Protest update: 19-25 June 2017

A plant lock-on 170619 FargoMcCann2

Lock-on at A Plant, Preston, 19 June 2017. Photo: Fargo McCann

In this week’s update on protests about fracking and the onshore oil and gas industry:

  • Eviction of Leith Hill Protection Camp, Surrey
  • 6-person lock-on at equipment supplier in Preston
  • Demonstration at A E Yates in Bolton
  • Greenpeace protesters in court in Blackpool

This post will be updated throughout the week. Please let us know about news you think DrillorDrop should be reporting on this post.

22 June 2017

Eviction of Leith Hill Protection Camp, Surrey

Bailiffs and specialist removal teams evicted protesters from the camp on land where Europa plans to drill later this year for oil. DrillOrDrop live updates (day 2)

Leith HIll eviction 170622 Rob Harbinson1

Eviction of Leith Hill Protection Camp, 22 June 2017. Photo: RobHarbinson.com

21 June 2017

Eviction Leith Hill Protection Camp, Surrey

Opponents of drilling gathered to watch the eviction of Leith Hill Protection Camp, on the site of land earmarked by Europa for oil drilling. DrillOrDrop live updates (day 1)

Leith Hill eviction 170621 Dan Harvey 1

Protests outside Leith Hill Protection camp, 21 June 2017. Photo: Dan Harvey

19 June 2017

Blackpool Magistrates Court

Campaigners outside the court in Blackpool 170619 Greenpeace

Greenpeace protesters outside Blackpool Magistrates Court, 19 June 2017. Photo: Greenpeace UK

10 campaigners from Greenpeace pleaded not guilty to obstruction of the highway follow a lock-on protest outside Preston New Road on 3 May 2017. (DrillOrDrop protest update).

Greenpeace said the five women and five men, aged 30-60, were from Lancashire, Yorkshire, Merseyside, Norfolk, Berkshire and London. They include parents, a business analyst, costume designer and manager of a women’s refuge.

Hannah Martin, head of energy at Greenpeace UK, said:

“We are right behind these dedicated volunteers who acted responsibly to voice their opposition to fracking. When the government granted Cuadrilla permission to frack for gas in Lancashire, they rode roughshod over local democracy, ignoring tens of thousands of objections from local people.

“Fracking will not only impact local environments. to stand a chance of meeting our climate targets, and limiting the worst threats of climate change, fossil fuels like shale gas must stay in the ground. The government should stop prioritising fracked gas, and back cutting-edge renewables instead.”

The 10 protesters are to go on trial on 1 November 2017.

A Plant, Preston

A plant lock-on 170619 FargoMcCann1

A Plant depot, Preston, 19 June 2017. Photo: Fargo McCann

Six opponents of Cuadrilla’s shale gas site at Preston New Road near Blackpool took part in a lock-on protest outside the equipment supplier, A Plant.

A E Yates, Bolton

A E Yates protests 170619 Philip Malone

Anne Power at A E Yates protest, 19 June 2017. Photo: Philip Malone

Veteran anti-fracking campaigner, Anne Power, was among early morning demonstrators at A E Yates’s depot, the main site contractor for Cuadrilla’s Preston New Road shale gas site.


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