Breaking: council votes against Third Energy Yorkshire fracking plan

KM8 meeting Gazette and Herald tweet

Tweet before the meeting by the local paper, the Gazette and Herald

In the past few minutes, councillors in Ryedale have voted against plans to frack near the village of Kirby Misperton.

The district council ‘s planning committee recommended refusal of the scheme by Third Energy to frack its existing KM8 well.

The vote was seven for, one abstention and two against – though it is thought these were the result of pushing the wrong  voting button.

This was a key test for the plan. The final decision will be made by North Yorkshire County Council, possibly next month.

Frack Free Ryedale said:

“This is absolutely fantastic news.

“It is more than we could have hoped for. It sends a clear message to North Yorkshire County Council that it needs to listen to local people”.

In a statement, Third Energy, said:

“Third Energy will review the Ryedale District Council Planning Committee proceedings to understand on what planning grounds it has reached this conclusion.”

“It is important to remember that Ryedale District Council is only one of many statutory consultees on this application, whose views will be taken into account by North Yorkshire County Council.”

More reaction coming soon.

The meeting in Malton was greeted by a demonstration of opponents to the plans and the council chamber was packed with members of the public.

Councillors ignored the advice of officers who had said there were no grounds to object to the application because of noise. They had also said impacts on traffic, air quality and water could be controlled by “strict compliance with stringent conditions”.

But in a report to the planning committee, the council’s Environmental Health Officer said Third Energy must agree to a set of conditions or the application would be considered unacceptable.

One of the conditions would be to prevent fracking on Sundays and bank holidays. The Environmental Health Officer also said the predicted noise level  of 70 decibels for eight weeks during fracking and site preparation would be “very disturbing” and should be reduced.

The report also said traffic serving the KM8 site would increase traffic on a section of a proposed cycle route by 259%. The council’s Economy and Community Manager had said any increase in traffic would have “a detrimental effect upon the rural character and therefore attractiveness of the [cycle] route – particularly to less confident cyclists, including younger families”.

This report is part of DrillOrDrop’s Rig Watch project. Rig Watch receives funding from the Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust. More details here



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  1. Smart people! The massive amount of waste water produced by fracking has created quite a problem here in Oklahoma. Their preferred method of disposal by shooting back into the earth under high pressure has triggered thousands of earthquakes and has reactivated inactive faults.

  2. As to councillors objections, I would add, the rural area KM8 is sited within, lies in one of the most scenic parts of Ryedale. How anyone can think of industrialising it, is beyond belief when already two mining sites operate within the area against the wishes of people living nearby.

    Howardian Hills borders the site, and you do wonder how farmers they foster and spa waters they sell would survive this polluting onslaught on their lavender, farming and mineral produce. Many people would turn away from anything grown within an area known to be exposed to frack fluid migration, and tourists with a need to take care of those with breathing issues would take their custom elsewhere.

    • How much 226 Ra is in the spa waters they foster and sell? See post on NORM content of mineral waters in UK.

    • Considering that the issuing of a PEDL is subject to the licensee “working the licenced area” what “work” do you suppose Ineos, Cuadrilla and Third Energy are proposing to carry out in the 34 new PEDL areas in the Ryedale area which have been issued to them? If you are not sure there is a clue in the title of the licence.

    • There is every intention to frack on an industrial scale in Ryedale: “Mr Crotty shrugged off fears that low oil and gas prices could stymie the nascent industry, insisting Ineos – which now has the biggest shale exploration acreage of any UK player – could use its might to get fracking “on an industrial scale”.” Daily Telegraph 30 Jan 2016.

      • Rob L, you obviously need to find out more. The plans would involve a 3 hectare area being used to drill up to 40 wells. That would take a long time, but only a few drill pads would be needed. There are 8 drill pads in Kirby Misperton already, and no one knows where they are for instance.
        There is no evidence that the area would be industrialised, and Frack Free Rydale withdrew their advertising after making this claim, when I complained about it to the Advertising Standards Authority

      • Just quoting Ineos, who have most of the PEDL licences in this area and presumably know best what their intentions are. The Third Energy Kirby Misperton KM8 is the just the beginning.

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