Three generations of Lancashire family block Cuadrilla’s shale gas site

170712 pnr Reclaim The Power 1

Lock-on at Cuadrilla’s Preston New Road site near Blackpool, 12 July 2017. Photo: Reclaim the Power

A 73-year-old woman joined her son and granddaughter in a blockade of Cuadrilla’s shale gas site near Blackpool this morning.

Gillian Kelly, her son Sebastian (48) and granddaughter, Megan (19) locked their arms into boxes labelled Families against Fracking, outside the gates at the site off Preston New Road.

Another member of the family, Paul Martyn (61), also took part in the protest.

170712 pnr Reclaim the Power2

Gillian Kelly taking part in a lock-on protest outside the Preston New Road shale gas site, 12 July 2017. Photo: Reclaim the Power

Gillian Kelly said:

“I’ve never done anything like this before, but I can’t sit idly and watch the place I was born and raised be poisoned and polluted by fracking.

“I feel now I’ve got to make a stand. This will affect my whole family and their futures; my sons, my grandchildren – and that’s why we’re taking action together as a family today.”

170712 pnr Reclaim the Power3

Megan Kelly taking part in a lock-on protest outside Preston New Road shale gas site, 12 July 2017. Photo: Reclaim the Power

The lock-on followed a silent demonstration by more than 100 women seeking an end to what they regard as increasingly violent tactics by police and security guards at the site.

170712 pnr Reclaim the Power4

Photo: Reclaim the Power

170712 pnr Reclaim the Power5

Photo: Reclaim the Power

Lancashire Police said last week they were investigating a complaint that a security guard had assaulted a protester. Also last week, the Green Party MEP, Keith Taylor, expressed concern to the National Police Chiefs Council about the impact of policing on the right to freedom of assembly (DrillOrDrop report and link to Keith Taylor’s letter). Earlier in the protests, officers had been accused of disproportionate and aggressive tactics (DrillOrDrop report).

Since Monday, officers from other parts of the UK have been policing the protests, alongside the Lancashire force. The site is also being policed 24-hours a day.

Cuadrilla has consistently said the protests have not affected its schedule. But drilling has yet to get underway, despite being timetabled for the second quarter of the year, and fracking has apparently slipped from the autumn to the end of the year.

Today’s protests were part of a Rolling Resistance month of action, organised by local anti-fracking groups and the national network, Reclaim the Power. The organisers said this was the eighth working day to be disrupted.

Police said at 11.45am they had closed Preston New Road between Whitehills and Fox Lane. The Fylde Police Facebook page said this was :

“due to campaigners conducting speeches and lock ons in the carriageway”.

The pro-fracking group, Lancashire for Shale said today on Twitter:

“Re-routing of Emergency Services due to the closure of A583 is unacceptable on a regular basis. Protesters point has been made, now MOVE ON!!

“ENOUGH is ENOUGH” say both local residents and business.National activists asked to leave the #Fuylde as well as stronger court sentences”

“Police resources once again taken up by the illegal activities of national activists. It is #LANCASHIRE TAXPAYERS who are bearing the cost”

  • Earlier this morning baillifs evicted a roadside camp outside the Preston New Road site.

More details of protests at DrillOrDrop’s Protest Update

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  1. Getting the summer ‘flower power’ theme out in force. The NIMBYs are getting more and more desperate knowing that exploration is nearly upon them. Three generations of the Irish & a Hungarian stopping the English in their tracks, dear oh dear.
    Keep up the bad work guys!

  2. What happens PhilipP when they are locked together at PNR and one wants to go to the loo? Or is that another scientific fact that escapes the public? But, not the police-poor guys. And then they have criticism heaped upon them.

  3. It is getting out of control. The rebel activists have found the soft spot of the police, ie. Lock on to block the road. This is no longer about anti fracking protest and expressing their democratic right. These new elements within the protesters are all about expressing their own individual ‘ personal gratification of anti establisment and trying how much they can push against the authority and get away with it.

    • Get a hold of yourself,things need to be done now.both in parliment,the law courts and on the streets and in the fields.this is our commontreasury that they are severly endangering.What right have they to go ahead with testing and fracking?we live in a democracy if there were a referendum now on fracking the majority would be against.the should stop with there distruction of this our common heratige.I say lock on for your life. [Edited by moderator] teaches them that we have power against their insanity.they have no right to endanger and destroy this land.it is al of ours not theirs to buy and sell 🙂

  4. You will find the police are quite content to let such activity play out, as it keeps a few occupied and does little harm to the company. If that changes then they will react accordingly, and will be blamed for doing so, but will be able to turn around and say ” we saw an increasing level of illegal activity and finally had no option but to react.” And of course, by then, they will have all the data they need concerning the activists to support that.

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