Updated: Cuadrilla to pay “few hundred pounds” for homes said to be damaged by fracking tremor

191028 Cuadrilla letter

Cuadrilla offer of “goodwill payment” to resident who reported damage from the August fracking-induced earth tremor

Cuadrilla has said it will make small goodwill payments to people living near its Lancashire shale gas site who said their homes were damaged by the UK’s largest fracking-induced tremor in August.

The company said it would pay residents “a few hundred pounds” for redecorating.

The 2.9ML tremor on 26 August reportedly caused cracks to buildings and damage to windows and doors across the Fylde area around Blackpool. DrillOrDrop understands that about 100 claims were made to Cuadrilla.

We reported last month that several residents had been offered the goodwill payments and some had turned them down. They told us that the company had not admitted liability for the damage. Other residents had been refused payments after initial assessments by administrative staff from the company.

1909 PNR earthquake damage uwoc

Cracks in mortar reportedly caused by Cuadrilla’s fracking-induced tremors. Photo: Used with the owner’s consent

In an interview with the PA news agency, Cuadrilla’s chief executive, Francis Egan, said today there was no clear evidence that the tremor caused the damage.

“It would be impossible to say if that was caused by the tremor, or is it just natural settlement in the building.

“But we do want to retain goodwill, so we will make some payments.”

He said no “major damage” has been reported by people living close to the Preston New Road site.

Residents will be paid a few hundred pounds to help cover the price of redecorating rooms where plaster work has cracked, he said.

Mr Egan also told PA that “obviously egregious” claims for damage had been sent to the company.

“Lots of people have showed us cracks with weeds growing out of them, for example, or cracks that when you look on Rightmove you can see the exact same cracks in photographs taken well before the tremor.”

DrillOrDrop invited Cuadrilla to add to the comments by Mr Egan but it declined.

Updated 30 October 2019 with “goodwill payment” letter 

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  1. Happy lot, XR!

    Strange approach when those in UK are recognised around the world for having a good sense of humour, and seeing the half full rather than the half empty glass.

    No wonder public sympathy has so quickly evaporated. Talk about reading the runes badly.

    Seems to be more interest in demonstrating grievance than changing opinion.

  2. Yes we are. I am very happy thankyou, especially conversing with you who seems so welcoming.
    I see no happiness from the pro fossils so far, in fact the attitude seems to be immediately a case of rants and aggression considering I only just started posting here.
    Do all new posters have to go through this targeted trial by combat if they should be so bold as to post anything on this blog?
    That looks more like depression and an attempt at intimidation rather than happiness of any description to me.
    BTW, are you suggesting that my name does not suggest I am English? Are the words ‘those in the UK’ meant to mean you think I am not from the UK because of my name? My parents came to Europe because of oppression in their home country, I was born here and I consider myself English with advantages of a multicultural background in spite of comments like yours. Though I begin to wonder if you think I am not worthy of respect considering the reception I have received so far on this blog.
    But it is the sort of fossil fuel activities that you seek to preserve that has brought the planet to this dire state.
    Are you are happy about that? That does not seem to be a very sensible response to the dire climate
    deterioration situation IMO. That is uneducated complacency, not happiness.
    Love will always trounce hate. Truth will always trounce lies. Happiness will always trounce depression. I see neither love nor truth nor happiness amongst those who post under the pro fossil flag so far. Quite the opposite.

    Scroll, scroll, scroll…

    • AT – An additional thought just came to me – if you don’t fly anywhere how do you get involved in conservation of global species. I am involved in shark conservation in the Red Sea and take two flights to get to the vessel and two flights back. Should I stop flying and let the Yemenis catch and fin the sharks for soup in China and Hong Kong or should I continue with my contribution to stopping the shark fishing? It will be interesting to get your views on this.

  3. Another one who states one thing and does the opposite!

    Were you not stating you would not read my posts??

    If you have a chip on your shoulder AT, don’t blame me. I was referring quite directly to XR. “Happy lot, XR” was the clue. “Those in the UK” referenced the fact XR are found in UK, and ELSEWHERE!

    In general, there is a decent bunch who frequent this site. However, some do have their own grievances that they want to blame others for. I would politely suggest that if you want to do that, make sure there is some small bit of justification.

    And yes, I like fossil fuels when I see them utilised to save thousands of lives during natural disasters. All those helicopters, chain saws, bulldozers, generators feeding into mobile hospitals etc. etc. Then similar being used for the rebuilding and rehousing whilst other energy sources are still out. Love, truth and happiness within that, rather than just collateral damage to justify a dogma that has no alternative. There are stats. to show how mortality from such disasters is a fraction of what it used to be, and a clear explanation behind the reason. You may wish to ignore both, but if you expect that to be the case for everyone on a public forum, good luck with that.

  4. Scroll, scroll, scroll….
    Since you moved to the next page PT maybe i will reply there. I’ll wait for the announcement on fracking first though. There may be a lot more anger resulting from that and i wouldnt like to “excite” that. You see i’m picking up the lingo all ready.

    • How strange, it jumped all the way here by itself. Instead of the previous page where i posted it. What an odd web site this is.

      • Hi Anaiya

        Managing comment threads is not this site’s strong point I’m afraid.

        If you click the red Reply button next to a comment, your post should appear somewhere underneath the comment you are replying to, and on the same page.

        If you click in the Add a Comment box at the bottom of the page, your comment will treated as starting a new thread and will be placed at the end of the comment list (which may mean it jumps to a new page).

        (This box was previously labelled Leave a Reply – hopefully changing the label will make things clearer).

        Paul (Moderator)

        • Thankyou Paul Seaman. So you are the moderator. Nice to talk to you. And thanks for explaining. That explains why it jumped all the way here. I must have entered the Add a Comment box instead of Reply. You will have to excuse me. Website comments are relatively new to me. Texts are my usual communication means. I will try again on the previous page in a Reply box to point here.
          It looks like PT is champing at the bit and demanding a reply. Patience is a virtue PT. I do seem to have stirred up a hornets nest with a poetry piece. Do all new posters experience this trial by combat? Or have i trodden on some toes?
          Dont worry about it, nothing i cant deal with Paul.

          • Oh i see its all ready there. I thought i had posted it twice when it disappeared. I must have hit the right Reply box that time.

            Wooahh Boys. Patience Patience PT. You lads do like to order people around dont you. And i see MC is posting silly comments again.
            Down boys. One at a time please. One pair of hands only.
            Apparently shortly doesnt mean shortly as in a moment, it must mean another day. I expect words spoken or written to say what they mean and mean what they say. Not what they are meant to mean and meant to say. Now I realise that these recent exchanges on this DrillorDrop blog show that those here never actually mean what they say, or say what they mean. You would have thought i had gotten used to that by now wouldn’t you. Should i write the same way i wonder? No, it goes against the grain. I was brought up to be better than that. Better to maintain some decorum here at least.

            Isnt it astounding that all this came from a poem i posted by Sarah Coakly. Not even my poem either. And people say that poetry doesnt matter and no one takes any notice. Obviously poetry does matter to generate such an apparent storm of outrage and, as PT says himself. Anger.
            Incidentally i didn’t mention anger in my posts. But i did say very rude. And with good reason. Maybe rudeness is the result of anger. That something so controversial as poetry should be written on these apparently jealously guarded hallowed pages does seem to have sparked all this anger and frustration. Its said that anger is better out than in. So maybe all this is cathartic for you all. Though i must admit i dont feel the same.
            I was told previously that writing at all on this DrillorDrop blog would be like sticking my hand in an angry wasps nest. I didnt believe them at the time. But looking at all the expressed outrage, anger and frustration of those who apparently patrol this blog. Its still pretty daunting if you are not used to such treatment.
            Its good that i was brought up never to be bullied or intimidated by anyone. Otherwise i might be put off writing here at all as others tell me they have been.
            But you will no doubt be pleased to know that i am no shrinking violet, or narcisi for that matter.

            • Still reading my comments, AT!

              Don’t worry. There are many who make statements then do the opposite themselves. XR are renowned for it already!

              It is useful to establish that early within our chats.

              I understand someone once stated:

              “I expect words spoken or written to say what they mean and mean what they say.”

              You would not be related to PhilC by any chance?

              However, if not, welcome, and I will try and be the Eddy Stone lightening your gloom. I do it for fog, so gloom should be easy.

            • AH

              It is a bit like jousting I guess.

              However, I expect no one posts here without expectation of a reply, be it agreement or challenge.

              The wasps are not angry until the hand is put into the nest.

              • AH? No H, these wasps were angry long before i came here. But as MC and PT are so demanding i will scroll past their comments after this post since its not compulsory.
                But I will say this before leaving them to boil slowly in their own anger.
                No MC you said –
                (Reading posts is not compulsory.)
                I said
                (Yes, reading posts is not at all compulsory MC, very good advice, i will treat your output accordingly in future as i am sure many do all ready.)
                That doesn’t mean i did not read anything i chose to. Just that it is not compulsory. You haven’t understood your own words.
                No. I have no chip on my shoulder, or anywhere else. There seems to be a whole shoulder load of the oddest crinkly varieties in those posts.
                I used to date someone who always wanted to be right even when he was wrong. He dredged up conversations i had long forgotten to turn my own words against me if i dared to say anything he did not like. My friends introduced me to a set of websites that explained the condition. I doubt if i can say what that is. Now i recognise the symptoms. I ditched him. And never looked back. Not compulsory is the motto from now on with those strange internal maledictions above.
                The rest of your post must mean something to you, but not to me. So as it is not compulsory, I will treat the future output accordingly from now on.
                I really will.

                PT. Glad you are doing something to help the endangered species.
                I was a bit rude in return to your posts. For that i apologise.
                But if you will post in such an aggressive angry manner, then you will only get the same back.
                I hope you get over your anger.
                Try love for everyone and everything. It heals the soul. It really does, Confucius or the bible, i read both. Putting our own house in order first helps us to help others in love and respect for eachother and the world we live on. The earth and the lives of all things needs our help and love and respect, not our hate. That is all we have been asked to do.
                No, i dont fly, maybe when i’m older. If that opportunity should offer itself when i graduate and start work. I will decide then if it achieves something worthwhile or not.
                Sir David Attenborough flies as many other good people fly. So i have no worries about anyone else flying. It is your choice and it is their choice. No, i have no objection to others flying if that is their wish. Its not about ordering anyone else to China or South Africa or anywhere. Its about individual choice and conscience.
                By the way you really did post a lot of waffle Paul – I will scroll past it in future.
                I really will.

                • Thanks AT – your comments above explain your position. Perhaps when you have more experience of life and hopefully travel and even live in other societies abroad you will understand where I am coming from. For the record I don’t shoot/hunt/collect trophies, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Good luck with your graduation and future employment.

                • Ahh, AT, so you make poor decisions! (Dating.)


                  I recommend to my kids they get to know someone BEFORE they start dating, and avoid websites for their relationship guidance. Old fashioned, but it has its benefits.

                  But I do understand XR have a tendency to do the wrong thing and suggest that they had to do it to find out it was the wrong thing! Nothing new, the lemmings have been doing it for a long time.

      • Still waiting AT? What announcement on fracking and why would this influence your reply? Shale gas exploitation in the UK is probably over what are you worried about? As you seem to be interested in “fracking “ it would be good to know if you have any direct experience of the process? Conservation continues with or without fracking……

  5. Looking at the new picture of the bay window.

    It has been repointed at sometime in the past, other than the bottom row of bricks which show the original mortar I expect, with some gapping on the last brick. It does not look like repointing for aesthetic effect as it’s a bit rough.

    The windows look to have been replaced with UPVC, and it is not clear if the replacement windows are as structurally sound as the wooden ones they replaced.

    Maybe the cracking has occurred before, maybe post window fitting, and has been repointed since. Though the cracks seem to indicate lack of support off the LH window upright rather than a classic ‘pressure arch’ crack across the window ( is that bottom LH brick slightly out from the ones above it? ).

    Just my opinion tho, having bought a fair few houses in mining areas of 1930 – 60 design.

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