Dame and Baroness threaten to breach Cuadrilla’s fracking protest injunction

Jenny Jones

Baroness Jones. Photo: Still from video by High Def Media Inc

A Dame and a Baroness have said they are willing to break the injunction against protests outside Cuadrilla’s shale gas site near Blackpool.

The fashion designer, Dame Vivienne Westwood, and the Green Party Peer, Baroness Jenny Jones, made their threat as Cuadrilla prepares to frack the UK’s first horizontal shale gas well.

Hydraulic fracturing at the site at Preston New Road is expected within weeks.

The company has also applied for government consent for the second well.

In a Twitter campaign, launched yesterday, Baroness Jones said:

“I’m obviously a very law-abiding citizen until the law doesn’t make sense anymore. And while I wouldn’t advocate anyone breaking the law, I actually would be prepared to come up to Preston New Road and break the injunction because I think it is a misguided way to prevent protest and so I wish everyone at Preston New Road a huge amount of luck and goodwill and I hope that if the injunction is broken Cuadrilla sees sense and doesn’t prosecute.”

DrillOrDrop understands that Dame Vivienne, a long-standing campaigner against fracking, is also willing to breach the injunction. Earlier this year, she modelled clothes with anti-fracking slogans at a catwalk show outside Ineos headquarters in Knightsbridge.

Sources close to Dame Vivienne said today:

“Vivienne Westwood has said she will join Baroness Jenny Jones in breaking the Cuadrilla injunction.

“Her attention was first alerted by the Ineos injunction. Now the cancer is spreading to Cuadrilla. They, like Ineos, are acting in an undemocratic way, buying the law to deter people from their human right to protest against fracking”.

180215 INEOS injunction protest Talk Fracking 2

Anti-fracking cat walk show outside Ineos headquarters on 15 February 2018. Photo: Talk Fracking

Today, the Green Party’s co-leader and sole MP, Caroline Lucas, tweeted:

“When the democratic deficit is so enormous, people are left with very little option but to take peaceful, non-violent direct action.”

Caroline Lucas on BreakTheLine

Legal action against injunction  breach

Last month, Cuadrilla said it would take legal action against the first challenge to the injunction (DrillOrDrop report).

Six anti-fracking protesters locked themselves together outside the site entrance on 24 July 2018. They described their action as “a deliberate attempt to highlight the abuse of the law by Cuadrilla”.

The company said the protesters “unlawfully blocked the entrance” of the site “clearly breaching the terms of the High Court injunction”.

A company spokesperson said:

“Cuadrilla will make a committal application to the Court in respect of each of the people who breached the injunction, which sets out the breaches of the injunction with supporting evidence.

“A hearing will be listed by the High Court at which those who breached the injunction will be summoned to appear.

“A Judge will consider the applications and hear any evidence that those who breached the injunction wish to submit in their defence and will then decide whether they committed contempt of court and if so, what penalty should be imposed.

“The range of penalties includes, fines, seizure of assets and custodial sentences of up to two years.”

The injunction was granted on 11 July 2018 (DrillOrDrop report) against a range of protest actions outside the site by “persons unknown”.

Cuadrilla has repeatedly said it was not seeking to prevent lawful protest. The High Court order specifically outlaws trespass, lock-on, slow-walking and lorry surfing protests, tactics that have been used in anti-fracking direct actions across England. It also prohibited “unlawful disruption” of named Cuadrilla suppliers.

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  1. Or, Jack, I could have been someone who bought that Igas non fracking share (yet) at 75p and sold at 120p within a short time frame. We have discussed this before. There are some long term holders of such shares, but just as many who trade in and out when they think they can make some return. Perhaps they then secure that “income” to help pay rising energy bills?

    Maybe there are a few who loaded up on Angus shares and are now happy bunnies? Some might hold and may lose or gain more, some may sell and secure the gain. Others may just decide to go to the Bookies.



      Judging by the tone of your posts, there have been NO large profits coming your way .

      • ‘Others may just decide to go to the Bookies.’ – shocking; glad you acknowledge this is just a betting game 🙂

  2. No, Sherwulfe, I post references where appropriate. Jack knows that-he has received such in the past. Can’t be doing with those too lazy to then follow them. Seems some can’t even follow a simple reference to their local paper, but don’t expect me to send them a copy.

    Does anyone who is interested in energy supply in UK need a link to tell them what is happening to prices?

    • Well, you must be posting them on a different forum, or maybe you have special dispensation and get them hidden from public view.?

      Don’t call people lazy Martin, it’s impolite…

      ‘Does anyone who is interested in energy supply in UK need a link to tell them what is happening to prices?’ – it wouldn’t hurt, then the thread keeps going 🙂

    • MARTIN ,

      Ladies and Gentleman , ALL that have been here for some time will know what MARTIN is tefering to .

      AS YOU will ALL know MARTIN NEVER backs anything up with any evidence or links ( NEVER )

      To recap on the matter,

      After a long tooing and froing and cryptic clues, MARTIN finally directed me to an article in the Times Newspaper ( no link though )

      On trying to download the article from the Times, I was blocked and asked to subscribe ( make a payment ) to the Newspaper …

      On informing MARTIN of this, he then suggested I should go out and buy the newspaper , or pop on down to my local library to read for free ….. REALLY this is no wind up ..

      I put it to you members of the forum, was I asking for to much wanting a link to the article, or should I have as MARTIN suggested , popped on down to my local library to read the article ??????

      MARTIN …….. WHY is it that unlike ALL OTHERS on here , you NEVER back anything up with links to your source ???

  3. Erm, Jack, it was not you I referred to! And if it had been, you then just happen not to include that reference NT I then gave the reference to the independent journalist details so you could access her article on line to read it, as the Times is funny about such things. And what did you do? Debunk the journalist because of something else she had written that didn’t agree with you!

    Perhaps that answers your ???

    I have said before, I don’t expect some to believe what I post. That is their choice. Others, can make up their own minds. I expect them to know why agricultural diesel is red and why it is not vegetable oil without having to show them the link.


      YOU are correct to point out that you did NOT specifically identify the forum member you were talking about……

      I am though one of a very select few who have been branded by you as being ” lazy ” and falling in to your category of ” some can’t even follow a simple reference to their local paper ”

      It is therefore reasonable for one to assume that your comments may be directed at them ..

      • UNLIKE YOU ….. MARTIN ,

        As the last couple of days of debate between the two of us can show , I present credible sources with LINKS to back up what I say ..

        YOU on the other hand either go very quiet and don’t respond at all, or offer forum members your word only……

        The evidence is all here for members to see with their own eyes .

        Also for the record …… I am fully aware as to , quote , ” why agricultural diesel is red and why it is not vegetable oil .”

  4. There you go then Jack. A link would have been wasted on you, reference red diesel!

    By the way-I don’t expect the Times to be anyone’s local paper. The information was there-you simply ignored it. Don’t try for a job in sales.

    Ask Sherwulfe about a certain lady poster who had to deny piling was done on domestic dwellings. It showed me she didn’t bother to research what she posted but just did so to try and undermine another contributor. Sherwulfe kindly put her right-without the need for a link. If I had posted a link in the first place would I have learned anything?

    I do have a laugh with another poster who posted that Third Energy was owned by the Barclay Brothers. Not because he made a mistake but because he didn’t check simple facts and then tries to convince others his factual knowledge is superior to theirs.

    I’m sorry you don’t appreciate my posts but I post in the way I do for very good reasons. I will not explain any more what they are except to say the method produces helpful information for me, and has done for over 40 years in other situations-so, you are stuck with it. Old dog, and all that.

    I have learned today that someone is very open to jumping to false conclusions. That tells me something about other conclusions they come to. Never forget, you can learn something new every day.

    Me bitter? Nope. A very happy bunny. Thought where the term anti-depressant comes from?

    Anyway, enough of this. I have to play footy with the dog before it rains. United Utilities will be wondering what to do with it all!

    • Martin, calm down; you misinformation is glaring.

      Links help posters check your ideas, your opinions; it’s not a crime not to add reference, but it does help your credibility.

      No back up is like turning to a person in the bus queue and saying ‘it’s going to rain’, when there’s not a single cloud in the sky….try it and see the look you get. That’s why we ask you for evidence; of course if the person were to ask and you pull out your IPad with your met office weather modeling program on it and announce you work for said agency (showing your security badge of course) then the statement ‘it’s going to rain’ takes on a whole new meaning – that’s what we need from you.

      About that lady poster, we all make mistakes; it seems they accepted my contribution graciously; happily I am not the type to remind them every other article of said mistake, unlike some…

      Enjoy the footy and the rain. It’s a shame we cannot export this commodity to Australia right now; we’d clear the blue’s deficit in no time at all 😉

  5. Well thanks for your opinions Sherwulfe, but I ignored them as there were no links!

    You (we) need nothing from me Sherwulfe. Good try at trying to impose your views, but no cigar. If you can’t manage my approach, ignore my posts. Simples. Didn’t think my posts were so worrying, or that the met office was always correct-“there will be no hurricane”.

    Thanks for your advice. Some for yourself. If you make up a story make sure the facts add up otherwise your story proves the opposite of what you intend. Apologies for raising the taboo “facts”.

    The dog lost, then made a lot of noise questioning the result so has been confined. A lesson there?

    • ‘The dog lost, then made a lot of noise questioning the result so has been confined. A lesson there?’ – worrying you thought this important, more worrying you thought the dog had an opinion, and as you did not agree that opinion, you locked him up….

      ‘Good try at trying to impose your views, but no cigar.’, not about views Martin, about raising your credibility status, a real person would jump at the chance; seems that’s not your remit, just an antagonist then? No point, ever. Classic PR spin.

      Still haven’t got it?

  6. Still no link from you Sherwulfe, so it can’t be true.

    Yes, my dog has an opinion about a lot of things.

    I am quite happy with my credibility status, Sherwulfe. I am a real person. You are the one worried about it. You are also one who asks Paul to moderate posters that post items you find uncomfortable. Relax, people have different experiences and views. Trying to edit either says more about you than me.

    If I was “no point, ever” you would simply ignore the posts, but you seem too worried to do that. Hmmm-even my dog would form an opinion about that. He is a good judge of people.

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