Protest update: 17-23 April 2017

Barclays protest Ian Crane 2 170420

Protest outside a Barclays branch in Blackpool, 20 April 2017. Photo: Ian Crane

In this update of protests about fracking and the onshore oil and gas industry:

  • Arrest of violinist at Cuadrlla’s Preston New Road shale gas site
  • Blockade of A E Yates depot, Bolton
  • Protest outside Barclays Bank in Blackpool
  • Attempted blockade of Pete Marquis Contractors, Preston
  • Fancy Dress Friday

This post will be updated throughout the week with any new activities and events.

18 April 2017

Preston New Road, Little Plumpton, Lancashire

A secondary school teacher was arrested while playing his violin outside Cuadrilla’s shale gas site. All pictures from a video by Ben Devoy.

PNR violinist arrest 170418 Ben Devoy 1PNR violinist arrest 170418 Ben Devoy 2PNR violinist arrest 170418 Ben Devoy 3PNR violinist arrest 170418 Ben Devoy 4PNR violinist arrest 170418 Ben Devoy 5PNR violinist arrest 170418 Ben Devoy 6PNR violinist arrest 170418 Ben Devoy 7

Protesters alleged that police dragged a person from a bicycle and pushed to the floor at Preston New Road. Video by Craig Wilson Wilson:

19 April 2017

A E Yates, Bolton

Anti-fracking slow-walk protest in front of lorries operated by A E Yates, the site construction contractor at Cuadrilla’s Preston New Road shale gas site.

AEYates 19 April 2017 Sarah-Jane Currie

A E Yates, Bolton, 19 April 2017. Photo: Sarah-Jane Currie

Peter Marquis Contractors, Lea Town, Preston

Around 10 opponents of Cuadrilla’s operations at Preston New Road, tried to blockade the premises of Pete Marquis but were removed by company staff. The protesters said the company is a contractor for Cuadrilla. Photos from video by Ben Devoy.

Mr Marquis told the Blackpool Gazette:

“I respect that people have got the right to protest but my employees and I have a right to go to work to earn a living too. When we saw what the activists were trying to do to shut us down, we decided to carefully remove them from our premises.

“As they were trespassing on private property we were legally entitled to do this. This sort of attempted bullying of a local business and workers by out of town professional protesters isn’t fair and it’s not going to work either.”

A spokesperson for Frack Free Lancashire said:

“The aggressive and disproportionate behaviour of Mr Marquis and his staff is subject to a possible police complaint so it would be inappropriate to comment.”

20 April 2017

Barclays Bank, Birley Street, Blackpool

Barclays protest Ian Crane 170420

Barclays Bank, Blackpool, 20 April 2017. Photo: Ian Crane

Opponents of funding for fracking by Barclays demonstrated outside the bank’s branch at Birley Street in Blackpool.

21 April 2017

Preston New Road, Little Plumpton, Lancashire

pnr fancy dress friday 170421 Kieren Dunne

Preston New Road, Fancy Dress Friday, 21 April 2017. Photo: Kieren Dunne


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7 replies »

  1. “Your task for this lesson is to write an essay on what you did this Easter vacation. If any of you were arrested, that will earn extra marks”.

    Good lesson for the kids. Those who can, do. Those who can not-teach.

  2. With Cuadrillas breast so savage
    Our country bent to ravage
    When future seems precarious
    Even a violin Stradivarius
    Is stilled by hands deleterious
    Arrests sweet sweet music roughly
    Old bills 1-4-5 grand grumpily
    We say “You Cant Be Serious!”
    No wonder we are furious?

    • WAS HIS PLAYING SO BAD?collection to pay his court costs..why r taxes used to pay police to act as a private police force
      why r the security staff allowed to act as police and break the law? yes good teacher THOSE WHO TEACH DO and excellent lesson for the school children..need to fight for their health and future in a land about to be poisoned by FRACKING

      • I expect his playing was fine Anna, its Cuadrillas selective tone deafness and the police heavy handedness that are bad?
        The only sounds they hear are cash tills. The only instrument they play is the vile-ence and they get us to pay for it and we supply them with the orchestra? The Lancashire BillUnharmonic!
        Their bad!

  3. This fine Gentleman’s wonderful playing and words were so heart rending they moved me, a hard line anti-Cuadrilla activist at PNR, to tears of despair, anger and total determination to overcome the Evil that is Fracking and everything else that industry enables!
    His bravery is a lesson to all of those who ask, ‘….but how can I stand up and help stop fracking?’

    • Do you recall the music he played before the heavy hand of indifference and censorship descended from Cuadrilla by proxy?
      I would like to know?
      I expect the ZEOPs will have a few crass suggestions of their own?

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