Rathlin plans two new E Yorks well sites

Conductor rig at West Newton B, 18 August 2020. Photo: West Newton Observation Station

Rathlin Energy has announced plans for two new exploration sites in East Yorkshire.

The proposals, to be called West Newton C and D, are likely to be near the company’s existing well sites, north of Hull.

The news has disappointed some local people and dismissed by opponents of Rathlin’s current operations.

If approved, the new sites would bring to four the number operated by Rathlin in the West Newton area.

A conductor rig was delivered earlier this week to the West Newton B site. A well test is still awaited at West Newton A.

First stage

Rathlin said this morning it had submitted screening requests to East Riding of Yorkshire Council for the proposed sites.

This is the first step in the planning process. The council will decide whether future planning applications would need environmental impact assessments.

Rathlin Energy’s announcements did not identify the location of the proposed sites or given a timeline for when planning applications might be submitted.

But online information on East Yorkshire’s planning website lists one site as:

“land south east of Smithy Briggs Farm, Crook Lane, Burton Constable”.

The other site is identified as:

“Land west of Low Fosham Farm, Low Fosham Road, Aldbrough”

So far, there are no online documents or background details.

Rathlin did say it would carry out public consultations on the plans in the coming months, before any formal planning applications were submitted.

Location of West Newton A and B sites and approximate location of proposed West Newton C and D sites

“Pipeline dream”

West Newton Observation Camp, which is monitoring Rathlin’s operations at West Newton B, said today:

“The announcement of West Newton C and D is nothing but a pipeline dream in the mind of second class companies that have never successfully decommissioned a site never mind actually finding  fossil fuels. We believe this to simply be a case a stock price manipulation.”

“Potential feedstock”

Rathlin said in a letter to local residents today:

“Further exploration and appraisal of the West Newton Field will continue to progress the company’s understanding of the West Newton hydrocarbon prospect.”

The company described the Humber region is the UK’s largest energy hub, contributing £18bn to the economy and 27% of the country’s oil refinery capacity. Rathlin said the region’s chemical and energy operations relied on “significant oil and natural gas imports”.

It added:

“Rathlin Energy (UK) Limited believes the West Newton Field has the potential to provide local feedstock to a Humber net zero project replacing the need for imported hydrocarbons while at the same time developing indigenous energy sources, contributing to the economic welfare of the Humber region and enhancing local job prospects.”

DrillOrDrop key facts and timeline for West Newton A and West Newton B

Links to East Yorkshire County Council planning pages: 20/02543/EIASCR and 20/02544/EIASCR

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  1. Stock price manipulation? Hmm.

    Then, the “observers” simply need to keep their crowd funds in their pockets. Why be concerned about what others may want to do with their own money? Indeed, by the time C&D possible, current drilling plans will have established some meaningful data-one way or another.

  2. The machine shown in the photo and described as “the conductor rig” is clearly not the same as the one shown arriving at the site on Tuesday. Has the rig completed the job and left or has it been replaced?

  3. From another of your reliable sources, Jono, maybe one of the mini “Buffetts”?

    I recall you were a believer in hunting the motorways in the middle of the night for cakes, also!

  4. I wouldn’t rely too heavily on information from ‘observers’ who stand at the wrong gate when equipment is taken on to the site.

  5. There is one of those machines working on the house building site. Are they drilling for oil? The site manager is a bit miffed but breaksown cost is to the contractor wo owns and operates it.

  6. What does this marketing drivel mean;

    “Rathlin Energy (UK) Limited believes the West Newton Field has the potential to provide local feedstock to a Humber net zero project.”

    They hope to produce greenhouse gas “feedstock” to be removed by a non existent Carbon Capture and Storage project?

    • Dorkian
      Something to do with this?

      Tho i am not sure that quote is there for the investors, perhaps it is there to be used to counter the charge that, there is a climate emergency and therefore we should not be developing UK energy sources ( better import them maybe)?

  7. Obviously the rig experts on here need to check for updates , you will be looking a bit silly if you don’t accept the facts when they are given to you. Cost in time lost is cost to the company who wants to use it surely? Another week or two in wages for security to be scoffing their packed lunches at the gate while waiting for repairs or replacement.

    • Jono
      Good to see D3U has tidy writing.
      Or is he or she trying to undermine the protestors by making up fake news?
      Looks like lots of people are having fun posting around the event, so quite positive i guess.

  8. When the speculation merges into fabrication, the reality is still there.

    It is always the same. The same antis who constantly want to delay, then get excited about whether they may be a delay. Not a very fulfilling life being an anti.

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