Kirby Misperton anti-fracking camp to close after Third Energy withdraws equipment


Kirby Misperton Protection Camp, 6 January 2017. Photo: Roseacre Awareness Group

Opponents of fracking at Kirby Misperton in North Yorkshire say they are to begin packing up a camp outside the village.

They declared victory over the fracking company, Third Energy, against what they said were impossible odds. And they warned:

“Any fracking company planning to exploit this land for your own profit and personal gain: Expect us.”

Their announcement, made this morning, came after Third Energy began removing equipment from its well site. The rig left earlier this week, along with convoys of tankers bringing out water.

180228 KM Steve Spy

Tankers heading for the Kirby Misperton fracking site on 28 February 2018. Photo: Steve Spy

Third Energy said it was ready in November 2017 to frack the KM8 well. It has been waiting since then for a decision on fracking consent from the Business Secretary, Greg Clark. The most recent delay follows Mr Clark’s request for an assessment of its financial resilience.

A statement from Kirby Misperton Protection Camp said today:

“In January 2017 we pledged to the local community that KMPC would remain and continue its campaign of direct action until Third Energy were no longer a threat to the area. The last two weeks have seen convoys of fracking equipment leaving the site and this week we celebrated as the rig was finally removed.

“It’s clear that Third Energy are not going to be fracking anytime soon, and so the time has come to begin packing up the Kirby Misperton Protection Camp.”

“We now begin the process of returning the field to its former state and will be arranging community work days over the coming.”

A smaller camp, called the Forward Protection Camp, established along roadside verges next to the site entrance will continue, the statement said.

Daily protests

Campaigners established the main protection camp in December 2016, on the day the High Court dismissed a judicial review of the planning permission granted to Third Energy for fracking by North Yorkshire County Council.

There have been daily protests and rallies outside the site gate, with festivals and visits from local and national politicians.

In October last year, three campaigners scaled the rig and two remained overnight before being brought down by a specialist police team. As the rig left this week, one campaigner climbed onto the lorry. She was later cautioned.

171021 km rig occupy 5

Rig occupation at Third Energy’s KM8 fracking site in Kirby Misperton, North Yorkshire, 21 October 20117. Photo: Leigh Coghill

“Victory for Ryedale”

In today’s statement, the camp claimed a victory for opponents of fracking throughout the local Ryedale district:

“Ryedale’s victory is down to the many layers of the campaign working tirelessly together and all pulling in the same direction.

“We have achieved what many people said was an impossible task. The odds were stacked against us at KM8 – the pad was built, the well was drilled and all the necessary infrastructure was in place. If we can beat them at those odds, other communities can feel empowered to do the same.

It has been an honour and a privilege to meet and know so many campaigners, and we offer our sincere gratitude to everyone who has been part of, or support, KMPC

“It’s been wet, cold and muddy”

slider jan

Kirby Misperton Protection Camp, 13 January 2017. Photo: Ian R Crane

The statement continued:

“It’s been wet, it’s been cold and it’s been muddy, and we would like to thank all those who offered us warmth and rest in their homes. We thank everyone who gathered with us in the cold of last winter to build the camp, and those who came week after week, generously delivering food, water and wood, and of course the caring group who delivered lovingly made, hot meals during the busy times of action.

“We thank those who have donated money, and our friends in larger organisations for their generous support.

“We offer our utmost respect to our neighbours in Kirby Misperton, and thank everyone who has offered encouragement and support so selflessly, even as the burden of this national struggle has fallen at their door.

“We are humbled by the strength of the local councillors who have taken a principled stance in support of the camp. We thank all of the MPs and political party members who have visited the gates, inspiring us with their speeches and their plans to bring about a UK wide ban on fracking.

“Finally, our ongoing solidarity goes to our friends at the Forward Protection Camp who continue to keep a permanent watch on the gates, with thanks and admiration for their immense contribution to the protection of Kirby Misperton.”

“Sigh of relief”

171110 KM KMPG small

Green party joint leader Jonathan Bartley removed from the entrance to KM8 well site, Kirby Misperton. Photo from video: Kirby Misperton Protection Camp

A spokesperson for Third Energy said:

“We are sure that the residents of Kirby Misperton who have had their daily lives disrupted by the activities of the protestors, many of whom are not local, will breathe a sigh of relief at the news they are leaving the area, as will our employees and suppliers who have been regularly intimidated and threatened.

“The UK has a strong regulatory framework in place, and it is understandably taking some time to make sure that our project near Kirby Misperton meets all of the requirements put in place by the government to protect the environment and communities in relation to onshore natural gas development.

“In January, the Secretary of State confirmed that he was satisfied that Third Energy has met all of the thirteen technical requirements set out in section 4A of the Petroleum Act 1998. We are currently working with the government on the final step of the regulatory process which involves providing the financial information requested to facilitate the final Secretary of State consent for our Hydraulic Fracture Stimulation programme near Kirby Misperton.

“On completion of the approval process we will finalise our operational arrangements and move forwards with the Hydraulic Fracture Stimulation and production of the KM-8 well; delivering some much needed gas for power. We thank the local community for its patience and can confirm that Third Energy plans to be working in the Vale of Pickering for many years to come.”

Policing operation

At times, protesters criticised the policing operation for being heavy-handed and disproportionate.

In October 2017, tea lady, Jackie Brooks, was kettled by officers after she refused to move her table outside the site.


Tea lady, Jackie Brooks, surrounded by officers, 9 October 2017. Photo: Office of Keith Taylor MEP

Figures from North Yorkshire Police show that 85 people were arrested in relation to fracking at Kirby Misperton from September 2017 to February 2018.

Of these, 62 people were charged mostly for obstructing the highway.

There are no figures yet for the number of convictions and many trials have yet to go ahead.

Superintendent Alisdair Dey, of North Yorkshire Police, said:

“Throughout this operation we’ve been balancing the needs and wishes of everyone at Kirby Misperton. We will continue to work with people on all sides of the issue, ensuring those who remain and want to protest can do so safely, and minimising any disruption to the local community.”

More reaction

Reclaim the Peace, a Facebook group which describes itself as representing people inconvenienced by protests around the UK, welcomed the decision to close the camp.

In a statement on its Facebook page, the group said:

“We look forward to the protesters honouring their promises to return the illegally occupied field to its original state, and to leave sufficient money in an escrow account if that is not possible.

“Should the protesters decide to return to Kirby Misperton we also ask that they consult with the local population on whether their presence is required, and stop using false statements like “99.2% said no to fracking”. There was no survey done on fracking, and this figure refers to the number of objections to the planning proposal versus the number of letters of support.”

Updated 3 March 2018 to include extract from statement by Reclaim the Peace

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    • So not a lot of coverage on this site on the UK gas shortage emergency and the reliance on Russia to rescue the UK from a tight spot. Gotta say that the BEIS energy security report was one of the best-timed government research pieces ever! A sure candidate for the “wall of shame.” There’s always going to be gas available, but maybe not exactly when you need it, and sometimes not at prices many can afford. So, go on protesting the idea of bringing secure and inexpensive domestic gas supplies to the UK but remember that those who are least able to pay for the costs of your expensive moralizing are the ones who will bear the brunt. Some will pay with their lives.

    • “We are sure that the residents of Kirby Misperton who have had their daily lives disrupted by the activities of the protestors, many of whom are not local, will breathe a sigh of relief at the news they are leaving the area, as will our employees and suppliers who have been regularly intimidated and threatened.”

      Curious is it not, that Third Energy deny any responsibility for causing the entire problem in the first place? How many times have we said that if there are no invading fracking operators, there would have been no reason for protest in the first place

      If people had been properly and truthfully informed from the start and real gold standard regulations put in place that have real teeth and are not mere nods in the direction of the financially and organisationally crippled regulators. There would have been no reason for protest in the first place.

      If Third Energy had even tried to truthfully engage with the community that had been invaded there would have been no reason for protest in the first place.

      If the regulators even in their crippled state had actually enforced what few regulations that actually do apply to these operators, there would have been no reason for protest in the first place.

      if the operator Third Energy had actually obeyed any of the planning regulations and what few regulations that do apply to such an operation, there would have been no reason for protest in the first place.

      if the government had for one second actually listened to the local people and actually done anything about it, there would have been no reason for protest in the first place.

      if the police had protected the rights to protest of the public, and not turned their backs on every broken rule that Third Energy committed, there would have been no reason for protest in the first place.

      if the media had honestly reported the truth about fracking and the lies and obfuscations that the operators trotted out without being challenged by the media, there would have been no reason for protest in the first place.

      The list goes on.

      Failure is difficult, cover ups of that failure is frankly childish, denial that there was a problem in the first place, is frankly pathetic.

      Third Energy were set up to fail from the start, they were set up to never be in profit, and always be in debt to offshore parent companies that are not accessible to public scrutiny, they were little more than a front for Barclays Bank in what amounts to a financial farce that was nothing more than a financial scam.

      Will the site now be returned to its pristine state? I doubt it, no site has been returned so far, i dont expect KM8 to be so either. Further agendas to emerge yet.

      Bye for now, until next time?

      [Comment edited at poster’s request]

      • Phil C, both yourself and Drill or Drop seem to have missed out the comments from local residents, there are two antiprotester pages set up by a mix of pro and antifrackers in the Kirby Misperton area on Facebook.

        Here is the statement from Reclaim The Peace.

        Local residents welcome the decision by KMPC to close it’s main camp at Kirby Misperton.

        In light of the recent destruction of illegal timber structures by high winds at the camp, and the accident in which a public bus collided with cars left on an unlit 60mph road outside, we are relieved that the hazards posed by the camp to its inhabitants and members of the public will soon cease.

        We look forward to the protesters honouring their promises to return the illegally occupied field to its original state, and to leave sufficient money in an escrow account if that is not possible.

        Should the protesters decide to return to Kirby Misperton we also ask that they consult with the local population on wether their presence is required.

        Here is the statement from the second group, Ryedale Against Antisocial Protesters.

        In light of the letter to the PCC and the massive amount of support it gathered along with signatures and letters, that the Antisocial Protesters realised they were not as popular with the locals as they thought they were, they were not winning the propaganda battle with the local residents and have thought it best to leave.

        • Phil C, could you also explain how Third Energy could have
          engaged fully with the community, when at every meeting you had activists blowing whistles in the faces of local residents and Third Energy staff during community information meetings?

          • As for Third Energy not obeying the laws and regulations, could you explain why they did not carry out the frack during the loophole period, but waited for both the loophole to be closed along with waiting for Government permission?

            • Why will the KM8 site need to be restored to its pristine state now, when Third Energy have stated that they still intend to frack the well once given final permission, and also given that it shares the same site as one of Third Energy’s producing wells?

            • John , maybe you could explain why they haven’t been signed off to frack ? Oh right , its because they cant whilst being investigated over their dodgy accounting . The many breaches that have been brought to light by the EA may also have something to do with it . They are another tin pot scam company who have been rumbled mostly by the protesters .

            • ‘why they did not carry out the frack’

              Maybe at the last minute they realised the technical complications of fracking into UK shale.


              With the BGS stating their concern on future similar treatments maybe Third Energy got cold feet.

              Remember Cuadrilla have asked for a 2.9 magnitude threshold, larger than the 2.3 magnitude earthquake which was felt by many across the Fylde.

              I can’t see how third energy can prove commercial viability at a low magnitude threshold when Cuadrilla say they want 2.9 magnitude.

              Any mistake similar to Preese Hall would likely be a permanent end to a UK shale industry.

              Sometimes it is better to avoid thin ice than tread on it and risk going through.

            • Hi Jono and Ryor and John Powney, and hello again John Harrison, well well, or rather not very well well, so to speak, if you see what i mean?

              There seems to be a little flurry of raw nerve endings here about KM8?

              OK, let’s take these indignant questions from John Harrison one at a time shall we?

              Social media anti anti pressure groups and their anti social media social engineering status?

              We are told there are two anti anti social engineering set up pressure groups that oppose anti fracking protesters and ecological protectors?

              Firstly let me say this, I don’t “do” social media, at all, I don’t do Facebook, or twitter or any other chat line, I dont do any social media except, by association, e-mails on Drill Or Drop and very occasionally elsewhere.

              Why? Because I have always known such bodies to be nothing more or less than deliberately constructed social engineering platforms designed to influence the public’s mind and attention off important issues and onto irrelevant inconsequential or safe approved issues that are carefully directed to be harmless to the establishment view.

              These platforms, I believe are experimental forums for social engineering and are populated more and more by “shills”, “trolls”, “astroturfers” and “AI bots” and were from the very beginning nothing more than social control mechanisms to dumb down and divert and misinform the public in order to own and control an establishment control over what was intended to be perceived to be free and open interaction and discussion, but in fact is the precise reverse of that, the reality is that its about ownership of social communication and if you want an indication of its true purpose, then ask who owns every word and photo and video you post?

              They do, not you.

              Newspapers and tabloids were the previous forms of that and the reason i did not myself read newspapers after a certain point, was that i realised that they contained little more than opinion and were owned by around seven individuals and organisations that were and are irrevocably tied to central and deeper social control mechanisms. Once i realised that, i ceased to read newspapers, the few times that i have looked at one since has proved to me how correct that my decision to stop reading newspapers was. I did not ever get involved in social media for the same reason.

              An interesting aspect of this headlong rush into digitising everything, from books to official documents, to individual communication and pressure groups of one persuasion or another, is that anything digital can be modified, changed, re-emphasised, falsified all together, redacted, deleted, a la you tube, and re-aligned to an officially sanctioned view.

              Weapons of mass distraction so to speak.

              If you are in any doubt that the recent expansion of censoring and deletion of independent reporting on non partisan web sites, social media and especially you tube, perhaps look at the Corbett Report i posted the other day or look at this link here:


              While you are there i suggest to subscribe to non tracing search engines such as DuckDuckGo, and alternatives such as Bit Chute that has no declared totalitarian censorship agenda and does not redact your content without warning and does not trace your internet traffic.

              I also reported the other day that the tory party was carrying out a concerted effort to “astroturf” social media in order to re-emphasise and “reframe”, an NLP expression, the attitudes and content of what is posted, what is not allowed to be posted, what is owned and can be reframed, and what is entirely deleted so that it has, in record terms, “never existed”

              Now i am sure that the recent tory party move to own the arguments regarding political promotion and derogation of the opposition, is not alone, it has long been known that many of the established media and news agencies are funded by the many alphabet soup secret service agencies in order to redirect and censor issues that are laid before the public eye and ear and hence their minds.

              I dont particularly care who those agencies are, there are plenty of independent news sites that will tell you, or what their agenda is, as far as i am concerned anything that seeks to redirect and reframe public opinion to propagate the present insane status quo, is against any precept i myself hold true and worth defending.

              So i would say, that you may reproduce any such social media pressure groups you like, i myself dont subscribe to such things and as far as i am concerned, such anti anti posts are largely, if not completely owned and funded and promoted by the onshore HPHF operators and their many PR agencies that are hired to oppose the protesters and ecological protectors.

              The evidence on the ground, an interesting phrase, proves that honest opinion of the local communities is totally against fracking and the invading operators, what is on social media however is not of any remarkable consequence, since the very platform is compromised from the get go and has little or nothing to do with anything but establishment and corporate agendas, and therefore cannot be held up, by one side or another, as anything but a social engineering platform, and is therefore quite irrelevant.

              A bit long winded i am afraid, but i think that it is important to establish precisely why i take no notice of social media, and hence reject the claims that such examples as you presented are anything more than transparent astroturfing.

              I hope that answers your first post.

            • PS, I consider that the very recent declared Labour support of anti fracking, is oddly timed and is perhaps an attempt to highjack and centralise the issue, and much as the resounding silence and confusion of issues regarding fracking when such support would have been appreciated, but perhaps suspect as a politicking issue, rather than an honest central issue. I would suspect this sudden declaration and i know that the true strength of the anti fracking activity is non centralised and hence is essentially a “guerilla” movement, which is the only assured way of opposing an over organised aggressor and is as such a time honoured response.

              I am concerned that when ineos took out in a secret court behind everyone’s back, an injuction which contravenes human rights and the right of democratic protest, where were Labour then? Were there questions in parliament? Published support articles? There were and are certain brave individuals who made declarations of opposition to a secret court injunction, but that does not seem to have been supported centrally?

              I am also concerned that the recent Labour move to support the anti fracking movement may seek to centralise the movement and as i consider politics to be a deeply compromised and corrupt system as it stands, i can only see that it is a welcome approach, but essentially, it should remain as a loosely affiliated independent non centralised movement that cannot be collectively compromised at a centralised level of political machinations.

              I may be alone in that view here, but truth is truth, and i would rather call a frack a frack, rather than pussyfoot around some political illusion of party politics or other.

              Just in case you thought i was in the least bit supportive of any individual party political affiliation you understand.

            • A rather long winded waffle that failed to answer the points, but just dismissed the feelings and opinions of local residents as mere astroturfing.

              This is the mistake made by the activists that moved to KM, along with the attitude that any impact they had on locals was acceptable collateral damage.

              No one realised that many of these residents had seen and heard much of the scaremongering 20 or so years earlier during the R.A.G.E (Ryedale against gas exploration) campaign.
              None of the claimed events have materialised during Viking gas and then Third Energy’s operation of the Ryedale gas field.

              The game is up for the activists at KM, and they know it.
              The likes of Crane, Hammond and co left for Mission Springs weeks ago.

              All the local residents want now is for the field to be cleaned up and returned to its legal owner, the funding and accounts of the camp to be made publicly available and for life to return to its usual quite, peaceful and disruption free state.

            • Oh dear oh dear, here we go again?

              Wrong John, that is not true at all, i said nothing of the sort and you know it, as for long winded waffle, that is really funny, since at least i put all the points in one post, which you ignored, not spread over several posts, so sorry, no cigar so far.

              I don’t dismiss anything but social media itself and i have no interest in anything said upon it in anyway whatsoever, no matter what the agenda one way or the other. So please try to get your facts right, or left, or wherever suits you.

              I don’t believe that anti anti groups are genuine local residents either, just more industry hacks, and i said so and you didn’t answer that either, so that makes you guilty of your own accusations. Social media is an instrument of social and political and corporate influence and disinformation pure and simple and i don’t bother with such social manipulation, not for one second, nor do i have any interest in what is, or is not said.

              Its all smoke and mirrors, the opinion “on the ground” is not what those few anti anti groups would indicate, it is that which is the issue, not some lame excuse or disingenuous accusation that i dismiss true local opinion, i do nothing of the sort, i talk to real people face to face so i can see the truth, or otherwise of what they say. Can you say the same?

              the real disruption and inconvenience came from Third Energy, protest would not have been necessary at all if the list and far more had been done from the beginning. But it was not, so both the government and Third energy are equally to blame for the protest reaction.

              Welcome to the real world.

              All your latest post has said is to repeat the same old rubbish that protest is some how to blame for protesting to an industry which invaded their countryside unannounced and unwelcome and proceeded to intimidate, obfuscate, fail to communicate and bully and criminalise any attempt to protest. That is the real truth of the matter and you know it.

              No fracking invasion, no protest, pures and simples.

              The simple fact is that it is in fact it was Barclays Bank posing as Third Energy who are owned by unaccountable and untraceable offshore tax haven parent companies that ensure that Third Energy is constantly never in profit and constantly in debt and hence would never ever provide any benefit for the government and the tax payer who fund the very police that attempt to intimidate and crush and criminalise legal protest and objection. That was the cause and that was the danger and that was the inconvenience to local residents.

              Have you never heard of “Cause and Effect”? and “For Every Action there is an Equal and Opposite Reaction?” Simple physics isnt it?

              What fracking has revealed is that the entire system of present government and finance and indeed the legal system is totally inadequate for any other task than preserving establishment control and manipulation imperatives and as such is not fit for purpose to anything else than exploit the tax payer slave and keep him and her ignorant of the depth of corruption of the entire process.

              That is what has been revealed by fracking, and it is that which must be addressed before anything can improve in this country or any other country.

              Sorry, no go, try another frack tack, this one is lying on the floor coughing up accountants.

            • Hi PhilC.
              Thanks for your post; I agree with you on many points.

              However, in regard to the ‘timing’ of support for anti- fracking from the Labour Party I would like to put the following into your domain:

              There are members, in particular Councillors who have supported the fight against shale gas extraction in the UK from the beginning (over 10 years). The reasons for their involvement is mainly centered on protecting the environment and the rights of the local residents/jobs and the repercussions on the community and its support systems.

              Recently, due to many conversations which have reached the higher tiers of decision makers within the party, fracking was seriously discussed by all members. As the industry has not yet begun in this country to inflict the devastation predicted (and apologies if this seems to dismiss the increased stress and anxiety felt by those closest to the developments; it is not meant that way), for this reason, I believe, the stance against fracking on the effect on Climate Change was taken; the biggest threat to our country, bigger even than the narratives from the East.

              As a result, more and more Labour spokespersons, MPs and would be MPs are getting involved; it is after all now part of the manifesto and a legitimate canvassing prospect.

              To date, the shale gas industry in the UK has produced zilch; hallelujah. I acknowledge this has been achieved by members of all political parties in a united front against the colonial mentality old ‘persons’ club.

              Rather than put down the appearance of some, you should praise the many Labour members who have given and still are giving all available hours, days, years for free, diverting time and effort from their own time to keep the pressure on; often organising information events, marches with the help of union support (for all threats to the many, including the destruction of the NHS), buses to events, council and appeal meetings and standing up and speaking out in council meetings, planning meetings and in many cases turning local councils into clean energy supporters through local plans, to provide a safe, clean future for those yet to be born.

              I respect your non-political stance. You don’t have to support or join a ‘colour’ club to make choices, but in the end your vote will make the change from one policy set to another. I predict that many opposers of fracking will break their shackles of traditional and genealogical voting and start reading the small print. Hopefully they will make the best decisions for our country and its 66 million occupants. The current governance have proven they have deaf ears to the populous, so whatever their policies there will be no influence from us, only the party donators.

              The machine turns slowly, not unlike a supertanker, but turn it eventually will.

            • Hi Sherwulfe, yes, you are probably right, or rather left, (that’s a joke!)

              I don’t mean to put down those special individuals of any party, who have worked to raise this vitally important subject and others above the party parapet into central policy light of day.

              I am probably being rather tough on Labour collectively however because of the particular Labour Party central party policy umming and ahhing about where they stood as regards the particular the matter of the Ineos injunctions and the fracking issue in general.

              I would have hoped for a more concerted and constant approach from an opposition party to highlight the pollution, the anti democratic use of the police and the injunction issue that has threatened centuries of human rights of protest and free speech and action. Those issue were not raised, as far as i can ascertain, by one single politician of any persuasion, and i can only ask myself why? Costs seem to be the only forum of discussion? I think there are far more important issues at stake here.

              Call it frustration perhaps?

              The humiliation of Third Energy, admitted or not, has perhaps provided a ready platform for Labour to push more and raise issues in parliament, but i still feel that it must remain a local across the board public issue rather than an individual party owned and coordinated political issue only. That single result has largely been a result of the public coming together and saying “No” and the secondary reason was the utter failure of Barclays Bank posing as Third Energy to handle its obviously dodgy tin pot operation without tripping over their own accounts and ignoring what few regulations and planning conditions that were admitted to?

              I am always amused by the “non local professional activist” accusation attempted trash epithets levied by the anti antis and reproduced by Third Energy above, since it is they, Third Energy who are themselves “from out of town” and are “non local professional activists!”

              Funny isnt it?

              I am not specifically party political, though i was some time ago when i thought the process itself could be moved forward and out of the dreadful mire it has gotten itself bogged down in. That turned out to reveal in stead how entrenched were the deeper attitudes of “us and them” which negated any attempt to bring people together for the betterment of all. There was also the seemingly quite accepted personal feather bedding approach. I became dismayed about the entire process and have never really trusted any party since.

              So, yes, apologies if i stepped on any toes, and i do see protest against fracking and its related avoidance of the term activities needs some support from local politicians and more pressure on the present government from central Labour Party politicians and is welcome, if a bit late.

            • Hi PhilC
              To drive the car, you have to start the engine; that engine has to be fit for purpose. The current governance is not fit for purpose.

              Though not political myself i like to know exactly what I am voting for, warts and all. No party is perfect; I think sometimes all MPs should be independents? To truly represent the needs of the area they represent, without party political bias. Many would argue that there would be too much talking; I say bring it on. Talking gets to the truth behind the narrative, action instead of spin. Too much of ‘your side my side’ only gets 600+ people drawing over £70,000 a piece and nothing done.

              I hate the postmodern way of naming things, putting people in categories to study them at academia. I hate the use of ‘class’, an extension of ‘school’, and segregation by age. No wonder our society has so many biases, it’s instigated as soon as you enter the system.

              If that makes me a post modern ‘lefty’ so be it. I call it being human 😉

            • Agreed Sherwulfe, this present government have unwittingly revealed how misappropriated the entire governmental financial and legal systems have become.
              As you say, being a human being means care for all, not privilege for the few.
              Time to overhaul the entire system with perhaps direct democracy, for a while at least, to bring it all back into the hands of the many and out of the hands of the few.
              The sun is shining and spring is on the way.
              Perhaps a democratic spring is also on the way?
              Have a great Sunday!

          • RAAP has descended into chaos where a number have now elected to no longer post in that group, hardly a credible reference John Harrison.

    • Some of the main ones from the KMPC, like Louwheeze and the man with a cat for a hat are already residing at Mission Springs.
      They will no doubt appear at some point during the planned three months of direct action at PNR to make nuisances of themselves.

  1. There are times when I’d like there to be a ‘like’ button for the comments on these articles – consider your post ‘liked’ by me anyway, Phil C!

    • As Frack Off have always said, A well organised community is the best way of stopping this industry.

      The industry will always fail when confronted by those protecting their homes, their health, and their environment.

      When legal teams, environmental specialists and planning experts join forces with dedicated locals, peaceful protectors, and landowners, no industry that is neither needed nor wanted could ever succeed.

      They thought they could convince us, they thought they could buy us, and they thought they could bully us

      How very very wrong they were.

      Well done Frack Free Ryedale and all your supporters.

      • If the activists have really been successful and beaten Third Energy, why are they still going to carry on manning the gate camp?

        • An industry which meticulously plans way in advance, gets full planning to frack in 2010, and then produces nothing in 8 years because of the resolve of well organised communities, is an industry that has been well and truly beaten.

          Their last ditched predictable attempts which are being thrown on the table at the moment will, like all attempts so far, fail.

          Investors will realise why the big players reject UK shale and support will soon dry up.

  2. With all the hope in the world, let this be the shape of things to come for every camp and oil/gas site in the UK. None of us should be being treated in this way by any of these Companies.

    • And neither should we be treated in this way by any government of any flavour. Defining a ridiculously high volume of water below which it’s not considered fracking, and without any reference to pressure, is beneath contempt. Declaring the Weald as a ‘conventional’ area is beneath contempt. Failing to punish companies that break the regulations is beneath contempt. Compromising the regulations is beneath contempt. This government has made so many concessions to this industry that one simply has to smell a rat.

  3. All the equipment for fracking was in place and ready to go but is now being cleared off the site. Why did TE get everything prepared and get all the equipment ready before receiving final permission? Why were they allowed to do the workover before the Hydraulic Fracture Plan was signed off by the Secretary of State? Why was their financial resilience not checked before planning permission was given? If they had waited no protests would have started yet and hundreds of thousands of pounds would not have been spent on policing – something which would be supported by pro/anti frackers, pro/anti protestors alike. Fracking is no longer imminent – it will take time to get everything on and ready again. It’s wait and see time. In the meantime protectors have the opportunity to keep their promise and restore the field they borrowed to it’s former condition, the Forward Protection Camp can continue to monitor KM8 and there are enough local people against fracking to be galvanised into action if the need arises. Reclaim the Peace and Ryedale Against Anti-social Protestors are naïve if they think once the camp is closed there will be nobody ready to protect their homes, health and environment.

  4. This is a major victory for anti frackers, especially the protesters who blocked the roads and stopped Third Energy from fracking at KM8. Lets face it, if there had been no protests Third Energy would have been fracking months before now. Well done KM8 protesters, you have done the residents of Kirby Misperton a massive service, even if some of them don’t appreciate it. Ineos are next in North Yorkshire, lets see them booted out as well.

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