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Opponents of IGas plans at Mission gather outside County Hall, Nottingham, on 15 November 2016

This page lists all DrillOrDrop’s posts since October 2015 on decisions on onshore oil and gas planning applications, appeals and judicial reviews. The most recent posts are at the top of the list.

April 2017

Cuarilla: Roseacre Wood

Resident fights on for right to challenge Minister over Roseacre fracking inquiry (22/4/2017)

Breaking: Judge blocks resident’s legal challenge over second Cuadrilla Lancashire fracking site (15/4/2017)

Cuadrilla: Preston New Road

PNR 170417 FrackFreeCreators - Knitting Nannas Lancashire3

Photo: Frack Free Creatives Knitting Nanas of Lancashire

Breaking: Anti-fracking campaigners lose legal challenge over Cuadrilla’s Lancs shale gas site (12/4/2017)

Dismissal of legal challenge against ministerial approval Lancashire fracking site – more details and reaction (12/4/2017)

What the judge said about Lancashire campaigners’ fracking challenges (12/4/2017)

Egdon: Wressle

Egdon begins appeal against refusal of Wressle oil production plans (11/4/2017)

Markwells Wood

UKOG stands by its oil plans for the South Downs despite EA objection (7/4/2017)

Environment Agency objects again to UKOG’s South Downs oil drilling plans (6/4/2017)


Angus Energy announces it has received final planning consent from West Sussex County Council to drill a 1,000m well into the Great Oolite oil reservoir (18/4/2017)

March 2017

Cuadrilla: Preston New Road

Minister defends consent for Cuadrilla’s fracking site on second day of legal challenge (16/3/2017)

Shale gas regulation is not “up to scratch” – High Court challenge to Lancs fracking consent (15/3/2017)

Cuadrilla’s Lancs shale gas exploration plans were “production in disguise” – High Court told (15/3/2017)

Senior Lancs councillors criticise Cuadrilla’s record on planning conditions (1/3/2017)

IGas: Springs Road, Misson

Fourth delay to IGas shale gas site at Misson, Notts (31/3/2017)

Go-ahead for Notts shale gas site delayed for third time (1/3/2017)

IGas: Tinker Lane

Nottinghamshire’s second shale gas site approved by slimmest margin (21/3/2017)

Live updates: Decision meeting on IGas shale plans for Tinker Lane, Notts (21/3/2017)

What Notts planners said about IGas’s shale gas scheme at Tinker Lane? (14/3/2017)

Breaking: Nottinghamshire planners recommend approval of Tinker Lane shale gas well (13/3/2017)

Other sites

More delay for Leith Hill oil site as minister rules on security fencing (22/3/2017)

Opposition mobilises as INEOS unveils plans for second shale gas site at Harthill, Rotherham (12/3/2017)

North Yorkshire resists industry pressure to adopt government fracking definition (7/3/2017)

Councillors relax some conditions on Cuadrilla’s Becconsall shale gas site – but refuse other changes (1/3/2017)

February 2017

Cuadrilla: Preston New Road regulation

Residents demand stricter monitoring of Cuadrilla’s fracking site (1/2/2017)

March date for legal challenges to ministerial ruling on Cuadrilla fracking site  (20/2/2017)

Cuadrilla: Becconsall, Banks

Fracking company seeks relaxation of planning conditions for restoration at Becconsall (7/2/2017)

Europa: Bury Hill Wood (Leith Hill)

Plans agreed for checking road damage at Leith Hill oil site (23/2/2017)

Horse Hill Developments Ltd: Horse Hill

Horse Hill “Gatwick Gusher” planning decision delayed until summer (24/2/2017)

IGas: Springs Road, Misson

Legal agreement on Nottinghamshire shale gas site delayed again (3/2/2017)

IGas: Tinker Lane

New consultation delays decision on IGas Tinker Lane shale plans in Notts (9/2/2017)

INEOS: Bramleymoor Lane, Marsh Lane

Derbyshire’s first shale gas plan clears initial hurdle (28/2/2017)

INEOS: The Lings

Is INEOS planning to drilling for shale gas in Sherwood Forest? (16/2/2017)

UKOG: Broadford Bridge

West Sussex varies drilling area for UKOG’s Broadford Bridge well

January 2017

INEOS: Bramleymoor Lane, Marsh Lane

Fracking in Derbyshire: A tale of two exhibitions (31/1/2017)

Egdon Resources: Wressle oil and gas production decision

Tears and cheers over refusal of Wressle oil production plans  (11/1/2017)

Breaking: Refusal of Egdon oil production plans at Wressle, Lincs   (11/1/2017)

Live updates: Wressle oil production decision day (11/1/2017)

December 2016

Third Energy: KM8, Kirby Misperton – judgement

Breaking: Judge gives go-ahead for Third Energy’s North Yorkshire fracking site (20/12/2016)

What the judge said about allowing fracking at Kirby Misperton (20/12/2016)

IGas: Tinker Lane decision date

Decision on 2nd IGas shale site in Notts delayed to 2017 (12/12/2016)

IGas: Springs Road, Misson, legal agreement

Legal agreement on first Notts shale site expected late Jan 2017

 November 2016


Third Energy: KM8, Kirby Misperton – judicial review

Judgement reserved in High Court challenge over fracking in North Yorkshire (23/11/2016)

Council defends decision to approve North Yorkshire fracking plans (22/11/2016)

High Court fracking challenge told council “underestimated” climate impact of Third Energy plans (22/11/2016)

Cuadrilla: Preston New Road and Roseacre Wood – statutory challenge

Government minister faces double legal challenge over Lancashire fracking decisions (18/11/2016)

IGas: Springs Road, Misson – planning decision (day 2)

Live updates: Decision Day (2) IGas Misson shale plans – approved  (15/11/2016)

Green light for first E Mids shale gas plan – but with 40 conditions and a restoration bond  (15/11/2016)

Other sites

Strengthen policy on “acid fracking” in South Downs – National Park Authority (12/11/2016)

Environment Agency calls for refusal of Markwells Wood oil production plans over risks to water (3/11/2016)

Horse Hill new oil drilling and testing plans published (3/11/2016)

Resident challenges minister’s decision to reopen inquiry on Cuadrilla’s Roseacre Wood fracking plans (2/11/2016)

October 2016


Markwells Wood well site in South Downs National Park

Cuadrilla: Preston New Road and Roseacre Wood – appeal decisions

Breaking: Preston New Road Action Group starts legal challenge over Lancashire fracking go-ahead (19/10/2016)

Key details on government decision on Cuadrilla’s Lancashire fracking sites (6/10/2016)

Industry reaction to Cuadrilla fracking announcement (6/10/2016)

Breaking: Government approves Cuadrilla’s Lancashire fracking plans at Preston New Road but Roseacre Wood on hold  (6/10/2016)

Lancs community group vows to fight Cuadrilla Lancashire fracking decision + more reaction (6/10/2016)

IGas: Springs Road, Misson – planning decision (day 1)

Live updates: Decision Day (1) Misson shale gas (5/10/2016)

Council delays decision on IGas shale plan for Notts after legal warning (5/10/2016)

Misson decision day: key facts on IGas shale plan meeting (4/10/2016)

Other sites

“Illogical” planning condition delays restoration of Cuadrilla’s Lancashire shale gas site for one year (28/10/2016)

Water contamination threat prompts objections to oil production plans in National Park (25/10/2016)

Oil firm seeks permission for extra security against protesters at Leith Hill drill site (19/10/2016)

Villagers oppose UKOG’s 20-year oil plans for South Downs (4/10/2016)

September 2016


Proposed shale gas site at Misson, North Nottinghamshire

What Notts planners say about IGas shale scheme at Misson? (28/9/2016)

Oil production plans for South Downs National Park open for comment – DrillOrDrop review of the details  (26/10/2016)

August 2016

Wressle drilling 2014 Egdon

Flow testing at Wressle, Lincolnshire

Consultation on Wressle oil production in North Lincolnshire: 100% public opposition (30/8/2016)

Maximum depth of IGas shale well at Tinker Lane, Bassetlaw,  cut by almost half (25/8/2016)

Rathlin Energy granted environmental permit for West Newton B (2/8/2016)

July 2016

UK Oil & Gas Investments PLC: Horse Hill – plan publicity

UKOG plans for production at Horse Hill but residents say it’s the wrong site for an oil well (21/7/2016)

New drilling and testing plans for “Gatwick Gusher” (21/7/2016)

Local community to share Horse Hill oil revenues, UKOG’s boss promises (21/7/2016)

IGas: Albury – planning decision

Surrey councillors approve 15 years of gas production in the AONB (13/7/2016)

Go-ahead recommended for gas production in Surrey protected landscape against planning policy (5/7/2016)

Other sites

“Significant environmental effects” likely from UKOG’s National Park drilling plans at Markwells Wood (13/7/2016)

Bassetlaw councillors object to IGas plans for Tinker Lane, against planners’ advice (8/7/2016)

Legal challenge to council approval of N Yorks fracking (7/7/2016)

Cuadrilla fracking appeal recommendation sent to government (5/7/2016)

June 2016


Proposed shale gas site at Tinker Lane, North Nottinghamshire

IGas: Tinker Lane, Blyth – consultation

More time for comments on IGas shale gas plans at Tinker Lane (22/6/2016)

IGas plan for Notts shale gas drilling at Tinker Lane open for comment – DrillOrDrop review of details (3/6/2016)

Other sites

Egdon applies for 15 years of oil production at Lincolnshire Wressle site (30/6/2016)

May 2016

Third Energy meeting day 1

Rally outside County Hall, North Yorkshire, during Kirby Misperton application discussions

Third Energy: KM8, Kirby Misperton – planning decision

Updated: More reaction to Kirby Misperton fracking approval (25/5/2016)

The fight goes on say fracking opponents  after Yorkshire approval (23/5/2016)

Fracking green light for Third Energy: a first step says gas industry (23/5/2016)

Breaking: Third Energy plans for Kirby Misperton approved (23/5/2016)

Live updates from Decision Day on Third Energy fracking plans (23/5/2016)

Third Energy “not fit to frack”, local mother warns North Yorkshire councillors in last minute appeal (22/5/2016)

White rose residents say no to fracking at North Yorkshire meeting on Third Energy shale gas plans (20/5/2016)

Pick of the quotes from North Yorkshire hearing on Third Energy’s fracking plans (20/5/2016)

Pictures and thoughts from Rally for Ryedale (20/5/2016)

Live updates from Day 1 of Third Energy fracking meeting at North Yorkshire County Council (20/5/2016)

Pictures from Day 1 of Third Energy fracking meeting at North Yorkshire County Council (20/5/2016)

Guide to Third Energy fracking application for Kirby Misperton in North Yorkshire (19/5/2016)

Key issues for Third Energy fracking decision (15/5/2016)

Breaking: Planners recommend approval of Third Energy fracking plan in N Yorks (12/5/2016)

Fracking at Kirby Misperton: Flamingo Land changes its mind and Third Energy’s response (5/5/2016)

April 2016

Crawberry Hill April 5th

Restoration at Crawberry Hill, East Yorkshire

West Sussex seeks to exclude oil and gas drilling from protected landscapes (14/4/2016)

Last equipment moved off Rathlin’s Crawberry Hill well site (11/4/2016)

Permits granted to Third Energy for fracking in N Yorks (11/4/2016)

Breaking: Cuadrilla fracking inquiry – date set for Inspector’s recommendation (4/4/2016)

Other reports in March 2016

Gas company drops south Wales appeal and looks for another site (31/3/2016)


Bletchingley wellsite in Surrey

Go ahead for 15 years for oil and gas production at IGas site at Bletchingley in Surrey (24/3/2016)

Equipment moved off abandoned Lincolnshire well site (23/3/2016)

Breaking: council votes against Third Energy Yorkshire fracking plan (15/3/2016)

Swansea agrees to make fracking opposition official (11/3/2016)

February-March 2016: Cuadrilla fracking inquiry

Inquiry docs

Link to 62 reports from Cuadrilla fracking inquiry 9th Feb – 16th March 2016

Other reports in February 2016

Breaking: Cuadrilla wins planning appeal over Grange Hill shale gas site (23/2/2016)

Work begins on Egdon’s Laughton well in Lincs (15/2/2016)

Notts village votes overwhelmingly against IGas shale plans (7/2/2016)

Rig installed for Horse Hill oil flow test (2/2/2016)

January 2016

IGas: Springs Road, Misson monitoring – planning decision

Go-ahead for monitoring at IGas potential fracking site at Misson, Nottinghamshire (19/1/2016)

Planners recommend IGas monitoring boreholes for Misson shale site (15/1/2016)

Other sites

Swansea CouncilSwansea Council votes against fracking (29/1/2016)

IGas applies for permit for Misson shale gas site but planning decision faces delay (28/1/2016)

Third consultation starts on N Yorks fracking plans (21/1/2016)

Tory Trafford votes against fracking again (21/1/2016)

December 2015

Government ruling on fracking appeals “inappropriate” – Lancashire County Council (18/12/2015)

Bassetlaw planners recommend no objection to shale gas plan – but opponents say scheme is flawed (15/12/2015)


Proposed coal bed methane site at Bryntywod

Bryntywod residents lodge formal complaint against Swansea Council over its meeting that approved an exploratory coal bed methane well near their homes (8/12/15)

Update on Kirby Misperton fracking application (2/12/2015)

November 2015

Cuadrilla: Lancashire sites – appeals

Fifth Cuadrilla planning appeal now underway (30/11/2016)

Greg Clark

Greg Clark

Breaking: Minister to decide Cuadrilla’s Lancashire fracking appeals (26/11/2015)

Updated reaction on govenment ruling over Cuadrilla fracking appeals (26/11/2015)

Updated: Cuadrilla to abandon Becconsall site in Lancashire (18/11/2015)

Rathlin Energy: West Newton A – planning decision

Rathlin Energy gets three more years to operate West Newton A gas site – but East Yorkshire councillors add a no-fracking condition (26/11/15)

Planners recommend three more years for Rathlin’s East Yorkshire drill site (18/11/2015)

Other sites

Likely decision date on N Yorks fracking application delayed until February (20/11/2015)

Updates on fracking and conventional oil and gas planning applications (11/11/2015)

Ryedale council officers recommend objection to fracking application (5/11/2015)

October 2015

Calow Lane protest 3

Opponents of the Alkane Energy’s proposals for gas extraction at Calow in Derbyshire

IGas applies to explore for shale gas in Nottinghamshire (30/10/2015)

Campaigners celebrate as planning inspector dismissed Alkane Energy’s appeal for Calow in Derbyshire  (29/210/2015)

Judicial review to go ahead on decision to approve Cuadrilla’s monitoring scheme at Roseacre Wood, Lancashire  22/10/2015

MP’s Ryedale meeting hears demands for halt to fracking (13/10/2015)

Approval by Trafford Council on IGas application for coal bed methane exploration and production at Davyhulme   (8/10/2015)

Click here for details of current applications. Articles written October 2015-March 2017 were supported by a grant from the Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust.