West Newton-A, East Yorkshire

181212 rathlin energy eddie thornton 1

Rathlin Energy’s West Newton A site north of Hull, 12 December 2018. Photo: Eddie Thornton

Key facts

Address: West Newton A wellsite, Fosham Road, High Fosham, HU11 5DF

Planning applications: Original application 12/04193/STPLF granted in January 2013. Application to extend permission until 21 December 15/03056/STVAR granted on 26 November 2015. Further application 18/02924/CM to extend permission until  granted on 15 November 2018 until 19 November 2021.

Operator: Rathlin Energy

Licence: PEDL183

Status: Mobilisation of drilling equipment


190120 west newton peter yankowski7

Conductor rig at Rathlin Energy’s West Newton A well site north of Hull, 20 January 2019. Photo: Peter Yankowski


Last updated 15 April 2019

13 April 2019

Rathlin Energy reports that operations will be suspended pending the arrival of additional equipment. Details

8 April 2019

Lorry protest as rig is delivered. Details

25 March 2019

Rig contract signed for West Newton well. Details

22 March 2019

Second eviction outside West Newton-A well site. Details

190108 conductor rig wngttgf1

Conductor rig installed at Rathlin Energy’s West Newton A well site in East Yorkshire, 8 January 2018. Photo: still from video by West Newton Gateway to the Gas Fields group

20 February 2019

East Riding of Yorkshire Council rejects community appeal against eviction of monitoring station at West Newton A. Details

23 January 2019

Fire crews called to “minor incident”. DrillOrDrop report

22 January 2019

East Riding of Yorkshire Council confirms it has sought an eviction order against the monitoring station. Details

14 January 2018

Consultation begins on application to vary environmental permit. Details

8 January 2018

Conductor rig installed. DrillOrDrop report

5 January 2019

Opponents establish monitoring and information station at West Newton-A. DrillOrDrop report

4 December 2018

First delivery to West Newton-A

30 November 2018

Rathlin announces start date for work at West Newton-A. DrillOrDrop report

15 November 2018

Councillors approve second application for 36-month extension. DrillOrDrop report

8 November 2018

Rathlin Energy accounts show the company owes £33.9m, “casting doubt” over its viability. DrillOrDrop report

7 November 2018

Officials recommend second extension of planning permission. DrillOrDrop report

4 September 2018

Rathlin Energy application for a further 36-month extension  at West Newton-A. DrillOrDrop report

26 November 2015

Planning consent for West Newton-A extended for an additional 36 months (decision date 21 December 2015) DrillOrDrop report

5 October 2015

Rathlin Energy describes West Newton-A gas discovery as “very encouraging” DrillOrDrop report

19 February 2015

Investigation underway into breaches at West Newton-A drill site. DrillOrDrop report

November 2014

Well testing completed at West Newton-A

July 2014

First well test at West Newton-A

September 2013

Drilling completed of well at West Newton-A

March 2013

Site construction began at West Newton-A

17 January 2013

Original planning permission for West Newton-A granted for 36 months

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