Protest update: 27 February-5 March 2017


Preston New Road, Lancashire, 1 March 2017. Photo: Ros Wills

In this week’s post:

  • Injuries to protesters at Preston New Road include two local councillors
  • Rachael Maskell, MP for York Central, visits Kirby Misperton Protection Camp
  • Opponents record installation of workover rig at Third Energy’s Pickering site in North Yorkshire

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Preston New Road, Little Plumpton, Lancashire

27 February 2017


Outside Cuadrilla’s Preston New Road site, Little Plumpton, 27 February 2017. Photo: Richard Marshall

27 February 2017

Fylde Borough Councillor, Roger Lloyd, was knocked to the floor outside the Preston New Road.


Outside Cuadrilla’s Preston New Road site, 27 February 2017. Photo: Still from video by Danny Nicholson

Video of the incident


1 March 2017

Two people, including Kirkham Town Councillor, Miranda Cox, were injured and needed treatment. Three people were arrested. All photos by Pete Yankowski



2 March 2017


Preston New Road, 2 March 2017. Photo: Ros Wills


Preston New Road, 2 March 2017. Photo: Ros Wills

Kirby Misperton protection camp, North Yorkshire

Rachael Maskell, Labour MP for York Central, visited the camp and spoke to campaigners on Saturday 4 March 2017.


Rachael Maskell MP (right) with campaigners at the Kirby Misperton protection camp, 4 March 2017. Photo: Leigh Coghill

Third Energy’s Pickering wellsite, North Yorkshire

27 February 2017


Outside Third Energy’s Pickering well site, North Yorkshire, 27 February 2017. Photo: Eddie Thornton

28 February 2017

Video from KMTV


20-26 February 2017

13-19 February 2017

6-12 February 2017

30 January-5 February 2017

23-29 January 2017

16-22 January 2017

7-13 January 2017

1-6 January 2017

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  1. Get a real job, you mobs. You are wasting your time and others. If you want to protest vote for party that can win the election.

    • TW – correct – the recent Copeland by-election confirms how many in that area are anti fracking and anti nuclear.

      • Paul – tut tut – you know you’ll get Michael and Ken all upset if you start to pretend fracking is a local issue in Cumbria 😉

  2. Is that the only thing you can say, get a job?? I was there to show my support on Wednesday because it’s my only day off I actually have 2 jobs thank you very much. Do not judge people you’ve never met. We are peaceful unlike the police…

  3. Nice video of a rig working (Pickering). Shows how small the footprint is and how insignificant the site is; it has been there for many years.

    Not sure why there are two elderley ladies sitting outside in deckchairs in winter? Seems pretty pointless – have they not got anything better to do?

      • I don’t expect they have been through the health and safety induction, and I don’t expect they have anything useful to contribute to the operation…..

        • That’s quite a revealing comment Paul, in my Social Interaction Psychology days that would be termed as a socially discriminatory stereotypical comment. Its quite a common attribute amongst Engineers, I recall the psychological profile was “Thinker Judger”.
          But in isolation, without the necessary communication skills, it tends to isolate and make a snap judgement based upon prejudice.
          I have two aunts and by association know several more, I find their wisdom and kindness and sheer common sense very enlightening, life skills do that for you.
          I am sure if they passed an HSE induction, they would sort out a messy site in no time, clean the staff facilities and sort out the messier staff in no time.
          Don’t denigrate or underestimate “nanas” they could probably teach you a thing or two, if only a few manners. Ask Tina.
          I am sure if you engaged those ladies in conversation, you will find your snap judgement insufficient, inadequate and inaccurate.

          • Engineer – correct. “Social Interaction Psychology days” – that explains a lot. I rest my case…. I also have older relatives (I believe this is fairly normal in the Human Race) and they would not be sitting out in winter near a rig site wasting their time. They would be at home with their gas central heating on. As to the “Nanas” and the ring leader you refer to, I doubt they could teach me anything about the oil and gas business. Perhaps about the workings of the UK Judiciary system and interaction with the Police?

            • Wooohooo! Quod erat demonstrandum or what! Ha ha! Ring leader? She’ll love that! Just because she stood up to you? Now that is funny! There must be a term for fear of little old ladies? Nanaphobia perhaps? I gotta look that up.
              Quite touchy aren’t you? Did I say that psychology was the only subject I studied in university? No, you just leapt to a snap conclusion. See a lot of that in these posts.
              Safety Catch? Refers to several things, DrillorDrop in particular, it also works on the level you suggest if you want. That’s the only clue you need.

          • I forgot to ask – Safety Catch – after the Radio 4 sitcom or the device to prevent accidental discharge of a firearm?

  4. Hi Ruth any chance of an article on the Peruvian gas arriving in the UK ? I really would like you to get back to a more equal balance of pro and anti news, it keeps your readership figures higher if their are arguments 🙂

    • Indeed Ruth – Peeny needs fuel for his false choice meanderings. More news from the Amazon please!

  5. Dr Freud my comment is for full-time young and able body activist protesters. If they are strong enough to wrestle with the police then they should be able to do work.
    My point is to win the heart and mind of the society in a political and technical agenda like fracking and fossil fuels you can’t win by protesting disruption bullyi ng disregard for legal businesses. The society in general will see these disruption protesters as trouble makers rebels. You need to win election and provide an alternative solution to the society need that are being filled by these practice you are protesting against.

    • I am sorry, but Professor Sigmund Fraud is unable to reply, he died in exile in England on September 23rd 1939, having left Vienna in 1938 after the nazis waltzed into Austria unopposed.
      That is an interesting juxtaposition isn’t it? when people are protesting against a potentially disastrous invasion of this country, that you should mention Professor Sigmund Freud? Particularly as you probably know Sigmund Freud was Jewish and would have suffered the same sort of dehumanisation and victimisation process we see used against the protesters here today?
      By the way, it is Gerontophobia, fear of old people, I knew there was a term for it, and Ephebiphobia is fear of young people. Probably Ephebijobaphobia is fear of employed youth Ephebigottajobaphobia would be fear of young people with a job, but of course you cant tell which is which can you?
      A lot of phobias around here aren’t there? An awful lot of snap judgements too, but that of course is standard operating procedure isn’t it? You cant argue for fear of the truth emerging, you cant stop people protesting, so you try to run people over, and get the police to knock people down and intimidate them and falsify figures to issue to the complicit fake news media.
      You accuse the protesters of intimidation which is a complete reversal of the truth, when in fact the entire MO of the industry is intimidation and subjugation to ensure compliance. Your industry attacks anyone who dares to stand up in protest or on these pages and says No!
      Little old ladies, children, mothers, husbands, families, animals, birds, wildlife, the very earth under our feet, the water we drink, the food we eat, the air we breathe, nothing and no one is safe from the actions of this industry.
      Would you have told Sigmund Freud to “go away” or be sent to a FIMA camp? Protesters with yellow armbands and bar code tattoos and asbo tracers perhaps? Getting that way isn’t it?
      War upon the earth, she cant defend herself, but we can.

        • Excuse me SafetyCatch….. “in fact the entire MO of the industry is intimidation and subjugation to ensure compliance”…….and you accuse other people of making “snap judgements based upon prejudice”…..I suggest you look in the mirror .. by the way using psychological judgements to malign an argument is just another ad hominem in a pseudo-academic coating.

          • The mirror is for you my dear chap, there are none so blind as those who will not see.
            No snap decision either, the very prospect of fracking is deceit in the first place, the methods used across UK are steeped in government complicit obfuscation, deceit and lies, back handers to corrupt politicians, party political sleaze and emasculating planning regulations and decisions, lies about planning conditions, suitability of roads, lying and intimidating landowners, misusing police to intimidate harass and commit violence on peaceful protests, denial of democratic accountability and denial of public objection to the industrialisation of our countryside. I read in these pages that some say the people don’t care about fracking, the truth is that the government, the industry and the media wont report it unless its to put objection in a bad light, that is the real truth, its all smoke and mirrors. It was always going to be a short fracking spring, until the truth emerges, that is why the government and the media were compromised in the first place. Not so easy now is it?
            Pseudo academia? What is that, the fracking football club? Pseudo is just another put down word, it means nothing, just mud slinging.
            By the way hello peeny, heard so much about you, still laughing!

            • Oil and gas companies (like all other companies) want to make money for their shareholders. If fracking a well doen’t make money, they don’t do it.

            • Precisely, profit and loss, maximise profit by getting in there and loading the decks before a spade in the ground. Before they know fracking is being given carte blanche and suddenly planning laws are useless to stop them. Government, police, councils and media even the law are all ready bought and payed for.
              Hey presto! The government, police, the law and some councils are rady to waive ut all through and people mean nothing.
              The industry leaves nothing to chance, even the shills and trolls here are carefully placed, wound up and ready to quell opinion and any and all objection.
              But then there is loss too, not loss to profits, they will be very carefully salted away, no, the loss is only for the victims that never knew what hit them or why. Poisoned land, air and water, destroyed environment for centuries to come and wasted public money that could and should be put to true energy security, a wasted opportunity too late to reverse when the frack really hits the fan.
              That about cover it?

            • I misundersood your comment. I thought you were against fracking, but it seems you are actually against the entire oil and gas industry?

              • I don’t think you misunderstand anything, the reality is that the O&G industry of which you are a voice, will not move until they have loaded the dice and marked the cards in their favour, they are against all of us, not us against them, and you my dear chap, are a symptom of that.

      • SafetyCatch ” Sigmund Freud was Jewish and would have suffered the same sort of dehumanisation and victimisation process we see used against the protesters here today” – Freud would have gone to a concentration camp….pushing and shoving with a British copper isn’t quite the same thing is it ….maybe it’s worth engaging brain before starting keyboard. Any comment?

        • [Comment edited by moderator]
          It was the police who knocked people and councilors down and refuse to call for an ambulance when an elderly protester was crushed breathless and became unconscious in the police kettle crush, which is in itself a movement designed to appear violent, in fact it is a maneuver. Is that dehumanization? Yes, it is.


          “Thus the physical terrain of the kettled site is marshalled to produce violent spectacle for media consumption. It is a type of siege that lets the police appear under attack. The kettle thus needs to be understood as a form of media strategy deployed by the police to delegitimize protests and re-symbolize legitimate protest as unlawful ‘riot’. The kettle attempts to cast opposition protests as such as radical, violent and in need of police repression, whose brutality is legitimated by this same spectacle of violence that the kettle aims to facilitate.”

          [Edited by moderator] In these pages you often read mob, jobless, swampy, etc etc etc.no proof, just ignorant unfounded assumptions based upon prejudice, in fact two victims of kettling were Councillors, but facts must never get in the way of the divide and belittle agenda must they? (sarcasm). But that is the beginning of victimization, then comes dehumanization and segregation (viewing areas (for) my aunt fanny!), then public incitement to hate sessions and government sponsored riot, and in 1930’s Germany, that ended in extermination camps, but no, surely a few police deliberately trying to incite violence by kettling will never end up with concentration camps will they? (no sarcasm)

          Now THAT, is the right question.

  6. Well if you are that paranoid about these health risks amd scary fracking story may you should see Dr Freud himself. Maybe your past psychological profile has contributed to the present?

  7. I also thought the same – perhaps Refracktion will let us know if it one and the same – he is good at Peeny spotting.

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