More delay on ministerial ruling on West Newton A wellsite

The local government secretary needs more time to decide whether expansion plans at an oil site in East Yorkshire need a detailed environmental study.

Rathlin Energy wants to triple the width of the West Newton A site in Holderness, drill another six wells there and extract oil for 15-20 years.

East Riding of Yorkshire Council ruled that a planning application for the scheme did not need an environmental impact assessment.

But almost 30 representatives of local councils disagreed and asked the local government secretary, Robert Jenrick, to make his own ruling, known as a screening opinion.

A result had been originally been expected in March and then any day now. But the local government department has said the minister needed another 10 days.

Cllr Jacob Birch, a Conservative member of East Riding of Yorkshire Council, who wrote to Mr  Jenrick, said today:

“I have had notification from the Secretary of State that they require further time before a decision regarding my discretionary screening opinion request can be issued.

“It will be around a further 10 days, hopefully by which point a decision should be issued.”

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  1. Surprise there, Ministers usually keen to support business if that’s what they call it Me I am against it anyway To dangerous to our environmental But then again they ain`t bothered much Lets hope they can be persuaded to stop it all together Renewables that’s the way forward Rob in Lincoln

    Sent from Mail for Windows 10

  2. Meanwhile, Rob will continue to utilize his plastic reliant Windows 10 with the faulty punctuation correction!

    Renewables may be a way forward-although some of them have already been shown to be wanting. However, oil will still be used up to and beyond 2050 in UK, so the best way to deal with our environment(al) (remember the Torrey Canyon?) is to make sure more of that oil that Rob and others use comes from as close to Lincoln as deposits and processing allow.

    • Renewables may be a way forward-although some of them have already been shown to be wanting.
      Yes, wanting proper investment and serious backing from governments worldwide who continue to subsidise fossil fuels.

  3. i think you should let the oil companies permission to drill what impact will such a small island make
    there will be jobs and you could do so much for the community there
    just rethink it

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