Key staff quit Cuadrilla as company scales down fracking site

pnr 191129 Maxine Gill2

Cuadrilla’s shale gas site at Preston New Road, 29 November 2019. Photo: Maxine Gill

At least 10 staff have said they have left the shale gas company, Cuadrilla, in the past few months.

They include the senior geoscientist, financial controller, communications manager, director of government and public affairs and the executive assistant to the CEO, Francis Egan.

Some have posted online that they have moved to other posts. Others have said they have been “released” from their current positions with Cuadrilla and are looking for other jobs.

The news comes as the company reported it had suspended the two shale gas wells at the Preston New Road site.

There are also plans to increase the speed limit on the road outside the site and police numbers have been reduced.

Key departures

Analysis of Linkedin accounts shows that at least three members of staff left Cuadrilla in August 2019.

They were the company’s senior geoscientist, who had been with Cuadrilla for 10 years. An executive project manager and a communications manager also left that month.

August saw the company begin fracking the site’s second well, PNR-2. The British Geological Survey recorded 134 earth tremors after just 7 days of fracking. They included the UK’s largest fracking-induced seismic event, measuring 2.9ML.

The industry regulator, the Oil & Gas Authority suspended fracking within hours. Just over two months later, the government introduced a moratorium on fracking in England because of concerns about the risk of tremors.

190829 bubble chart Refracktion

Relative size of earth tremors induced by fracking at Cuadrilla’s Preston New Road site, 15-29 August 2019. Chart: Refracktion

In November, at least five more staff said they left Cuadrilla.

The company’s financial controller wrote:

“I will be leaving my current role at the end of November and am available to discuss new roles in the North West”.

Francis Egan’s executive assistant said:

“I find myself in unknown waters and will be released from my current position at the end of November. I am available to discuss new roles and interview at your convenience.”

Sam Schofield, the communications manager, also appears to have left last month. He now says his time at Cuadrilla ran from January 2014 to November 2019.

During September, his role included visiting people who had claimed the 2.9ML tremor damaged plaster and brickwork in their homes (DrillOrDrop report).

A health and safety engineer wrote on Linkedin last month that it was “with some sadness” that he left Cuadrilla and Preston New Road. He said he would “honestly miss the site … it’s like no place I have ever worked”. He added:

“never got a chance to say goodbye to many of you …  keep that flame alive!”

A security and risk management consultant also said his role with the company ended in November 2019.

The departures appear to be continuing.

A supply chain, procurement and contracts officer wrote on Linkedin:

“I will be leaving my current position at the end of December so I am looking for supply chain & procurement/contract management opportunities in 2020.”

The director of government and public affairs, Matt Lambert, has been with Cuadrilla since 2013. He now lists his job from December 2019 as chief executive at the Federation for Industry Sector Skills and Standards.

Cuadrilla’s most recent accounts, for 2018, said the company had 26 employees.

DrillOrDrop asked the company to confirm that the staff we identified have left. We also asked how many of the staff who said they had left had gone voluntarily and how many were made redundant. We further asked whether this turnover was normal for the company or related to the moratorium and earlier earth tremors. The company has not responded.


Cuadrilla’s planning permission to drill and frack at Preston New Road expired last week.

The company still has consent to test PNR-2 and the first well, PNR-1z. It has said it will apply for an extension to drill and frack two more wells at the site. For the next 3-6 months, it is testing the pressure response of the shale reservoir.

In an update for members of the Preston New Road community liaison group, Cuadrilla said flow testing on PNR2 had finished and that equipment had been taken off the site. December 2019 update to Preston New Road community liaison group (pdf)

“We are now going through an exercise of consolidating our inventory, so some equipment and materials may be seen moving on and off the site, but this is not linked to any forthcoming well operations.”

The company said it had closed the site viewing area and a previous phone inquiry number (0800 901 2492). It was reviewing whether to remove heras fencing across the site entrance bellmouth.

Lancashire Police said it had reduced numbers at the site to two officers and what it called a “small team of police liaison officers”. This would be reduced further, the force said, following the removal of the campaigners’ Gate Camp at the end of last month. There are also plans to reinstate the 50mph limit on Preston New Road.

  • Inquiries to Cuadrilla can be made using 01772 585 450 or

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    • Pointless and futile distraction from the fact that Cuadrilla have sacked their key staff. No staff means no industry. Multi tasking has it’s limitations. Even the most desperate and gullible investor will cut their heavy losses.
      Let’s hope Cuadrilla saw fit to offer large termination payouts to those who have been laid off. They could pull in funds from all their other highly productive European fracking sites to offset the millions lost in failed Lancashire sites.

    • Who will you vote for?

      Perhaps the links between Boris Johnson and a Russian billionaire son of a former KGB spy and a Russian funded compromised government and Prime Minister is more to your taste?

      In the media we have seen the Russian nerve agent poisonings in Salisbury and the media wide spread of Russian interference in elections. The Russian funded and influenced Conservative Party. And then there is the Climate Science Denial and Fossil Fuel Industry Tory donors.

      And for Jeremy Corbyn there is the continued accusations of Anti Semitism which seems to apply equally to the Conservative Party. Just one issue of an ongoing series of accusations in the Tory media. The Tory dirty tricks department seem to be in overdrive.

      It would appear that the Russian funded Conservative Party and their Russian compromised Prime Minister Boris Johnson would be an odd choice for a future government of any validity in this important election.

      Then there is the evidence of the late released and heavily redacted Fracking Report illegally defying the Law Courts Order. What was subsequently released was nothing other than blacked out pages which effectively defied the Courts Order. Boris Johnson also blocked the release of the Security Dosier Report into the claims of Russian Interference in US and UK elections. There is also persistent avoidance of Boris Johnson to debate on election issues in a public forum. Maybe tonight’s proposed Head to Head will reveal why.

      “Is This Why Boris Johnson Blocked the Release of Report into Russian Interference? – Peter Jukes”

      The Super Wealthy Tory Donors with Ties to Climate Science Denial and Fossil Fuels

      Election 2019: Boris Johnson Top Beneficiary of Donations from Supporters of Climate Science Denial

      Election 2019: Here Are All the Brexit Party’s Climate Science Deniers

      Tonight’s Head to Head should be interesting. If Boris Johnson turns up.

      • Who I vote for David will not be influenced by you posting a load of fake news and conspiracy twaddle.

        But, you may be lucky and find someone who is. Unfortunately, I suspect they would be too young to vote.

        • Prove any of those reports to be wrong or conspiracy theory Martin. The late publishing of the heavily redacted Fracking Repert for example is a matter of public record.
          The fact that Boris Johnson blocked the release of the Security Dossier report on interference by the Russians in the US and UK elections is a matter of public record.
          The Boris Johnson compromised drunken partying with the billionaire son of a former Russian KGB agent is a matter of public record.
          The Russian funding of the Conservative Party is a matter of public record. What compromising blackmail evidence is kept on Boris Johnson as a result?
          The Russian interference in elections and poisoning of an ex Russian spy and his daughter and two others is a matter of public record.
          The accusations of Anti Sematism are a matter of public record, as are the claims that the Conservative Party are also culpable.
          The Climate Science deniers and Fossil Fuel donors of the Conservative Party is a matter of public record.
          The refusal by Boris Johnson to attend public debates including the Climate debate on Channel 4, is a matter of public record, this evening may or may not be the exception.

          Please supply your contrary evidence that proves that any of those reports are ‘twaddle’ or ‘conspiracy theories’ in any way whatsoever Martin.

          I suspect any who believe your claims that are evidentially contrary to matters of public record to be ‘twaddle’ or ‘conspiracy theory’ were either born yesterday or yet to be born any other day.

          Please provide evidential proof of your claims Martin not those laughably vacuous accusations of twaddle or conspiracy theory.

          • Keep it going David.

            I am sure it makes you feel happy. Maybe you do base your vote (if you have one) on such twaddle and conspiracy theory. There are plenty of candidates to vote for if that is your choice. If the Raving Monster Loony Party is not standing locally, there will be others who come close. Maybe JC who moans about billionaires and “wants” supporter owned football clubs but supports Arsenal, owned by billionaires, and regarded amongst most football supporters as the club for bankers? Moans about tax avoidance but was fined for late completion of his tax return? Yep, plenty of choice. Or, you could have a look at your local Green candidate and examine how green their own lifestyle actually is. Yep, plenty of choice.

            Nothing like a General Election to unearth the level of hypocrisy that permeates society, masked by conspiracy theory and twaddle. But, remove/ignore the latter and the hypocrisy becomes unmasked.

            • It is not necessary to ‘keep it going’ Martin. The total lack of contrary evidence in your replies only serves to ‘keep it going’ with such laughably inadequate ‘twaddle’ and ‘conspiracy theories.’
              If you can’t provide contrary evidence, then any such denial and laughable accusations are proved to be patently untrue.

              Thank you, I shall treat your replies as:

              ‘No contrary evidence supplied’.

              Perhaps the words ‘twaddle’ and ‘conspiracy theory’ applies only to those accusations in your replies rather than the reported matters of public record as listed.

              Keep it going if you wish. But perhaps only evidence to the contrary will hold any validity at all.

              • Well, David, when you start producing “evidence” rather than conspiracy theory and twaddle then I may take you seriously. Until then, enjoy the next week. Fertile ground, but you will find the majority have already decided where their votes will be placed-although some, like 5% Len wish to suggest different. The “undecided” sold quite a few extra Polls at the end of the Scottish Ref. campaign, whereas most had decided weeks before.

                Perhaps and speculation are good mates to conspiracy theory and twaddle. I think you have a Full House!

                • Once again Martin, you fail to supply any contrary evidence for anything other than repeating the same laughably inadequate ‘twaddle’ and ‘conspiracy theory’. Perhaps your own words fit your own lack of evidence or proof of any such denial admirably. As a result, those unsupported and laughable excuses only serve to describe your own words in that respect.

                  There are no such things as ‘twaddle’ and ‘conspiracy theory’ to prove or otherwise. Those are your own laughably inadequate excuses that say nothing, and therefore those words are for you to prove. And so far from your replies you have proved no such thing.

                  Here are the reports again, just to remind you in case you forgot.

                  The governments late publishing of the almost entirely redacted Fracking Report is a matter of public record and is reported by DrillorDrop:

                  Boris Johnson blocked the release of the Security Dossier report on interference by the Russians in the US and UK elections is a matter of public record.

                  Boris Johnson barely able to walk according to fellow travellers after compromising himself in drunken partying with the billionaire son of a former Russian KGB agent is a matter of public record.
                  What compromising blackmail evidence is kept on Boris Johnson as a result of those drunken parties?

                  Russian funding of the Conservative Party is a matter of public record.

                  The Russian interference in elections and poisoning of an ex Russian spy and his daughter and two others is a matter of public record.
                  The accusations of Anti Sematism against Jeremy Corbyn are a matter of public record, as are the claims that the Conservative Party are also culpable.
                  Climate Science deniers and Fossil Fuel donors of the Conservative Party is a matter of public record.
                  Boris Johnson refused to attend public debates including the Climate debate on Channel 4, is a matter of public record.

                  Once again, Thank you, I shall treat your replies as ‘No contrary evidence available or supplied’. Keep it going if you wish. But perhaps only evidence to the contrary will hold any validity at all.

                  Perhaps [?} and ‘speculation’ are ‘good mates’ to your own claims of ‘conspiracy theory’ and ‘twaddle’. Your own words. Perhaps the only ‘Full House’ in that context is your own.

                  As you say. When you start producing ‘evidence’ rather than of ‘conspiracy theory’ and ‘twaddle’ then I may take you seriously.
                  Until then, enjoy the weekend and watch the putative ‘Head to Head’ tonight.

                • Why watch the “head to head”??

                  Same every time. The media create a nonsense, the two parties get attacked, and that is “entertainment”. The Romans did it so much better.

                  Might be more valuable if there had not been the endless 3 years plus when the public have watched and listened far more to politicians than they usually do. I suppose after that, conspiracy theories and twaddle are all that are left to dwell upon.

                  By the way, someone needs to tell Andrew N chlorinated chicken is no more an animal welfare issue than chlorinated lettuce. It is a food hygiene treatment. And food labelling allows origins to be identified, so no issue. Those happy to visit USA on holiday and chomp US chicken, could decide if they wanted to do the same when they return home. No wonder Boris has better ways to spend his time.

                • Your words are full of problems and stuttering repetitive caveats and blame and shows a total avoidance of any semblance to the reality of the reports mentioned Martin.

                  Nothing will ever get anywhere with that attitude. No wonder fracking failed and Cuadrilla staff were ‘released” from their current positions with Cuadrilla and are looking for other jobs. Cuadrilla was choked from within and stopped from without with such a depressing defeatist attitude.

                  Whereas the opposition know they are right to object and did not relent or find lots of excuses not to address the real issues that matter. That is why Cuadrilla are seeking to ‘consolidate their inventory’ apparently that goes for staff as well as equipment. That’s gratitude for you. Even their staff are expendable. Perhaps especially their staff are expendable. The rest of the staff had better start looking too.

                  Soon there will not be enough heads in Cuadrilla for a head to head.

                • Martin. I think you’ll find ch,ordinated chicken is very much an animal welfare issue. The reason it is chlorinated is because the dreadful unhygienic, cruel conditions the birds are kept in results in infected chickens.

                • Hi Pauline, it appears Martin is more interested in chlorinated chickens than redundant staff of Cuadrilla? Not a word on those unfortunate souls who trusted Cuadrilla, now they know just how untrustworthy Cuadrilla are.
                  Yes i agree with you about the horrifying confined unsanitary conditions that chickens and all other animals are kept in USA and here too.
                  That cruel and debased treatment of animals of all kinds must cease forever in a so called civilised society. Those that see only profit at the expense of all of the ecological wildlife and resources of the planet including our fellow human beings are beneath contempt.

                • Oh no it is not Pauline.

                  Once again, you quote your uninformed opinion as fact. It is not. When the issue of chlorination was being examined at the EU I took all the major UK poultry producers to France to see their “alternative” to chlorination. There was NO alternative. Simply protectionism. The owner of the largest UK company arranged a flight home after the first of four days, having discovered that. None were unhappy that the EU banned imports from USA based upon fake reasons, even though the UK did NOT support the ban as the science was not there to do so. US chicken production is competitive against EU simply because the feed cost is much lower-which is responsible for over 80% of cost of production. Ever seen the huge expanses of maize/wheat/soya production in US?

                  ANY chicken will contain bacteria that can cause food poisoning. Free range can be the worst as they have no protection from bacterial transmission from wild birds and other animals which contain the same bacteria. Cooks make sure they cook to destroy that risk. Chicken processors try their best to assist within the food chain. Are you seriously suggesting lettuce need washing in chlorine, to produce the same results, because they have been “reared” in terrible conditions??

                  The US systems of chicken production are as good as any in Europe, and as varied. I have visited many sites and companies both sides of the Atlantic and have seen that with my own eyes. Have you? The US also support the largest amount of research and education into improving poultry production in the world, and that is aimed at all forms and systems of production.

                  But thanks for demonstrating how easy it is to claim being informed on a subject when the opposite is the reality. Andrew N. tries to do that with politicians routinely, but showed he was prone to the same fault himself in this respect assuming that most of his audience would have uniformed views like yourself. Fact checkers should also be applied to the media, then their fake news would not justify uninformed opinion.

                  This fact check service was brought to you FOC.

                  Enjoy your Christmas lunch-but make sure you cook it well. Don’t skimp on the gas, otherwise gastric issues will appear!

                • Ahh, if you had held off for a few minutes you would have not shown your ignorance of the subject as well, David.

                  Twaddle for Christmas?

                  Wherever my poultry comes from for my Christmas dinner, I will make sure it is adequately cooked. If you wish to risk not doing that-good luck! Or stick to the chlorine washed lettuce.

                  (If you want to view unsanitary rearing conditions have a look at a free range organic site after Storm Atiyah has passed through this weekend! It will not look like the usual posters of a summers day after £thousands have been spent on turfing over the mud. Oh, yes, they do-there are a lot of gullible customers out there to be convinced to pay a premium.)

                  By the way, I have been made redundant during my working career, and it is not an enjoyable experience. But, I think you will find the lack of concern for those at Cuadrilla has come from the antis, with some being positively gleeful-but, don’t let those facts get in the way, either.

                • Ahh so! Chickens are your subject! That explains your total blank response to anything remotely to do with human concerns! If i have any questions about Russian interference in chicken elections, and if Cuadrilla should make any chickens redundant, which is extremely unlikely –

                  – I shall be sure to –

                  – ask someone else.

                  Because clearly you are far too close to that one and only subject to have any objective opinion about anything remotely relevant to Russian interference in UK human politics and making Cuadrilla staff redundant.

                  Thank you, that explains everything.

                • Sirs,

                  All discussions, arguments for n against shale gas fracking is good , which shows people’s awareness n concerns, but lets not forget ultimately “EARTH MATTERS”.

                  It is one of the biggest issue n concerning the entire world n lives.

                • What it explains David, is that twaddle and conspiracy theories are great until you stop remembering that on a public forum you may just find one or two individuals who know a bit more than you think, and remind you-and those you wish to influence-about the realities of a subject. Tedious, but a long established truth. Lighthouses were needed even back in Roman times, and have kept the traveller safe from poor visibility. Clarity often prevents anxiety.

                  Reference your concern regarding Russia attempting to interfere in politics-what’s new? I accept they do. They, like others, believe there are many useful idiots who might be swayed. Looks as if they have found fertile ground with JC and his crew, but very few others. No one I know who has indicated their voting intention has been swayed by conspiracy theory and twaddle, but I am sure there are some. Perhaps Unite and the CBI, Bank of England, the Media, should be put in the same category when they try and interfere in politics?

                  For every useful idiot there are many more who refuse to be either.

                • Now Martin that was a shame, you should have stuck with those odd little chicken narratives. At least by that apparently overly close association with the subject matter it indicated some sort of attempt at saying something. Even if that was a wild deviation from the subject of compromised elections and redundant Cuadrilla staff. But again though, no, that latest effort there shows an insufficiency of fowl nor feather.

                  Perhaps you think that by flapping off to these poultry realms of ‘chicken twaddle’ and ‘usefully idiotic conspiracy theories’. That it allows for these attempts at picking and pecking from a remote impeccably impecunious coop to feather your nest and strut with patently laughably inadequate clucking.

                  And that it somehow dispenses with the need to be in the slightest bit rational on the subject? No, it doesn’t.

                  Sorry to have to drag you back to the real world of UK elections and Cuadrilla staff being made redundant just in time for Christmas. But this is the real human world in December 2019. I still have yet to see any degree of remorse or regret for redundant Cuadrilla staff in your posts so far, only that relating to your own experience with redundancy.

                  As for Russian interference in elections here in UK and elsewhere, then as i detailed carefully with links before, that is a matter of public knowledge and record.
                  By all the media accounts, it was verifiable fact. And according to them. Not twaddle. And also according to them Conspiracy fact. Not theory. It was all over the human media these last few years. All over the world in fact.
                  Didn’t you notice? It must have been nested somewhere under page 3 of Chicken Fanciers Monthly? Look under Chicken Breasted Chlorine Shower.
                  Boris Johnson was also by all accounts, compromised by drunkenly partying with the billionaire son of an ex KGB Agent. That must surely of concern to MI5 and MI6. If not KFC?

                  That head to head BTW? Was rubbish. I hestitate to mention cockfight, but the implication is strangely appropriate.

                  That just about says it all on that subject.

                  Maybe you should check what Chicken Fanciers Monthly has to say about it? Maybe we will see how many times you can repeat the words ‘twaddle’ and ‘conspiracy theory’ and ‘useful idiot’ in a vain failure effort to fluff up and feather out such a vacuous laughable inadequate response?

                • Oh dear. What a load of panic in the chicken pen!

                  By the way, the subject was nothing to do with Russian intervention. It was yourself who wished to introduce that subject, for some reason.

                  I have given you my views upon that, and upon the redundancies/leaving at Cuadrilla. Do you know what the redundancy payments have been or if there were any? I do not. DoD do not. So, without that, it would simply be ludicrous for me to comment further. Some NHS staff receive “redundancy” payments of £hundreds of thousands and land an identical job within days.
                  I tend to comment upon facts. A novel idea, but I recommend it.
                  Or, you can comment upon Swinson, the squirrel slayer, as that has appeared on the Internet so must be “true”-but is it fact? The BBC say spuds will be expensive for Christmas due to flooding in November!! Appeared on the Internet as well, so must be “true”-but is it fact?

                  No end to the twaddle out there-including some about chickens. I blame Fox News.

                  Good job there is a factcheck service available! LOL

                • Is there is panic in the chicken pen? Then maybe someone that is so well placed by close association should deal with it.
                  By the way Martin, the subject was nothing to do with chickens. It was key staff quit Cuadrilla. It was yourself who wished to introduce that subject, for some reason.
                  the subject of Russian intervention arose because the question was asked ‘Who will you be voting for?’ The Russian intervention subject is relevant in this election.

                  Even The Daily Mail says so.
                  Russia WAS behind leaked documents that Jeremy Corbyn used to ‘prove’ Tories plan to sell off NHS, says Reddit as it BANS 61 accounts.

                  I also mentioned Cuadrilla staff being made redundant.
                  The Super Wealthy Tory Donors with Ties to Climate Science Denial and Fossil Fuels. Link provided.
                  The governments late publishing of the almost entirely redacted Fracking Report is a matter of public record and is reported by DrillorDrop. Link provided.
                  Boris Johnson blocked the release of the Security Dossier report on interference by the Russians in the US and UK elections is a matter of public record. Link provided.
                  Boris Johnson barely able to walk according to fellow travellers after compromising himself in drunken partying with the billionaire son of a former Russian KGB agent is a matter of public record. Link provided.
                  Election 2019: Boris Johnson Top Beneficiary of Donations from Supporters of Climate Science Denial. Link provided.
                  Election 2019: Here Are All the Brexit Party’s Climate Science Deniers. Link provided.
                  And that nights Head to Head, which was rubbish.

                  I tend to comment upon facts. A novel idea, but I recommend it.

                • Ahh, the head to head!

                  Actually, I did watch it. Didn’t intend to, but had forgotten how bad Friday night TV has become.

                  Yes, Jeremy was rubbish. Seemed to have forgotten it was a Leaders debate.

                  We have a visiting squirrel called Jeremy. He sits on our fence for ages with a confused look on his whiskery face. We watch to see which side of the fence he will come down on, but he doesn’t. He eventually wanders off along the fence until it meets more fences and disappears into the distance, still upon a fence. And then repeats the next day.

                  Poultry World is the enlightenment you are looking for. Not to be confused with Paltry World, which is full of twaddlers and conspiracy theorists and best to avoid.

                  It’s been fun, but my Christmas letters are completed now, so less excuse to spend time on the magic box. I shall probably be back when the dust from Thursday has settled.

                  Boris with a majority of around 30 is my prediction, but I am equally interested in how many of those who left parties but didn’t seek by elections as their “constituents supported them”, search to find a reason as to why they didn’t! Could be twaddle, could be a conspiracy.

                • Sounds like Paltry World is the source of that ‘enlightenment’ for your meandering little narratives Martin. Certainly the content oddly matches the output of your posts so far. But enlightenment? Hardly.

                  I suspect many watched the head to head ‘by accident’ too. Boris may have even attended it ‘by accident’.
                  The head to head was rubbish for both of them i thought. Boris Johnson was far too anxious and fluffed up his lines and tried to witter on too much after each question time was up. The climate question hardly mentioned by either. Nothing on fossil fuels and renewables. A bit of a waste of time all round really.
                  As for the rest of your usual little misdirections down Narcissus Narrative Lane to Chicken Twaddle Town round to the Conspiracy Theory Corner Pub. We will see what the future has to offer?
                  That’s about the end of this odd little conversation with the world according to Martin, it was – unenlighteningly – oddly – odd??

                  Thank you for, actually not clearing up anything at all really?

                • What I noticed David, is there was no question regarding climate change! Now, call me old fashioned, but when both were instructed to keep to the subjects, it might have been a bit odd if they then decided to answer non existent questions.

                  ” Chelsea tractors rule the road as SUVs outsell electric cars 37 to 1.” Maybe that might explain the reality? Just check with refracktion-it seems the trend is not just reserved for Chelsea!

                • ‘What I noticed David, is there was no question regarding climate change! Now, call me old fashioned, but when both were instructed to keep to the subjects, it might have been a bit odd if they then decided to answer non existent questions.’

                  What i noticed Martin. Is that you didn’t notice. Even when both the heads were staring you in the face. What a dreadful Faux Pas you have made? No Martin, you are quite wrong!

                  That is a prime case of ‘twaddle’ of your own making Martin. Maybe you think this is a conspiracy by the ITV, but as i have been saying all along. Facts are facts. Denied or not.

                  To prove it, ahh, that elusive word, ‘prove’, is such a rare commodity apparently.
                  Here is the full ITV debate for you to peruse yourself:

                  Johnson and Corbyn go head to head

                  Skip along to 47.30 or thereabouts and you will see the question and the answers on climate change.

                  Question: From Andrew from Liverpool: Do you agree that climate change is the biggest issue today?

                  Oh dear Martin, you really ought to pay more attention to the real world of humans and less on chickens.
                  Perhaps that Paltry Poultry Passions (the unexpurgated under the counter version for the, ahh, connoisseur) is more – umm – distracting, than real life human concerns.
                  But if you are going to leap before you look.
                  Maybe it would be better to check your facts first before taking that lemming like leap into the dark?

                  I will expect your apology and retraction at your earliest inconvenience. There is an ‘old fashioned’ request for you to comply with.

                  Maybe its twaddle and conspiracy theory by the ITV? But no Martin, its just facts. Apparently some here are not as discerning about those rare factual events as they should be.

                  No twaddle, no conspiracy theory, just good old fashioned facts for you to ‘notice’.

                • So, the answer to that question, is yes or no! Hardly the stuff of debate, David. No wonder it didn’t generate anything of significance-which it didn’t.


                • Are you quite all right Martin? You seem to have lost the plot entirely.

                  You said:
                  ‘What I noticed David, is there was no question regarding climate change! Now, call me old fashioned, but when both were instructed to keep to the subjects, it might have been a bit odd if they then decided to answer non existent questions.’

                  I’ve told you the answer all ready in the previous post. There was indeed a question about climate change. You were wrong in saying that there wasnt.

                  You now say, and a bit oddly i might add considering all the information was given to you right there.

                  ‘So, the answer to that question, is yes or no! Hardly the stuff of debate, David. No wonder it didn’t generate anything of significance-which it didn’t.’

                  Martin, i dont know what game you are playing. But you are only compounding your error, and making yourself look very very silly.

                  I told you to look at the video i supplied the link to of the head to head at 47.30. Do you not know plain English? If you couldnt or wouldnt do that then i wrote what the question was.

                  ‘Question: From Andrew from Liverpool: Do you agree that climate change is the biggest issue today?’

                  So the answer is you didnt watch the head to head as you said you had. You didnt know there was a question about climate change because you didnt watch it. Anyone who watched it would know what was asked. You didnt know. Therefore that was a porkie. You cant escape that. You have to admit it. No matter how difficult it is for you.

                  You were wrong and you didnt watch the head to head. Its as simple as that.

                  That is the Fact you cannot handle. That is twaddle of your own making Martin.

                  That is all there is for me to say on this matter. I am still awaiting your apology and your retraction.

                • “Do you agree it is wrong to shoot your Granny?”

                  Look up that type of question within any manual on how NOT to structure a debate. At best, a filler of time in a way that will use up little time.

                  If you believe that was a serious attempt at a discussion on climate change, then good luck. It may have been by the questioner, but was never going to produce more than sympathetic drivel, which is what happened.

                  Surely, if climate change was such an important item for those that submitted questions, they could have found one which actually directed the two chaps to address the subject?

                  No apology. If the issue was seen as so important within the audience or the media, they could have treated it as such.

  1. Watched a roving reporter for Sky interviewing voters in Blackpool within the last few days to discover what would be the key issues that determined their vote.

    Strange-not one mention of fracking!

      • Eli-Goth; No idea what your point is. It doesn’t make sense. Are there typo’s in there somewhere or?

      • Eli-Goth Where I live in the Fylde every party election flyer I’ve re dived, bar the Tory one, mentions fracking. They would all ban it. Strange.

        • Pauline,

          Where my family live on the Fylde every flyer or manifesto promise includes a statement that following the property damaging August Bank Holiday Monday Hydraulic Fracturing caused 2.9 seismic event, fracking must be banned!

          • Peter. We all know Menzies has seen what side his bread is buttered on now and has suddenly been converted to being anti fracking, although only on the Fylde it seems. This is despite no one having seen hide nor hair of him at PNR in three years. The MP where I live is Ben Wallace.

            • Menzies and Johnson are just blowing with the wind trying to collect a few extra votes.

              No mention of fracking in Menzies’s campaign leaflet delivered today.

              Fylde’s Labour candidate’s leaflet prioritises BANNING FRACKING countrywide as a Labour Party Manifesto promise!

    • Most are probably niaive enough to believe the Tory moratorium actually carries some weight, rather than just being an electioneering stunt. Unbelievably, Sky may also have a particular agenda, which may not include anything a little contentious for the Tories. Of course, homeowners (many of whom will be Tory voters) are very sensitive to anything that adversely affects their house prices, such as potentially damaging seismic activity.

      • Except Sky were interviewing LOCALS Mike and you may speculate they are niaive and not bright enough to see through any agenda, but perhaps it might be they are concerned about more important things. No mention about house prices either.

        • Locals may niaively or even enthusiastically believe what a Tory govt tell them, but it’s very harsh of you to suggest they’re not bright enough. I think you’ll find most would soon twig, given honest information. Not too familiar with media interviews then Martin. You may be surprised to hear that they will ask questions based on their required agenda and edit out naughty answers that don’t comply. It’s very difficult to talk fracking and house prices if the question isn’t asked… and even easier to leave unpalatable answers on the cutting room floor.

          • Why speculate Mike? You could have just admitted you had not seen the interviews.

            “Not too familiar with media interviews”??

            I worked in marketing, Mike. I arranged media interviews, I was subject to media interviews and was trained how to manage both.

            So, no I am not surprised. And neither does it surprise me that those who haven’t a clue speculate that the reality is all a fantasy.

            • I don’t bet but looking at Paddy Power it appear that Conservatives are expected to win the Fylde, Blackpool North and Blackpool South?



              I thought the anti fracking candidates(s) would do well in the Fylde? As there is no nanny or ex-Schlumberger electrician it must fall on Gina “Boat” Dowding…….

              “Gina Dowding is a veteran when it comes to Green Party politics, having stood in a number of local, general and even European elections for the party since 2010.

              She currently serves as an MEP for the North West, having grabbed more than 21,000 votes in the May elections, and as a councillor in Lancaster, representing the Marsh ward.

              She has also served as a county councillor in Lancashire for a number of years .

              Her current role for the EU parliament sees her fighting for a Green New Deal in the North West but her pro-Euro stance, however positive, will work against her here.”

              We shall see a week today.

            • Oh silly me for not realising that along with the multitude of skills you possess, media expertise wouldn’t be one of them. You claim to have had an inordinate number of different jobs, so much training and so much experience in so many fields. I would normally expect that sort of job mobility from a millennial expecting to have about a dozen different lifetime careers, someone too incompetent to hold down any job for more than a year or two, or someone with a brilliant mind and exceptionally gifted abilities. Not to mention Walter Mitty syndrome. If you have genuine experience of media interviews, you’ll know what I said about agendas and editing is accurate (as confirmed by my own and Pauline’s experience and by many others).

          • Mike. I can vouch for the biased editing by the media. I’ve been present at PNR several times when people, including myself, have been interviewed by various TVs, radio and press representatives. In each case the finished product was subject to heavy editing which often changed narrative and omitted the most important points.

              • Martin. I speak as I find from my experience. I’ve never been interviewed by Ruth, although I have met her a few times and have always found her to be a very fair and professional lady.

                • That’s great then, Pauline, with you freely admitting that the media can be full of the good and the bad. Most will edit. Some for their own agendas, most because the public spend a lot of an interview spouting stuff the media decide is of no interest to their audience. Speak to most media types and they will tell you how long they believe a subject should take to be explained to the public. You will find it is indeed very short, and they will edit to achieve that-and, yes, often lose what the interviewee thought important.

        • Regards house prices, I’m wondering if the new residents of the Storey and Barratt developments near Kirkham suffered earthquake damage as a result of the August Bank Holiday Monday 2.9 Hydrofrac event? If they dodged that bullet I hope they will also avoid the effects of the toxic gaseous fracking byproducts released over us last winter and this autumn.

          • Peter

            One would suspect that, built to recent standards, that the houses you mention would be resistant to minor seismic activity. More so than the example shown on DoD. So they may be fine.

            Re gaseous by products of flaring, they may have been exposed to the by products of burning methane ( and some propane ) but no more than that from a barbecue one suspects.

            • hewes62: pkr is too interested in his own narrative, irrelevance to the contrary!, you see he used to work for bae, I wonder how they functioned as a business without the use of fossil fuels! Maybe they consumed more than they needed?!, maybe they were wasteful.

              • Still waiting for you to divulge your home address and proper name so I can invite you round to mine to admire my frac damaged home?

            • Regarding earthquake damage, I’ll be finding out soon as doing a door to door survey there in the New Year to find out.

              Regarding gaseous emissions, that’ll take years to manifest! Historical data on wind conditions on the Fylde shows all points of the compass have been affected over the periods Cuadrilla have been flaring and cold venting. Minimal AQM monitoring means accurate data has not been recorded.

              • Peter K R

                It should be interesting to see how modern houses have coped compared to those of older design and perhaps poorer foundations et al.

                I look forwards to the results of your survey.

            • Maybe you’re right or not about the effects of Cuadrilla’s recent efforts at PNR o local homes and residents. However, multiply that by the thousands of wells Francis Egan’s “Biggest gas field in Western Europe” promised and the situation would be different.

              • Pauline Jones

                I am sure that fracking will not be allowed if each well delivers that level of seismic activity, so there will not be thousands of similar wells.

                Regarding the output of the flare, if fracking had taken off, each well would not be tested ( flared ) .. green completions would be required.

          • House prices plunge in Somerset, dramatic 50% drop over night……..


            “A 3.2-magnitude earthquake has struck Somerset with reports of houses rattling from the tremor. The quake struck Bridgwater, north-east of Taunton, at 10.49pm on Thursday, according to the British Geological Survey (BGS).”

            PKR – I assum you don’t have gas at home? What do you think happens when you light the stove / boiler?

            • Paul Tresco

              The Guardian says …

              ”The earthquake is the latest to be felt in the UK following a series of tremors in Surrey and Lancashire.

              The energy company Cuadrilla was forced to suspend fracking for shale gas at a site in Lancashire in August after a series of tremors”.

              One may be led to believe by the report, that there is a connection between the Surrey and Lancashire quakes, and a connection between them and the Somerset quake.

              A bit slack of the Guardian, but it was probably written in a hurry, with the reporter wondering how to get fracking and Weald tremors into the story without bothering to look at the data.

              They could have run a nuclear power station scare story I guess?

              2019/12/05 22:49:18.1 51.114 -2.986 5 3.2 4 BRIDGWATER,SOMERSET FELT SOMERSET…
              2019/11/30 14:19:01.6 54.257 -3.228 10 0.8 FOXFIELD,CUMBRIA
              2019/11/29 17:21:45.2 51.855 -2.961 19 0.7 ABERGAVENNY,MON’SHIRE
              2019/11/29 03:42:19.6 56.104 -4.019 9 0.5 CAMBUSBARRON,STIRLING
              2019/11/23 23:34:38.5 49.606 -6.080 4 0.8 CELTIC SEA 65KM SW PENZANCE
              2019/11/21 14:02:12.5 54.438 -3.800 11 1.1 IRISH SEA 18KM SW WHITEHAVEN
              2019/11/21 01:00:13.6 52.346 -3.165 12 1.2 LLANGUNLLO,POWYS
              2019/11/19 08:38:48.8 52.190 -3.644 10 0.8 ABERGWESYN,POWYS
              2019/11/17 22:31:53.6 56.409 -5.689 3 2.1 3 MULL,ARGYLL & BUTE FELT MULL…
              2019/11/17 14:56:09.2 53.537 -5.441 7 0.7 IRISH SEA 60KM NW HOLYHEAD
              2019/11/17 12:58:12.9 53.204 -3.897 5 0.9 DOLGARROG,CONWY 4KM NW DOLGARROG
              2019/11/13 17:47:18.0 56.669 -5.164 7 1.7 3 BALLACHULISH,HIGHLAND FELT BALLACHULISH…
              2019/11/13 17:40:54.4 56.664 -5.185 7 1.9 3 BALLACHULISH,HIGHLAND FELT BALLACHULISH…
              2019/11/11 17:13:53.2 51.789 -1.257 15 1.1 OXFORD,OXFORDSHIRE
              2019/11/08 16:12:06.6 53.752 -1.846 5 2.3 2 HALIFAX,WEST YORKSHIRE FELT MIXENDEN
              2019/11/05 22:05:41.1 51.987 -3.498 10 1.0 SENNYBRIDGE,POWYS 6KM NE SENNYBRIDGE
              2019/11/05 06:07:29.0 56.409 -5.675 2 0.7 MULL,ARGYLL & BUTE
              2019/10/31 19:25:16.4 51.160 -0.238 2 0.8 NEWDIGATE,SURREY
              2019/10/27 04:14:05.2 51.381 -2.538 6 1.2 PENSFORD,SOMERSET
              2019/10/24 00:53:55.0 50.265 -5.325 0.9 PORTREATH,CORNWALL OFFSHORE LOCATION
              2019/10/22 20:05:56.7 53.074 -4.711 8 0.6 CAERNARFON BAY 20KM NW NEFYN
              2019/10/17 23:41:14.4 56.002 -5.067 12 0.9 CLACHAIG,ARGYLL & BUTE 3KM WNW CLACHAIG

              • A nuclear power station ‘scare story’ would have been quite appropriate, given that there is (was?) a company intending to frack in the Bridgwater area, with Hinkley Point only a few miles away. Wasn’t there a recent FoI report that confirmed that seismicity from fracking had not been considered when designing the new development there? It must be something of a concern for locals to find that active natural faults have produced a 3.2 event, particularly after the Preese Hall and PNR seismic debacles. That’s assuming the cause of this earthquake was natural of course.

                • Mike Potter

                  Yes, there was a story relating to an absence of consideration of HPHV Shale fracking for the nuclear power station under construction, nor the existing one. The gist of the reply was, that if there was any chance it did, the company would then be expected to consider it a and assess the risks prior to it happening (the FOI was to the regulator ).

                  Although there was a company that considered applying for permission to do a ‘walk across some land’, they never got anywhere near to applying for permission to drill or frack.

                  It would seem pointless to consider the risks from something that no planning permission has been applied for, , or highly unlikely to occur. However should HVHP shale fracking ever be considered I am sure that the owners of the nuclear power stations would have an opinion on the matter. The key concern was the frequency of seismic events caused by HPHV fracking.

                  The group raising the FOI and promulgating the story are anti fracking, anti oil and gas and (if i remember right) anti nuclear ( or linked to anti nuclear groups ). Hence,in my opinion, the story was more one of a fracking concern, with the added bonus of nuclear issues in the mix.

                  The recent seismic activity will no doubt be considered by the nuclear power company and the seismic risk assessment(s) checked to see if they remain appropriate, and they would have some view on how the quake affected their existing operations (or indeed if the Bristol channel quake of 2014 had any affect ).

                  I am not sure that locals would be concerned, given that levels of non induced seismic activity are in line with historical levels across the UK, but the report in the guardian, by linking the two, would seem to be encouraging, or stoking such concerns ( naughty press – it is not specific to the guardian ).

                  However, a look at the BGS website should allay that fear ( I attach the last ten years non induced major events ).

                  Date Time Lat Lon Depth Mag Region
                  2018/02/17 14:31:07.6 51.767 -3.833 7.5 4.6 CWMLLYNFELL, NPT
                  2017/08/04 14:43:38.7 56.805 -5.888 12.2 4.0 MOIDART, HIGHLAND
                  2015/05/22 01:52:17.8 51.317 1.450 9.1 4.2 RAMSGATE, KENT
                  2014/07/11 11:54:32.3 49.153 -2.414 12.4 4.3 JERSEY
                  2014/02/20 13:21:30.0 51.363 -4.164 3.5 4.1 BRISTOL CHANNEL
                  2008/02/27 00:56:47.8 53.400 -0.332 17.8 5.2 MARKET RASEN,LINCS
                  2007/04/28 07:18:12.5 51.102 1.169 5.3 4.3 FOLKESTONE,KENT
                  2002/09/22 23:53:14.8 52.533 -2.159 14.0 4.7 DUDLEY,W MIDLANDS
                  2001/10/28 16:25:24.9 52.8347 -0.8493 14.4 4.1 MELTON MOWBRAY,LEICS
                  2000/09/23 04:23:45.8 52.2805 -1.6105 14.4 4.2 WARWICK,WARWICKSHIRE
                  1999/03/04 00:16:51.8 55.3970 -5.2413 19.0 4.0 ARRAN,STRATHCLYDE
                  1994/02/15 10:15:58.9 52.5590 0.9132 7.3 4.0 NORWICH,NORFOLK
                  1990/04/02 13:46:34.2 52.4362 -3.0328 14.1 5.1 BISHOP’S CASTLE,SHROPS
                  1986/09/29 01:33:35.1 56.45 -5.65 23.3 4.1 OBAN,STRATHCLYD

                  There is a list of induced seismic events on their site, but the one in Somerset has not been classed as such.

  2. I wonder if these departures will be subtracted from the 64,000, or whether the industry will use the Tory method of calculating employment numbers as per the recent promise of 50,000 new nurses. Perhaps if Cuadrilla rise again and re-employ these people, they will be added on to the 64,000, maybe even with an extra uplift of the number of staff that Cuadrilla have managed to retain. Add on the number of additional people employed in the printer ink cartridge business to cover those printing out the heavily redacted report on fracking which the courts ordered the Tories to release, that 64,000 is really burgeoning.

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