Picture post: Tinker Lane restoration

Eric Walton has been photographing the IGas shale gas site at Tinker Lane in north Nottinghamshire since construction work began in spring 2018.

The vertical well, drilled in November 2018, failed to encounter the target Bowland shale.

In February 2018, IGas reported that the well had been plugged and abandoned.

On 10 July 2019, the company confirmed that work was underway to restore the site to farmland.

190710 restoration Tinker Lane UWOC

Demolition equipment at the Tinker Lane site, 10 July 2019. Photo: Used with the owner’s consent

In this post, Eric Walton’s images record the restoration work a Tinker Lane. The images from 31 July 2019 raised concerns, among some opponents of shale gas exploration, about the state of the site liner.

31 July 2019

190731 Tinker Lane Eric Walton 4190731 Tinker Lane Eric Walton 5190731 Tinker Lane Eric Walton 3190731 Tinker Lane Eric Walton 2190731 Tinker Lane Eric Walton 1190731 Tinker Lane Eric Walton 6190731 Tinker Lane Eric Walton 7

9 August 2019

190809 Tinker Lane uwtoc6190809 Tinker Lane uwtoc4190809 Tinker Lane uwtoc1190809 Tinker Lane uwtoc2190809 Tinker Lane uwtoc3

12 August 2019

190812 Tinker Lane Eric Walton 2190812 Tinker Lane Eric Walton 4190812 Tinker Lane Eric Walton 3

DrillOrDrop key facts and timeline for Tinker Lane

DrillOrDrop page of pictures from the development of Tinker Lane


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  1. Plus, on the first 12th August picture, good they got the harvest in, but off to the grain dryer I suspect as it has been a bit wet.

    But the irrigation reel is still out there just in case for the spuds?

  2. Still looks a mess to me. Just another reason against fracking.
    Land just cannot be returned to its previous state

  3. Expand on your “permission notice” comment with what you think that is, and why I would need one at all.

    This should be interesting.

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