2017

Application received by Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council

25 May 2017

INEOS applies for a standard rules environmental permit for the site. Details

18 May 2017

Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council announces INEOS Shale’s plans for a vertical coring well at Harthill do not need an Environmental Impact Assessment Details and Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council screening opinion

10 March 2017

Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council announces INEOS has made an Environmental Impact Assessment screening request for a 2,800m shale gas well on a 1.2ha site at Common Road, Harthill. Details and INEOS screening request