COP26 headlines: 9/11/21

The main news today was analysis from Climate Action Tracker that even with COP26 pledges, the world is on course for warming of 2.4C.

The UK’s rating by Climate Action Tracker

More headlines

PM returns to Glasgow amid ‘inadequate’ negotiations as world ‘on course for 2.4C heating’ (Independent)

Greta Thunberg returns home after COP26 in Glasgow (Glasgow Times)

Deal to end car emissions by 2040 idles as motor giants refuse to sign – holdouts of US, China and Germany from COP26 deal deters VW, BMW and others joining (FT)

Climate compensation demands grow louder at COP26 – the mood music of loss and damage (Politico)

First draft of Glasgow agreement expected today (New Scientist)

Nancy Pelosi flaunts US return to climate leadership after ‘unfortunate’ Trump years Sky News

Extinction Rebellion block Glasgow city centre street as COP26 protests continue Glasgow Live

Green Brighton council leader took hour-long flight to Glasgow summit Herald Scotland

Climate change a far bigger problem than Covid, warns Sir Patrick Vallance Evening Standard

Changes in behaviour needed to tackle climate crisis, says chief scientist (Guardian)

Melting glaciers could see Peru’s economy crash if no action is taken on climate change Sky News

Dozens of off duty ‘COP26 police’ snapped ‘paddling’ on East Lothian coast  (Edinburgh Live)

Women bear the brunt of the climate crisis, COP26 highligh)ts (Saudi Gazette)

Extinction Rebellion starts 24-hour vigil outside JP Morgan (Guardian)

1bn people will suffer extreme heat at just 2C heating, say scientists (Guardian)

Reporting at COP26 has been possible because of donations from individual DrillOrDrop readers

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