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  1. It is a nonsense to consider oil and gas applications in the way planning is geared now. Climate change and the wider emissions, such as the negative impact fossil fuels cause by being burned from say 25 years of production should be taken into account. It all adds to the global cumulative damage.

    • Who funds the OEP?
      The taxpayer of course – what a surprise!
      Ms Finch should be funding the challenge. She must have some money behind her with her work as writer, editor and climate campaigner.
      2. Funding under the draft bill
      The draft bill provides that the OEP’s funding will be supplied by the Secretary of
      State. The amount of funding will be “such sums as the Secretary of State considers
      are reasonably sufficient to enable the OEP to carry out its functions”.1 As noted in
      the Explanatory Notes, “[f]unding will be provided to the OEP in the form of grant-inaid, which will be set out as a sep

      • I can find nothing to suggest that the OEP will contribute to Ms Finch’s legal costs, can you? And I thought the Environmental Act 2021 went through in law, rather than remain a “draft bill”?

        We can discuss the issues, but not if there is reliance on inaccurate information.

    • So does everyone exhaling, KatT. So do all the people eating rice. It is a total nonsense that would create a precedence that the Courts would be working full time to deal with.

      Wind turbines are plonked on concrete. Try sorting that one out.

      Making an exception just because you would like it to be an exception is absolute legal nonsense.

      You are using products from fossil fuels yourself. Would they have to come from imported oil, where the UK legal system regarding planning would not apply?

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