Final go-ahead for first Notts shale exploration sites

Misson and Tinker Lane

The first two shale gas exploration sites in Nottinghamshire got final approval this morning.

Nottinghamshire County Council announced it had issued formal planning permissions for IGas sites in Bassetlaw, at Springs Road, Misson (above left), and Tinker Lane, between Barnby Moor and Blyth (above right).

Both permissions had been waiting for the completion of legal agreements between the council and the company.

The council said decision notices for both sites have now been issued and planning consent would last for three years. Neither site has permission for fracking. Both have environmental permits from the Environment Agency.

Springs Road


Entrance of the Springs Road site at Misson. Photo: DrillOrDrop

The site at Mission is on a former Cold War missile launch site, near the boundary between Nottinghamshire, Doncaster and North Lincolnshire.

Permission is for two wells: one vertical to 3,500m, the other drilled to 4,350 before deviating for up to 1,500m. Drilling is expected to last up to 33 weeks.

The legal agreement, known as a Section 106, had been delayed three times. According to the terms:

  • All vehicles travelling to and from the site must follow a designated route
  • Drivers must adhere to a code of conduct
  • IGas is responsible for any highway damage caused by site vehicles on the designated route
  • IGas must pay a bond which would be used to fund restoration of the site if the company was unable to meet the restoration conditions in the planning permission
  • IGas must set up a community liaison committee
  • IGas must monitor water levels close to the site

The decision notice does not include the value of the bond but correspondence between the company and the council, released following a Freedom of Information request, referred to £650,000.

DrillOrDrop has asked to see a copy of the Section 106 agreement and we’ll update this post with links and more information.

There are 37 other conditions on the planning permission covering issues such as noise, ecology, air quality, lighting, vehicle movements, duration of operations, details of the rig, heritage, contamination and surface water.

IGas made the application in October 2105 and it was approved by the council’s planning committee by seven votes to four in November 2016.

87% of people in Misson were against the proposals, according to a survey by the parish council. 2,629 people commented on the application, of which all but six were objections.

Springs Road, Mission Decision Notice

DrillOrDrop page on Springs Road, Misson

Tinker Lane

Tinker Lane impression Bassetlaw Against Fracking

Montage of Tinker Lane site by Bassetlaw Against Fracking

The Tinker Lane site is off the A634 between Blyth and Barnby Moor.

The application for one vertical shale gas well drilled to 3,300m was submitted in May 2016. It was approved by the planning committee in March 2017 by a single vote.

The Section 106 agreement for Tinker Lane requires:

  • Lorries must enter and leave the site on a designated route to and from the A1
  • Drivers must adhere to a code of conduct
  • IGas must pay a bond which would be used to fund restoration of the site if the company was unable to meet the restoration conditions in the planning permission
  • IGas must retain the existing community liaison committee for the life of the development

There are also 52 conditions on the planning consent. They include a ban on lorries from the site passing Blyth Primary School between 7.30am-9am and 3pm-4.30pm. The conditions also cover other traffic movements, lighting, noise and ecology.

Council officers reported that there were 797 comments on the application, of which 793 were objections. There was also a petition against the development with 2,869 names.

Local surveys found that 75% of residents of Barnby Moor and 89% of Sutton opposed the plans.

The Tinker Lane decision notice is not yet online – we’ll add a link when it is.

DrillOrDrop page on Tinker Lane

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  1. Surprised I’m not seeing the news that Ineos are about to conduct 3d seismic tests commencing the 5th June and there is diddly squat the babbling brigade can do about it.
    Not long till Third or Cuadrilla have initial findings. A juicy 2nd half of the year awaits.

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