Dunsfold/Loxley, Surrey

Dunsfold Google Maps small

Location (marked in white) of UKOG’s Dunsfold site and access track, based on information in the company’s leaflet. Image source: Google Maps

Last updated: 17/10/22

Key facts

Address: Land south of Dunsfold Road and east of High Loxley Road, Dunsfold, Surrey GU8

Planning application: Application published and validated

Operator: UK Oil & Gas plc Link to UKOG presentation

Licence: PEDL234

Status: Application SCC ref 2019/0072 refused but decision later rescinded because of technical problems during decision meeting. Second consideration refused on 27 November 2020. UKOG appealed. Public inquiry begins on 27 July 2021. Application for alternative entrance SCC ref 2019/0108 later withdrawn. Screening opinion ruled that exploration did not need an environmental impact assessment. Link to screening request

190228 High Loxley Road Dunsfold

High Loxley Road, Dunsfold. Image: Google Earth


12 October 2022

Surrey villagers continue fight against gas site after written application for judicial review is refused. Details

21 July 2022

Good Law Project backs community challenge to government over gas drilling near Surrey village. Details

20 July 2022

UKOG to farm out gas exploration. Details

19 July 2022

Community group joins council in Dunsfold drilling challenges. Details

18 July 2022

Councillors to seek legal challenge to Dunsfold gas drilling. Details

21 June 2022

UKOG loses costs bid in Dunsfold drilling appeal. Details

13 June 2022

UKOG rejects MP’s opposition to consent for Dunsfold gas drilling. Details

7 June 2022

Government approves Dunsfold/Loxley gas drilling plans. Details

11 March 2022

Date set for decision on UKOG’s Dunsfold drilling plans. Details

11 January 2022

Onshore gas industry hits back at senior Tory’s criticism of Dunsfold drilling plans. Details

8 January 2022

“Extraordinary” Dunsfold drilling plan takes UK in wrong direction – ex Tory leadership contender. Details

6 January 2022

Minister to decide planning appeal on Dunsfold gas site. Details

22 December 2021

Residents put toes on the line in fight against gas drilling near Surrey village. Details

1 November 2021

Climate camp evicted at proposed drilling site. Details

17 October 2021

Climate camp set up at proposed drilling site. Details

13 August 2021

Closing arguments at Loxley/Dunsfold gas inquiry – who said what? Details

3 August 2021

New garden village is best site to drill for gas near Dunsfold – inquiry told. Details

30 July 2021

Road to UKOG’s Dunsfold drilling site “inherently unsuitable”, inquiry told. Details

29 July 2021

Council accused of “exaggeration” and “after thought” at Dunsfold drilling inquiry. Details

28 July 2021

UKOG Dunsfold drilling site would have “adverse impacts” on “highly valued landscape”, day 2 of inquiry told. Details

28 July 2021

News updates from day 2 of drilling inquiry. Details

27 July 2021

Inquiry opens into UKOG plans for drilling at Dunsfold. News updates 

UKOG tells inquiry the site of its proposed drilling site is not in a valued landscape. Details

26 July 2021

What to watch at the inquiry. Details and inquiry page

7 July 2021

UKOG’s Dunsfold inquiry to be held online. Details

4 March 2021

Date set for Dunsfold drilling inquiry. Details

10 February 2021

UKOG submits appeal on Dunsfold refusal. Details

17 December 2020

UKOG to appeal against refusal of gas exploration plans. Details

27 November 2020

Breaking: UKOG’s Dunsfold drilling plans refused for second time – live news updates. Details and reaction

25 November 2020

UKOG accused of “exaggerated” and “unsubstantiated” assertions over Dunsfold drilling plans. Details

Borough council calls for refusal of Dunsfold drilling plans. Details

20 November 2020

Dunsfold drilling plans spark debate over whether onshore gas helps tackle climate change. Details

19 November 2020

Officials again back UKOG plans to drill at Dunsfold. Details

16 October 2020

Date set for second meeting to decide planning application – 27 November 2020. Details

7 October 2020

Meeting to reconsider plans postponed until at least November. Details

21 September 2020

UKOG says Dunsfold could be the UK’s second biggest onshore gas field – “a significant gas resource”. Details

3 August 2020

Decision to be decided again after refusal ruled invalid. Details

28 July 2020

Investigation into Dunsfold planning meeting. Details

29 June 2020

Surrey County Council’s development control committee refuses UKOG’s drilling plans for Dunsfold. Details

28 June 2020

Preview report of Dunsfold decision. Details

26 June 2020

Dunsfold environmental permit granted. Details

19 May 2020

Decision deferred on Dunsfold site. Details

13 May 2020

Planners back Dunsfold drilling site despite 80% public opposition. Details

11 March 2020

UKOG drops second access plan for Dunsfold well site. Details

1 February 2020

Dunsfold drilling decision delayed again. Details

28 November 2019

Consultation on Dunsfold drilling permit extended to early 2020. Details

20 November 2019

Expected decision date for applications extended to 30 January 2019. Details

24 October 2019

Expected decision date for applications extended to 18 December 2019. Details

24 September 2019

Expected decision date for applications extended to 20 November 2019. Details

14 August 2019

Expected decision date for applications extended to 16 October 2019.

23 July 2019

Listening panel hears objections from councils and residents to UKOG’s Dunsfold drilling plans. Details

20 July 2019

New application for Dunsfold drilling site creates “impossible challenge” for decision-makers, say villagers. Details

13 July 2019

Listening panel first for Surrey oil and gas proposal. Details

27 June 2019

UKOG to file new application for Surrey drilling site. Details

12 June 2019

Court ruling prompts UKOG to update energy security claim in Dunsfold drilling plans. Details

3 June 2019

Calls for Dunsfold application to be suspended. Details

31 May 2019

Planning application SCC ref 2019/0072 published and validated.

29 April 2019

Planning application received by Surrey County Council

21 March 2019

UKOG says it will not use matrix acidisation at Dunsfold or other Weald sites. Details

28 February 2019

UKOG reveals details of new drilling site near the villages of Dunsfold and Loxley. Details

27 February 2019

UKOG drop-in information meeting on Dunsfold/Loxley plans

24 February 2019

Surrey villagers urged to challenge oil company over Dunsfold drilling plans. Details

15 February 2019

Oil company reveals plans for new Surrey well site. Details