CPS “no comment” on fracking protest acquittals

The Crown Prosecution Service refused to comment on the acquittal of the first people arrested at the Balcombe anti-fracking protest last summer.  Yesterday, a group of 11 environmental campaigners were found not guilty after a three-day trial of obstructing the highway outside Cuadrilla’s oil exploration site,  (See below for links to reports from Brighton Magistrates Court.)

When asked to comment on the result, Cheryl Pendry, Area Communications Manager for the CPS South East Area, said: “All cases are kept under review during the prosecution process. As there are still live cases on this issue, we cannot comment further on this particular case.”

Ms Pendry was not able to give details of the cost of the trial.

Reports from the trial


Evidence from Day 3

Evidence from Day 2 – afternoon

Evidence from Day 2 – morning

Evidence from Day 1 – afternoon

Evidence from Day 1 – morning

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