KM8, Kirby Misperton, North Yorkshire

171216 KM Eddie Thornton

Drone footage of the KM8 site, 16 December 2017. Photo: Eddie Thornton

Last updated 15/10/22

Key facts

Address: KMA wellsite, Alma Farm, Off Habton Road, Kirby Misperton, North Yorkshire

Operator: Third Energy

Planning application: NY/2015/0233/ENV


Status: Received planning permission for fracking (now lapsed) but not hydraulic fracturing consent from the government. Now piloting geothermal energy after a change of company ownership.


3 October 2022

People “strongly in favour” of using old gas wells for geothermal scheme – consultation. Details

24 May 2022

Views sought on green energy plans for ex-fracking site. Details

1 March 2022

Third Energy awarded government funding for heat network study using old gas wells. Details

13 January 2022

Renewables company takes over fracking firm to rescue stranded assets. Details

30 September 2020

Third Energy seeks geothermal heat from old Ryedale gas wells. Details

9 July 2020

North Yorkshire County Council votes to extend life of Ryedale gas fields to 2035, including Kirby Misperton. Details

9 June 2020

Government clears the way to extend the life of Kirby Misperton well site and other Ryedale suspended gas fields. Details

28 August 2019

Ryedale Tories make “historic” break with government in call for local fracking moratorium. Details

25 April 2019

Third Energy announces it will apply to extend the duration of planning permission at the KMA wellsite. Details

Third Energy announces it has sold its onshore gas business, including the KM8 well, to York Energy (UK) Holdings Ltd, a subsidiary of the American firm, Alpha Energy. Details

10 April 2019

Villagers mark one year anniversary of Third Energy removing fracking equipment from Kirby Misperton. Details

20 November 2018

Air quality report published which shows pollution levels in Kirby Misperton changed from rural to urban as Third Energy prepared to frack. Details 

26 October 2018

Third Energy accounts reveal “financial melt down”, say campaigners. Details

18 September 2018

“City heavyweights” resign from Third Energy because no fracking at KM8. Details

30 July 2018

Third Energy discusses new North Yorkshire fracking well with police but the community. Details

24 May 2018

Third Energy warned over two more permit breaches at fracking site. Details

1 April 2018

Drone pictures show the site has been almost cleared. Details

7 March 2018

Third Energy says fracking at Kirby Misperton could be delayed until the autumn. Details

2 March 2018

Kirby Misperton anti-fracking camp to close after Third Energy begins to withdraw equipment. Details

6 February 2018

Third Energy confirms it is releasing equipment from fracking site because of delays over final consent. Details

2 February 2018

Third Energy releases its long-awaited 2016 accounts, declaring a loss of more than £3.4m. Details

25 January 2018

Government announces it is delaying decision on Kirby Misperton fracking consent until the company has filed accounts and a financial resilience assessment is completed.  Details

24 January 2018

John Dewar resigns as director of Third Energy. Details

19 January 2018

Injunction threat to Third Energy’s fracking plans over gas and pipeline fears. Details

15 December 2017

North Yorkshire Police release November policing costs at Kirby Misperton – down 36% on October to £148,000. Arrests also down to 8 in November. Details

4-6 December 2017

Ministers questioned over Third Energy fracking plans. Details

29 November 2017

Decision on Third Energy’s fracking plans delayed by legal loophole over ministerial approval. Details 

November 2017

North Yorkshire County Council and Third Energy sign Section 106 agreement requiring a deposit of £160,000 for restoration and after care at Kirby Misperton. Details

30 October 2017

Protesters block road with wooden towers to prevent access to Kirby Misperton site. Details

22 October 2017

Two remaining campaigners brought down from rig. Details

21 October 2017

Three campaigners occupy rig at Third Energy’s Kirby Misperton site. One leaves at about 3.45pm. Details

20 October 2017

Environment Agency records two breaches of environmental permits against Third Energy relating to a smell from the Kirby Misperton site. Details

17 October 2017

Complaints about strong smell from Kirby Misperton site. Details

13 October 2017

Villagers to be surveyed on Kirby Misperton fracking fund. Details

10 October 2017

Environment Agency approves Third Energy’s fracking plan for Kirby Misperton. Details

28 September 2017

First lorry surfing protest blocks access to Kirby Misperton. Details

25 September 2017

First lock-on at Kirby Misperton. Details

13 September 2017

Candlelit vigil in Kirby Misperton as village prepares for deliveries to fracking site. Details

KM8 wellsite

31 August 2017

Protest outside Third Energy fracking information event. DrillOrDrop report

3 July 2017

Third Energy submits hydraulic fracturing plan to the Oil & Gas Authority for KM8. Details

23 March 2017

Third Energy investigates release from Kirby Misperton gas site after residents complaint about “sickening” smell. Details

20 December 2016

Mrs Justice Lang, at the Royal Courts of Justice, upholds Third Energy’s planning permission and dismissed the case in a judicial review by Friends of the Earth and Frack Free Ryedale. Details

Protection camp established in a field on the proposed lorry route to the KM8 well site. Details

6 December 2016

Companies House warns Third Energy it has until 6 February 2017 to file its accounts or face being struck off the companies’ register and being dissolved. Details

23 November 2016

Second day of judicial review hearing by Friends of the Earth and Frack Free Ryedale against north Yorkshire County Council. Third Energy’s case and judgement reserved

22 November 2016

First day of judicial review hearing by Friends of the Earth and Frack Free Ryedale against north Yorkshire County Council. Claimant’s case  and council case

30 September 2016

Third Energy accounts for year to 31 December 2015 due but not filed.

7 July 2016

Friends of the Earth and Frack Free Ryedale announce legal challenge to council approval of planning permission. Details

23 May 2016

Planning and Regulatory Affairs Committee approves Third Energy application for fracking the KM8 well at Kirby Misperton. Live updates and breaking news

20 May 2016

Day 1 of decision meeting of Planning and Regulatory Affairs Committee of North Yorkshire County Council. Live updates

17 May 2016

Site visit for North Yorkshire County Councillors

12 May 2016

North Yorkshire planners recommend approval of Third Energy fracking planning application. Details

11 April 2016

Environment Agency grants environmental permit for fracking for shale gas at KM8 well. Details

15 March 2016

Ryedale District Council votes against KM8 fracking plans. Details

24 February 2016

4th public consultation begins

10 February 2016

Closing date of third consultation

20 January 2016

Third 21-day public consultation begins

25 November 2015

Closing date of second consultation period

19 November 2015

NYCC asks for more information from Third Energy and an extension in the time to consider the application, suggesting 9th February as the new decision date

10 November 2015

Ryedale District Council’s planning committee votes to defer its decision on the application

5 November 2015

Second public consultation begins

4 November 2015

Meeting between Third Energy and NYCC planning authority

20 October 2015

NYCC’s planning committee decides to attend a site visit and training

11 October 2015

In an 11-page letter NYCC invokes Section 22 of the Town and Country Planning (Environmental Impact Assessment) Regulations 2011 to ask Third Energy for more information on the application

28 August 2015

Further information supplied by Third Energy

19 August 2015

Public consultation begins

29 July 2015

New planning application received and validated

17th July 2015

NYCC tells Third Energy the application cannot be validated

2 July 2015

Third Energy delivers second application to NYCC

9 June 2015

NYCC tells Third Energy the application is incomplete and cannot be validated.

22 May 2015

Third Energy submits application to North Yorkshire County Council (NYCC) to frack, test and possibly produce gas from its KM8 well at Kirby Misperton

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