Second drilling company seeks to explore for oil and gas near Surrey village

190705 loxhill location 1

Approximate location of IGas proposed oil and gas site, south west of Loxhill and north of Dunsfold. Source: IGas website

Residents of the Surrey village of Dunsfold received letters yesterday from a second company that wants to drill for oil and gas in their neighbourhood.

The letter, from IGas, said the company had signed a lease on land north of the village. Earlier this year, UK Oil & Gas submitted a planning application for a site east of Dunsfold.



The news from IGas builds on a statement from the company to investors last week. This announced plans for two exploration and appraisal wells in licence area PEDL235. The wells would target oil in the Kimmeridge micrites and gas in the Portland sandstone, it said.

The statement did not identify the site. But the letter to residents said it was land off Godalming Road in Loxhill. This road runs south east from Loxhill to Dunsfold Road, and is entirely in the neighbouring exploration licence PEDL234.

The IGas website said the location was 1.1km southwest of Loxhill. This could put it off Hookhouse Road, part of which is in the IGas PEDL235. The web details added that the site was 3.7ha and about 460 north of the nearest home.

190705 Loxhill location 2

Source: Google Maps/Google Earth

A drop-in information session, in Dunsfold Winn Hall, had been organised for 1 August 2019 from 4pm to 8pm. But IGas has since cancelled the event and said it would be re-arranged after the summer holidays.

IGas said in its letter it would be applying for planning permission for four years for five phases of work:

  • Construction of access track and well site
  • Drilling, appraisal and testing of well, to be called Godley Bridge-3
  • Drilling, appraisal and testing of a further well, to be called Godley Bridge-4, depending on success of testing Godley Bridge-3
  • Well plugging, abandonment and decommissioning
  • Site retention or restoration

In the 1980s, Conoco drilled wells called Godley Bridge-1, 2 and 2z in PEDL235, between Dunsfold and Haselmere.

190705 Godley Bridge

Location of Godley Bridge wells drilled in the 1980s. The vertical line marks the boundary between IGas’s PEDL235 (left) and PEDL234 (right) held by UKOG. Source: UK Onshore Geophysical Library

A report by IGas from 2014 said the Godley Bridge-1 well proved an economic presence of gas in the Portland sandstones. Tests showed that hydrogen sulphide at levels of 5-30 parts per million, the report said. The Godley Bridge-2 and another Conoco well, Alford-1, were both dry.

Updated 27 July 2019 to include IGas cancellation of drop-in information event on 1 August 2019.

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  1. Paul tell that to the village of Dunsfold, they’ve just had 5,000 houses approved to be built on their doorstep, UKOG and Igas adding 3 wells to the mix in an area of outstanding beauty in a climate emergency. Go figure.

    • The 5,000 houses would concern me if I lived there. The three wells would not bother me. I have “figured”….

      Climate Emergency? Our District Council has voted for a “Climate Emergency” apparently but no one seems to be able to explain what this actually means in reality? Probably nothing will change. It certainly doesn’t impact on mature trees – they have just cut hundreds down on Council land.

  2. Happy to have motor heads racing around the airfield burning up large quantities of fossil fuel, for what? Entertainment!?

    So, all that fossil fuel being used, plus the cars and energy supply from another 5k houses, plus expansion at Gatwick and where would it be best for the resource to supply that coming from? LOCAL. Less damage to the environment. Go figure.

    (I can help you out, if you believe for one second that increased use of fossil fuel is somehow going to disappear within the life time of a gas/oil well in the area you are living within a fantasy world. Do you really believe Fawley Refinery are that ignorant that they intend a £800m expansion for no demand?)

  3. Expansion investment announced this am for Gatwick Airport. Increasing capacity of the rail link due to increased demand and congestion!

    (Always going to happen. Much more sense to have more capacity south or north of London and reduce need to overfly the city.)

    The real world instead of the fantasy that some seem to live in.

    Poor old Jeremy Paxman concerned:

    He worries that political correctness protects idiots from ridicule!

  4. No wonder the Belgians became upset with the recent anti INEOS attempted protest. Seems maritime noise upsets the growth cycle of the moules! Oops. Much better to produce oil on shore, let the moules thrive and keep the Belgians happy. Great chocolate and beer.

    Meanwhile, that Kimmeridge that wouldn’t produce is doing so. Strange how speculation so often is overtaken by reality. (No, it is only because so much speculation is produced.)

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