Protest update: 20-26 February 2017


Preston New Road, Lancashire, 20 February 2017. Photo: Ami Roberts

In this week’s post:

  • Eight-person lock-on protest outside Cuadrilla’s Preston New Road site in Lancashire
  • Protests against companies supplying or servicing Preston New Road
  • Campaigners record equipment at Third Energy’s Pickering site in North Yorkshire
  • Demonstration outside Barclays at Hebden Bridge

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Preston New Road, Little Plumpton, Lancashire

20 February 2017


Preston New Road, Lancashire, 20 February 2017. Photo: Ami Roberts

Eight people locked themselves together in a protest outside Cuadrilla’s Preston New Road shale gas site at about 7.30am this morning.

At 12 noon, a spokesperson for Lancashire Police said:

“We are dealing with a number of protestors who have chained themselves together and to some fencing, blocking the entrance to the Preston New Road Cuadrilla site.

“We are currently facilitating their right to peacefully protest and are negotiating with them to try and get the group to move on safely and minimise any further disruption.”

Above pictures used with the permission of the photographer


Protester removal team at Preston New Road, 20 February 2017. Photo: Miranda Cox

Police closed Preston New Road to traffic for more than an hour. The protest ended after 4pm. Reports said it lasted 9 hours and 55 minutes.

Police later confirmed that six people had been charged with breaching section 14 of the Public Order Act and would appear at Blackpool Magistrates Court on 22 March 2017. Two other men were bailed to appear in court on 8 March 2017.

21 February 2017


Toys left by anti-fracking protesters in the hedge opposite Preston New Road. Photo montage: Cheryl Atkinson

23 February 2017


Preston New Road during Storm Doris, 23 February 2017. Photo: Cheryl Atkinson

D Morgan, haulage company, Ellesmere Port

20 February 2017

Anti-fracking campaigners from Cheshire protested about what they said was D Morgan’s involvement in deliveries or operations at the Preston New Road fracking site in Lancashire.


Morgans, Ellesmere Port, 20 February 2017. Photo: Used with the permission of the photographer


Morgans, Ellesmere Port, 20 February 2017. Photo: Used with the permission of the photographer

Photo of article in the Chester Standard

CRH plant hire, Ashton-in Makerfield, Wigan

21 February 2017

Protest by campaigners against what they said was the involvement of the company in operations at Cuadrilla’s Preston New Road site near Blackpool


CRH plant hire, Wigan, 21 February 2017. Photo: Used with the permission of the photographer

Campaigners reported the protest had been successful, citing the email below:


Fox Brothers , Poulton le Fylde, Lancashire

23 February 2017

Protest by campaigners against what they said was the involvement of the company in operations at Cuadrilla’s Preston New Road site near Blackpool


Fox Brothers, Pouton-le-Fylde, Lancashire, 23 February 2017. Photo: Cheryl Atkinson


Fox Brothers, Poulton-Le-Fylde, Lancashire, 23 February 2017. Photo: Cheryl Atkinson

Pickering-1 wellsite, Pickering Showground, North Yorkshire

22-23 February 2017

Campaigners photographed equipment arriving at Third Energy’s Pickering-1 wellsite. The company announced on 21 February that it was preparing for a short workover programme to convert the gas production well into a production and re-injection well. Statement on Third Energy website Photos by Eddie Thornton.


Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire

22 February 2017

Protest at Barclays ownership of Third Energy Holdings Ltd, the parent company of Third Energy UK Gas Ltd, which has permission to frack at Kirby Misperton, North Yorkshire.


Barclays Bank, Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire, 22 February 2017. Photo: Ralph Nimmann


13-19 February 2017

6-12 February 2017

30 January-5 February 2017

23-29 January 2017

16-22 January 2017

7-13 January 2017

1-6 January 2017

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  1. What’s with all this pussy footing around by the police? These anarchists have clearly not complied with the agreement put in place to allow peaceful protesting. Round them up and give them asbos. These people don’t have any respect for rules or laws and need a firm hand to put them back in line. Reminds me of the riots in London a few years ago.
    Could you imagine our side acted in the same way?
    By the way I’ve no issue with a genuine Mrs Bloggs that is concerned about her house price plummeting but the rest are the stereotype to be found at any protest they manage to find.

    • Excuse me???? What agreement????? Do you mean the agreements in parliament which define law and police ability to act? Your side? Are you talking about Cuadrilla’s thugs who in January assaulted protesters? Are you talking about the guy who revved his car at Moore’s and drove into protesters? Or do you mean the AEYates guy who ran into not only one protectors but a Cuadrilla security guard? Maybe the guy who tried driving into the site from the wrong direction and caused a road accident? If so, yes I do imagine how I would react to your side breaking the law. Don’t come so high and mighty.

      • Give me a break. We treat you like little snowflakes and you still throw your toys out of the pram. Do you honestly think you’re going to stop fracking ?
        We are putting up with you for entertainment value only.

        • ‘Do you honestly think you’re going to stop fracking ? We are putting up with you for entertainment value only’

          Actually the facts are quite the opposite.

          First applications submitted in 2010.

          Hello 2017.

          Any fracked UK shale gas about?

          What you are actually witnessing is an Industry sucking speculators dry and then disappearing.

          • JP. I agree the industry can sustain these protesters and many inventors have withdraw their investment or lost money because these protesters. So they have achieved their aim the protesters.

          • What’s wrong John did you lose some money? Why are you bothered about other peoples investments?
            As far as I see 2017 it’s the start of the exploration phase. You cannot deny action is now happening albeit small scale to gauge viability.
            Your band of brothers is a mere hindrance.
            Just waiting for some criminal damage to happen as the anti frackers are going to become extremely frustrated when you realise you can’t stop the wells being drilled.

        • YES,
          People power worked well at the IGAS test site at Barton Moss.

          With protests from local people on a daily basis, their testing of this site overshot by more than a month .
          At a cost, it was said, to be £25,000 per day.

          ” We are putting up with you for entertainment value, only. “

          • Lol iGas is a minnow. You’re up against a different kettle of fish now. I’d suggest get a hobby as you’re wasting your time if you think protests by a few people are going to stop this industry from exploration.

            • We will see, the people of the UK have made up their minds on this industry.
              They are not frightened or intimidated by words.

  2. These [Edited by moderator] can’t get attention in normal society so they form a subculture and rebel against the government to creat attention for themselves. If they want to achieve their real goal in life they should work toward a solution not creating a problem. Their delay can only prolong they inconvenience for local and cost police resources.

  3. Don’t quote facts John. You and they do not mix.

    “An industry sucking speculators dry”???

    It’s a message your side keep trying, but please explain reference Cuadrilla, Ineos, Barclays??? Suspect you have huge investments in all three??

    Whilst such “facts” are rehashed as fake news, there is nothing to worry the fracking concerns.

    • Martin

      4 years ago Cuadrilla part owner AJ Lucas’s shares were worth Au$1.68. For the last 2 years they have languished below 50c. Today they sit at 37c.

      3 years ago iGas shares were worth £1.48. Today they sit at 8p.

      If I had invested £1,000 in each company my investment of £2,000 would now be worth just under £275.

      Those are indisputable facts Martin – not fake news. An 85% loss would seem to me to justify the suggestion that this is “An industry sucking speculators dry” – how else would you describe that stellar performance for its investors?

      • Hobson you clearly aren’t pro risk so don’t preach what you don’t understand.
        Love how you think you’re going to stop the fracking firms by making them go bust. Plenty more cash in the pot I can assure you.

        • A bit condescending for an anonymous person aren’t you 😂

          Which of the facts about the stock prices above haven’t I understood properly?

      • Refracktion Lucas share price has nothing to do with Cuadrilla activities, Lucas are purely a major investor who after the 15th March will benefit from their involvement.

        If you’re suggesting otherwise then why don’t you highlight the “fact” that following the SoS decision relating to PrestonNew Road, if you had of bought some ajl shares, perhaps you did, then you’re return is almost 100% in just a few months.

        Impressive by anyone’s standard, and refracktion it isn’t too late for you to jump on the wagon

        • Michael – that’s not what they say on the Hot Copper site is it? They are all banking on Cuadrilla managing to drag them out of the merde. You know that you post there!

          If I had bought £1000 of AJL shares the day before the SoS decision and sold them today I would have lost 37% of my cash.

          Impressive MichaelGD ?

          But I’ll indulge you – give me two dates on which I could have bought AJL stock since the SoS decision and then sold it to almost double my money.

          Given that the lowest price post SoS before this week was 36c and the highest 48c I think you might find that just a bit challenging.

  4. The point that TW, GottaBKidding (why are they all scared to give a genuine identity?) and the other 3 or 4 [edited by moderator] seem to be incapable of understanding is this: We Said No. Not just once but over and over again. Yet even when an independent Planning Inspector, having heard 6 weeks of evidence and visited the proposed sites, agrees with residents, Parish, Borough and County Councils and says no, fracking at one of the proposed sites poses an unacceptably high probability of danger to the public, the Secretary of State, who has never so much as visited Lancashire, says that he is far wiser and better informed than all the rest of the authorities put together and that he believes that if Cuadrilla write him a nice letter he is “Minded” to grant planning permission. So, every democratic avenue has been exhausted – and every stage of the democratic process found that fracking at one of the sites should not be countenanced, yet the Secretary of State still does all in his power to subvert the planning process and blatantly refuses to accept the democratic process at every level, what does he expect to happen? We elect politicians to represent our wishes, not to say that people don’t count and that business interests are the only things that should shape their judgement. When they take that view they should be prepared for the people to say “No, we won’t accept you treating us this way.”

    • Jules….err have you seen your lot?
      Exploration is coming whether you like it or not. You’re one of these people that thinks MPs should put their constituents vote above the country’s. How wrong are you!

      • And there ladies and gentlemen we see the true colours of those who support this vile industry. It doesn’t matter that people’s lives are put at risk by allowing industrial traffic onto country lanes that are totally unsuitable for plant machinery. This incidentally is also the finding of the Planning Inspector who appreciated that allowing the volume of traffic inevitably associated with this type of development to trundle past schools situated on roads with no pavements and along routes commonly used by cyclists, horse riders, joggers, athletic clubs and hiking groups would be an accident waiting to happen. As the anonymous Gotta says though, we must have progress and what are the lives of a few school kids against profit? (S)he then goes on to say that the interests of ‘The Country’ should always count above those of constituents. What the hell does (s)he think ‘The Country’ is? Any ‘country’ is made up of and defined by its people – those same ‘Constituents.’ Any land without people is called a piece of rock. Evidently then GottaBKidding’s careful analysis concludes that we vote for our elected representatives so that they should ignore those who vote for them in favour of that lump of rock. Presumably he is therefore in favour of a rhodedendrum for prime minister and believes Mrs. Goggins should be imprisoned for her dangerous and seditious views.

        • You certainly win the prize for the biggest liberal elitist on here so well done. I won’t even begin to argue with you as I don’t own a pair of rose tinted glasses.
          You keep protesting and I will keep on striving fwd and we shall see who wins this battle shall we 🙂

  5. The public opposition to fracking has so far delayed fracking, has put the industry under huge scrutiny, raised the media profile of fracking and galvanised considerable opposition. I would say that is very successful for grass roots organisations.
    The Labour Party and the Liberal Democrats want to ban fracking and there is a morotorium in place in Scotland, Wales and N. Ireland. Would these changes have happened without public opposition? I doubt that very much. Not with a pro fracking government in power. The public have pushed fracking and climate change up the political agenda – and rightly so. When Cuadrilla fracked in Lancashire, few had heard of fracking in the U.K.
    That is certainly not the case now.

    • Sorry the who? Oh yeah I forgot we had a liberal and labour party. Both basket cases at present and won’t cause us any issues for the forseeable future.
      Btw May is a leftie conservative so count yourself lucky.

  6. AJLucas are NOT Cuadrilla. If I was minded to invest in fracking why would I invest in AJLucas, or Barclays? No, it would not happen.

    Igas are a pretty small fish these days, having parted with much of their acreage, so again, if I wanted to invest would I do so in Igas? (I have done in the past, and made a modest return) but would not see them as a major player, and certainly not likely to suck many speculators dry. In fact, the activities of you and your friends does more to help speculators make money out of such companies, as they bet on whether planning permission will be granted or not. You just have to look at trading activity patterns to see that-and it is an important reason why such decisions will have to be taken away from localism because it offers serious opportunities for manipulation.

    Refracktion-you simply continue to shoot yourself in both feet. You talk about the current share price for AJLucas and Igas compared to what it was and suggest this would “suck speculators dry”. It would do the opposite, it would warn them off, unless they wanted a gamble.

    I have suggested to you before, it will be the bigger fish you will have to worry about, who have investment possibilities into the UK economy that will concentrate minds, especially during the Brexit period. I suspect one or two of the “advanced guard” will make a return out of fracking, but they are not the main players. Keep referring to them as “Big Oil”, or “Big Business”, or people who have different views to you as “speculators”, as that is what sells your story but they are not facts, they are fake news. I am sure they could raise a few quid on a poster.

    • ‘it will be the bigger fish you will have to worry about’

      Some Fracking Fish Facts

      This is what small fry Statoil (world’s eleventh largest oil and gas company) said recently about UK shale

      “We had a look at the UK sometime back as part of a global survey with tiddlers Chesapeake,( one of the largest shale gas and oil producers in the US) but we decided against going into the UK”.

      “We believed we were operating in a more prolific basin in US than what the UK could offer. But I think it was primarily it was what we call the above ground risk, not so much government policy but it’s a fairly densely populated country this and there have been obstacles, if you will, to our activities in the Marcellus field in the US as well and we thought they may be even tougher to overcome here.”

      You must be referring to even bigger fish who think that Statoil and Chesapeake have no idea what they are talking about.

      • You’ve posted this before. Total (4th biggest oil company) are interested. No one is packing up cause what Statoil said.

  7. Jules-you are not making much of a point against fracking, but against development. I walk past a solar farm under construction EVERY day, and guess what? Exactly the same danger and inconvenience is produced. And on my return leg of the dogs walk, I pass by the next new housing development (all with gas boilers), and guess what-yes, you have guessed it! (More accidents in and around building sites and farms than any other activity.)

    And talking about school kids, the first housing development of 70 houses nearing completion-guess where?? It was the school playing field.

    And, the schools in my parish are all full, so will we see these houses occupied by childless couples?? Local plans for the schools to be expanded? Err, no.

    This is what local planning does also. It is certainly not an assured recipe for better decisions.

    • It’s no use Martin they only see what they want to see.
      The arguments are a bit of fun and games but now we have a start date for their inevitable demise…..the 15th March.

  8. Cuadrilla are not the government. Most of us have jobs. We’re pro-democracy. Onshore shale gas is expensive, and in a world awash with cheap hydrocarbons, not cost effective when compared to the amount of pollution and waste. Conventional gas is far better. People would rather pay a bit more for conventional offshore gas than see 51% of England’s grade 1 farmland and the near £4 billion per annum tourism industry damaged and continued North Sea redundancies. Ikea creates more local jobs (3.8k). Shale gas development won’t noticeably add to our GDP, employment or trade.

    • Lol ok all mighty one. The minority lecturing the majority once again. This is Momentum all over again.
      You’re losing the battle every single day and about to take a heavy hit courtesy of the HC. But being pro democratic you will of course respect the decision and go away once you’ve lost right?

      • GBK – you mustn’t let your silly alt-right politics blind you to reality! You are NOT a majority – just look at every poll that comes out. Your support (such as it ever was) is melting like snow when a dog pees on it. get used to it 🙂

    • Peeny’s compatriots as well. He’s not wrong in that maybe? As to Scandinavians we’ve all seen how bad things are in Sweden these days 😉

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